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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hi there. I have been reading but havent posted... I have some news but again I cant talk much about this subject. You just never know who will get a hold of your blog.. I have found temp work yes. Its very easy work. I like it. I ididnt have to work Friday but I have been there Monday and Today..

Monday I worked by myself. I taped boxes for a while. That was suppose to have taken me like 3 or four hours and when I told the supervisor after 1 1/2 hours I was done she was shocked. I was just taping boxes to make them more secure for shipping. I was taping the sides that hadnt been taped and retaping two sides that had. And then I was working on pet food bags with the freshness seal in them. I was putting the bag on the machine and hitting the peddle to glue the seal to the bag. I got 915 of them done in 6 hours..

I was proud of my work. I think i go back tomorrow but not sure yet. I have been working from 6 AM to 2 PM. This shift gives me where I am home when I was just waking up a few months ago.

You know my friends its one thing to have cash for clunkers for cars that Obama gave the car places to sell cars but come on everytime I turn around you hear it with beds now, what was the other one I heard recently. I am so sick of them going over board with this clunkers shit..

Jeff is working on something himself and I cant mention what until it works but it could be big if it works.. Oh my god I have never seen a child so stubborn as Bri. We are working on Reading and she is fighting me tooth and nail. She likes her work but she doesnt want to do it herself. She wants me to read everything to her. She wants nothing to do with sounding out words. I have been working with her the last few days. I have put her books up and just took her notebook and tried writing simple words down..

I am flustered slightly with this. Kora fought us too but not this hard. I understand Kindergarden is mostly play but some work is involved.. She is catching on to the simple coloring what numbers and one less and one more. She can count to 100. She is very bright but stubborn.

Alright enough bitching from me for now. i have to run here in a while and pick up my husband. He refuses to get my car looked at where he can take it to work on days I have to go.. Stubborn men is just as impossible as stubborn children right now.. LOL... Ok on my way out for the day. Have a wonderful rest of the week if I dont hear from any of you or see your blogs from being busy... Always something to do.. I try and stop in and at least read if not comment lately. Talk soon..


Gardenia said...

You sound very busy. But better than McDonald's - what you are doing now is probably a relief after crazy people - AND you can see what you've done, at McDonald's it went out the door with crazy peeps.

I would say, make it a game with Bri - but how to do that I do not know - Sage used to fight me too that summer I tried to catch him up - oh my gosh, what a test of patience, but for him it was a combo of lazy and also of thinking he couldn't do it if he couldn't do it perfectly the first time out. Some children too are much better at math than language - that might be the case, it might not be making much sense to her - ??

Yeh, stubborn men - boy I have one too. In fact we are in a fight where there is blood (emotionally) over something he is being stubborn about - something very important that he refuses to take care of, something I CAN't take care of - go figure.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

My daughter did the reading thing fairly easily but my son was stubborn. I eventually got him educational video games that he had to read the messages on the screen to advance through the game. I helped him sound out words initially but then he had to figure the rest out on his own. It worked, he's a great reader, but now he's hooked on video games. Oh well.

Grizzly Mama said...

Good luck on whatever the big news is, Tweetey!

My kids loved working with individual letters in K. I had magnets and we would pick one and just make the sound that it would make. I would arrange a few and we would practice the sounds. Later on, we would put 2 of the letters together and do the sound of both together. (Example: CA or TA, or DI.) It wasn't too heavy for them to do. Simple. Keep it simple - as the slogan goes! Pushing it too fast might turn them off. It's like potty training I think. When they're ready - they just do it. It's up to us to have the stuff there and play at the edges of it that young.. Just my take on things. Take what you like and leave the rest - as ANOTHER slogan goes.

Take Care Tweetey!

Jeannie said...

Glad the work went well. Maybe it will lead to something permanent if they like you. I never could have home schooled my kids - esp my oldest - he's the most stubborn creature on the face of the earth. He refused to do most work at school. He could, he just wouldn't. I don't know why they passed him - guess his tests were ok.

Candy Minx said...

Yes, best of luck with the prospects. I hope you are feeling a bit better today. Just saying hi and that I'm thinking about you. Hang in there!