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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hi All

Hi there.. I am feeling much better. I found work temporary as it is. I worked the last two days. I worked yesterday from 9 AM to 2 PM and 6-2 today. But we went for a hike on Sunday and here are some photo's that we took. The first one is awsome because Jeff got really close to it. I stood above it and took mine but Jeff got really close to it.

Jeff and his girls.. Arent they sweet.. Not to often I get photo's of him like this even with the girls..

Mom and her babies.. I think its funny what I was doing to Kora. Just look... LOL..

I hope you can read this. Its interesting what the area we were walking in was at one time in history. If you cant read it even being enlarged let me know and I will see about getting a better photo for you next time we go hiking..

Now look at this one really closely and you will see what I almost stepped on. I dont know if he's deadly or if he would have hurt me but I almost stepped on him.. Yikes and Yuckie...

Here are three photo's of something really cool. One I am not sure if you will see the head or not but go ahead and look.. The other two are pretty awsome to look at also..

Jeff tried to get a close up of this one but they heard him coming and scooted off into the water.

We heard loads of birds and saw them flying in the tree's but I couldnt get a photo of them flying like they were in formation. Amazing really.. I have other photo's of the girls but not sure if they are light enough to post. I tried fixing them. But I didnt want to get them to light where you couldnt see the girls.

Life here is taking a turn. I sold two of my things on ebay. I only sold them for .99 cents a piece but hey its a start isnt it?? LOL.. They were the goose with shoes and a bell with shoes also. Beautiful pieces of collectible things.. I am hoping now that some one has bought those two things from me more people will look at my other items.. Please take a look if you are interested and bid away. You might get something cheaper than on my blog.. LOL... I need to fix two things here in a bit. I have made a correction with those two scarves I have on my crafting blog and havent fixed that yet. I am going to lower the price from 45 dollars a piece down to 25 dollars a piece.

A great Blog friend Cynnie made a comment and I agree with her so I asked her opinion and she said 25 is more than fair even though a lot of time went into them. Yes loads of time but she is right.. I should hire her as my business manager... LOL.. I am terrible with finances sometime. Ok enough here. I have to run to the store and get a few things for dinner and then I have to get the girls to sit down and do there school work finally.

I promise pix of girls next week in there stuff from Gymnastics and swimming ok guys. I forgot my camera yesterday.. Kora was on the balance beam.. she was scared shitless but she was up there.. LOL.. Bri was helping a little boy stay afloat also yesterday. She was showing him how to swim.. Cuteness.. Anyway I am off talk to you all tomorrow. N...


Jeannie said...

The snake looks like a Garter - harmless enough. I've held a few of them and never got bit. I love turtles - miss them.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Hi Tweets! Great pictures! That frog _really_ blends in. Great job by your hubby getting that photo. Also, good capture on the turtles and that snake looks like a common Garter snake that we used to play with (harass) when we were growing up. Completely harmless (poison wise) but will bite if you antagonize them enough.

Gardenia said...

I'm struck with the way creatures are able to blend into their environments! Nice pics, looks like a super area to go walking in. "H" and I were inspired by your family walks and as soon as the humidity tames down, we plan to beging walking, snapping photos! You inspired us!

tshsmom said...

That toad looks just like the one who used to live in our yard, only our toad was bigger.

Temp jobs can often lead to permanent employment. Employers are always on the lookout for reliable, hard-working help.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Lots of interesting creatures where you are...Wonderful! Thanks for sharing your special walk...!

Candy Minx said...

I'm amazed at the animal photos, especially the toad. It's awesome markings really hide it. How wonderful you have such a nature area nearby your family.

I'm glad you found temp work, what a relief!