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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Suprise is Here....

Hi all I have to down load some photo's while I am typing. Ok you all know we got cited by they city to clean up our yard so we did.. I took plenty of photo's. No new job no this or that but do have something else to tell you and you can take a look later but lets get this suprise over with first.. No peaking. Read first OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might have to enlarge to see this one better because of the angle I took it at to get the whole back of the house. I didnt get a front photo before we started priming it.

Ok The house is White here. This is before priming.

Ok here is the house primed this time its the front of the house and I dont think I took one of the back while priming.I know I took while painting.You might have to enlarge this on also. I know it doesnt give you much to compare to what it looked like but trust me this looks better.. LOL..

Ok here are some fun photo's for in between I took.. If this one is too dark let me know ok. I will either take it out or try to lighten it. When I enlarged it in the gallery it looked ok.

Grandma and her girls...

Back of house prmied and started to be painted... I am giving away some of the color of the house.. Just be patient with me please..

My dear sweet hubby up on our ladder he bought for 62 dollars worth 100 dollars on clearence for the year..He was finishing the faschia and soffit.

You wont get me up on a ladder any higher than I am standing on this chair so we figured the chair I could stand on.. I am planning on painting those chairs with what paint we have left next weekend. We have some touch up work left but not alot.

So dang tired from working she had to lay down and take a nap right there.. LOL.. She just couldnt take another step.

Hubby take break and wishing he could lay down with his baby but he would never get back up after all the work he's done over the weekend.

Ok last and final photo you all are waiting for.. LOL.. Like I said no peaking before this point and this is just the side of the house. But its the last roller stroke and he's proud of his handy work..

My house officially looks like a blueberry.. LOL.. But you know what I like it because all the other houses on the block are white and I got sick of looking at white. Now all I have to do is get the girls rooms painted either a light pink or peach and trimmed and I will be happy.. I know we cant afford it right now. We couldnt really have afforded this either but it had to be done. My dad did the peaks and came down like five rows for us and we did the rest ourselves. They left early yesterday morning and we finished the work ourselves. We would have finished the work a day earlier if my dad would have listened to me. I told him I have a roller in the basement. Lets use the roller on the house. No that wont work..

Well in the mean time before they left he thinks it up and makes it sound like it was his idea. Well you should have seen me get pissed off at him. Because it was my idea in the first place.. We could have moved a hell of alot faster. Anyway I need to take some photo's of the front of the house for you and the garage door but this is what I have for now.

It was fun having my parents here. We had two bonfires and then we took them out for dinner the night before they left. It was either breakfast or dinner so they wanted to leave to early for Breakfast so we took them to the Golden Corral we have here.

Anyway I need to go do something with my house. It looks like a Tornado hit it and then I have to go outside and do some touch up work that I can reach. Talk to you all soon.

Oh one more thing before I forget and I was going to mention this to you all go on ebay and look for niks_mix and find me there. Also to find them easier I labeled the one Muti colored scarf with beads and the other is white scarf with beads if I remember correctly. I have those two scarves on there for sale.. Let me know if you can find me and bid away if you choose please. I would like to sell them.. No one has bid on them yet and then rate me please. N..


Vancouver Voyeur said...

You're going to love this color in the dead of winter when everything is so drab. It will bring joy to your heart every time you come home. Good work! Also, if your neighbors are like ours, you might see your neighbors' houses sporting a little more color after this. Sometimes people just wait for someone else to do something first that they were already thinking about doing.

Grizzly Mama said...

Wow! I LOVE it! It's very pretty and what a lot of work. I'll bet your arms are hurting today!

I like different color houses. Down in Cape May (New Jersey shore) they have houses all crazy colors - purple and pink and stuff. It's beautiful!

Enjoy it.

Gardenia said...

Your mother looks very young -

I do like your blueberry house! It is pretty and cheerful. I love to paint because it makes such a dramatic difference!

Down here too - you can find all kinds of colorful houses - it does make you feel more cheery - so you are doing a service for everyone that goes by too!

Jeannie said...

Good job! Looks great! And when someone needs to find your house - it'll be pretty simple.

I need to finish painting my house too.

Grizzly Mama said...

The front looks great!

Wandering Coyote said...

It's gorgeous! I love it! I love it when people take risks with the exterior colour of their houses - like they do in fracking Europe!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I love that blue. I came back again today to look at it again. I didn't see those last two pictures up yesterday. I think the blue/white combo looks snazzy. Now you need to plant some shrubs out front that either flower in the Spring, produce berries in the winter, or change foliage in the Fall, something to add some contrasting color out front. All in due time, huh? Great job!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Okay, just one more thing, then I'll shut up. I clicked on the picture of the front of your house and noticed the break in the concrete of the front steps, you can see the brick steps underneath. You need to patch that spot with some cement. You don't want moisture or lots of liquid in the form of snow getting in there and rotting out the steps underneath.

zydeco fish said...

Wow, that was a big job! I like the colour.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a WONDERFL color! You all did a fantastic job! I applaud you, my dear...And I know it is a HUGE Undertaking. But, it looks absolutely FANTASTIC! And when new people come to visit all you have to say is.."It's the Blue House"...LOL!
CONGRATS to you all!

Beej said...

Great bright color! And the kids are adorable. Thanks for posting at my blog.

tshsmom said...

I LOVE it!!
I really, REALLY hate white! We won't even paint our ceilings white anymore.

We have friends that live in new subdivisions where everything is either white or beige. Those places literally depress me. Bring on the color!