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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Have a Favor to ask..

Hi all I have these items on my ebay account ok. I am not sure they will sell but here are a few that I know arent on there.. I will list prices and you can e-mail me if you are interested alright.. I will give them the ebay prices because I am selling them for some one else and not myself this time around o k.

Necklaces she is looking 5.99 a piece for. I am sorry for the photo's of them. I realized after I got them on the compute I should have put white paper under them to get a better shot.

Here is a six piece body wash set she never opened. Its still in the package. She got a whole crap load of these for X-mas last year and just couldnt use them all and didnt like some of them.

This last one here with Kora's hand holding a candle holder. Those tea light candles that go in the holders and under them is little green beads or like rock type things.. She is asking 20.00 for it.

This last body wash kit comes in a great big basket and can be used for almost anything when your done. It has a price of 22 dollars on the package but she is only asking 15 for it..

I have been working the last few days.. I think I have to work tomorrow so I dont know yet. Sometimes its hard not knowing if I have to go in or not but at least its a paycheck.. I can count on at least 32 hours a week for the time being. Maybe 24 but its money in our pocket. Other wise life is good here. Not to stressfull as it was two weeks ago.

Well hate to make this short but I need to go shower before getting my hubby from work. I wish he would just get it out of his ASS and take my car to work with him... My car runs its just needs to be restarted at a stop light once in a while.. LOL.. Any questions pertaining to the items on here let me know. I tried not to duplicate what was on my ebay site where I dont sell something here and have it sold on ebay also.. Anyway I need to get running. Talk to you all soon.. N..


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You have mentioned your Emay Account a number of times but I don't know how to get there. Could you post a link to your account? I would love to see what you have for sale there.....Thanks, in advance.

Good luck with these things. I'm afraid there is nothing here that I can use....but I hope you are able to sell them.

KC said...

hey tweets...maybe you can get a pic of someone or you modeling those necklaces....very hard to see.

Have you tried etsy? It is more of an ebay for the crafter/artist.

So nice of you to follow me. :-) I do need to blog hop more often...Sorry for the lack, been in a bit of a slump lately and quite mentally lazy.