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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Ok my fellow friends and dear dear blog friends. I have to admit I am not happy but it was sold on ebay.. It was my fault for not putting a higher price on it than I did.... Here is what was sold and for how much. My beautiful ribbon made scarf was sold for 5.50 with free shipping thinking I would get more for it than I did.. Stupid me..

Ok so maybe I am not the smartest branch on the tree but hey give me credit for trying.. LOL... I am not happy with myself. Quite upset.. It cost me 2.92 to mail the sucker today.. Yikes.. HUH!!!!!

Anyway I have another question. I have a paypal account. I would love to link it to my crafting blog for those of you interested in buying off my blog. Some of you have asked me to get a pay pal account and now I have I would love to link it to my crafting blog and I need to figure out how. Some one in this business shoot me an e-mail and we can hook up some how or some way please.

Anyway if you would do that for me if anyone of you great friends know how that would be really superduper great... LOL.. I am going to go do my cleaning now. Take care and hope to hear something from someone somtime soon with my new problem.. Always something going on..

I had today off that is why I am home blogging instead of working. I need to call the office and see if I work tomorrow also. Hopefully but oh well if I dont.. It happens.. That is the chances you take for working for a Temp Agency but its money when they do call you. Take care.. N...


Grizzly Mama said...

Whoever got that scarf got a great deal. Live and learn, Tweetey.

When I sold on ebay - I never gave free shipping. Ever! Nobody minds paying shipping costs. Some people even charge a nominal handling fee in addition to the shipping - although I never did.

Don't know about the PayPal thing. I had an account with them and it was nothing but problems for me. I don't use it anymore - but hopefully someone else can help.

Jeannie said...

That's really too bad you didn't get more but at least you know what to do next time.

The Zombieslayer said...

Oh. That sucks. That's way too nice to not get three or four times the price of what you sold it for, not including S&H.

I don't know anything about setting up PayPal. I can administer a machine worth over half a million dollars but know next to nothing about websites or personal computers.

I asked my wife about the PayPal and they set it up for her, so she didn't do anything. Otherwise, she would have been more than happy to help.

Gardenia said...

I always put a minimum on my stuff - but then I never sell anyway. I bought a beautiful original oil once for $50.00 which was stealing it because I know what gallery price is for the work. I don't know they key to selling these - you might check some of the locally owned stores in your area - here such stores often take local crafts in to sell on consignment - and the nicer flea markets one can get a Saturday booth I think and make more than on Ebay....just thoughts...might not be practical for your area.

KC said...

Wow that scarf is gorgeous. What a bargain.
Yes an experience, learn from it. Scope out your competition b4 you post. factor in how much the materials cost, then how much is your time worth?

Free shipping? I never offered free shipping. And the PO these days has flat rate anywhere in the country. Check it out. Go to your PO and inquire.

If you ever create one of these again, Let me know.

as for paypal?

this might help;jsessionid=K5syKGYfRfGnJqQDPLdLtTGMq3h81xkct3xnBQt1TjJkHrcClrTD!-1520452676?_dyncharset=UTF-8&_dynSessConf=7366699814823252625&t=searchTab&dosearch=true&locale=en_US&_dyncharset=UTF-8&countrycode=US&cmd=_help&serverInstance=9018&searchstring=linking+paypal+to+my+site

KC said...

wow that was a long link....LOL

I just put linking paypal to my site in the search bar at PP site.

Gardenia said...

I need to go study the method to put Paypal on sites. I let my expensive website just go down - I never maintained it and have been so sloppy about posting art to it. Best of luck with your internet marketing venture!