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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Feeling better Today but not Much....

Here are some photo's you all might like to see.. Here is our fire pit we use. We bought this last year around this time for 70 dollars at Mill's FleetFarm..

Another beautiful Sunset coming home from Manitowoc Thursday evening. We were stopped at a stop light and I couldnt resist. At least he wasnt driving and such to get us in an accident.

Another photo Thursday before the light changed.. Just couldnt resist. This is what keeps me going. My camera and my ability to take wonderful photo's for my friends..

I have become a perch for the damned cat while making dinner. Kora took this one for me. She is becoming quite the little photographer herself.. I think in the next few years I might get her, her own camera. Something cheap or let her have this one and buy me a new one if I can just get a job..

Seeming better today but still very down in spirits. I slept alot yesterday and today. That is how I deal with my depression when I get in these slumps. I like to sleep. I went back to bed yesterday morning for a couple of hours yesterday morning after Jeff left and then I fell back asleep with Bri about 3 to 5 and then I was back in bed at 12 last night for good till 9 this morning. I know over sleeping doesnt fix things but I just cant help it when I am depressed.

I am hoping I can fix that Monday morning. I bought a pair of steeled toed women's shoes yesterday even though we couldnt afford them. I was told that if I get them there is a better chance of me getting a job. I have to call Monday morning early and see what she has for me if anything. I hate working for Temp Agencies but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. The jobs arent pleasant working but hey its a pay check.

I filled out an application for another McD's here near the house about two weeks ago and she never called me back. I dont know whats up but hey I dont care right now. I am just trying to make it one day at a time. Well anyway I need to get going. I have a load of laundry that needs to be switched. Talk to you all soon. N...


Jeannie said...

Unfortunately, you could be blacklisted at your area Mc'Ds - at least if they have the same owner or the owners are friendly.

Your photos are nice - I love sunsets - and I wish we had a fire pit - not sure why since we don't have little kids but a fire is always nice isn't it?

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I find long brisk walks help relieve the depression I often experience. Nice pictures too. We have a fire pit very similar to yours. Chin up, one day at a time.

Gardenia said...

You know, you might just be burned out and need the extra sleep. So be patient with the "I shoulda's" and the I oughta's" for yourself.

I've found when the door closes on one thing, there is a message in that to be listened to. The door will open in time when it is good for you. And it is always the door to a better thing.

Love your sunset photos! Thanks!

Candy Minx said...

Your fireplace is really beautiful. I love it. I have always looked forward to having one of these one day.

You must try to keep your spirits up. I know its hard. Yesterday was a really bad day for me in some ways...I could feel me starting to really stress out..and I had racing thoughts. What will we will we live...where will we be able to afford food etc.

So...I really do know what it feels like. It's especially difficult when you have children. I used to cry at night when my daughter went to sleep. I sometimes only had a little millk in the fridge or an egg. I would make up strange breads for her lunch with odds and ends in the cupboards.

You can get through this. You can. Sell your couches if you have to...sell the furniture...stay strong.

Your work with the scarf and decorations is really beautiful. I left you a note about taking them to sell on the street. Keep your spirits up. Trust me as soon as you sell the first item outside on the street you will feel very proud and capable.