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Friday, October 02, 2009

My Big Girl.. Where has time Went!!!!!!!

I have to admit I dont have any photo's of Bri this time but I did take some video and a photo of Kora. TaDa... Here is my first born baby.. congratulate her for standing like she is. She is scared shitless as you may be able to see in the photo. I could always put photo's up of Bri I took last week of my little duckie.. I have admit I am looking at up grading my camera when we get taxes back this year and giving Kora my old Camera. I have had it for about 5 years now and I think she is old enough to experiment with photo's on her own. She loves taking pix of us when I let her. Its raining and windy today. Just a crappy day. I am looking at taking them out but I have to go get my check today and give my work my paper work for direct deposit. I havent worked in two days now. I hate knowing that is part of working for a temp agency but hey its work when they need me. I might have to work on Monday. I hate IF's though.. Life is full of them. I have to admit since I cut Kora's hair she has taken a slight better care of it. Not much but a little bit. It wasnt because it was to long. She is just forgetful and it was long and beautiful. I am rambling. I am sorry.. Anyway letting you all see my Big First Born on her Balance Beam.. Here we go.. Jeff is so proud of her. He had tears in his eyes the other night when he saw these. He says he's missing out on so much with working and maybe this winter he can be there some of her lessons. I hope so too for her sake. She loves her daddy. I mean she loves me too but her relationship with Jeff is something special. I love seeing them together. Its amazing really. Sure we both get mad at them and punish them when they have done something bad but they also know we love them.

A movie review also while I am at it real quick before I let you all get to the video and pix of Kora.. We have netflix like I have mentioned before so here is the review on Rocky Balboa number 6.

Starts out with Rocky being a widowed man for a few years now and he's really depressed. He owns a restaraunt and decides one day he wants to do one more fight for old time sakes. Well he goes and does all his stuff to get a liscense to fight and they turn him down. Well he goes off on the board and they give it to him. He gets trained back in and see's all the stuff they are putting on tv. He goes in for the fight and it looks like he's going to lose in the first round. He doesnt win but he doesnt lose either. He's pretty beat up at the end but again for a guy being as old as he is in the movie it suprises me... Its not as good as the first 5. It disappointed both of us. Thought they would put more into how Adrian died and stuff.

So I will give this one 6.5 tweets out of 10. Have to admit that is low on my radar of movies. We are also going to be adding Are We Done Yet and one more I missed last night with Will Smith.. Anyway hope all is well with you all and hope to see you around in the next few days. I dont know what the weather is going to be like yet so we may not have any hiking photo's for a couple of weeks.


Jeannie said...

Windy and cold and rainy here too. ick.

I loved balance beam when I was a kid - I was pretty good too. Cartwheels and handstands and flex poses.

Do you have a length of 2 x 4 left hanging around after your fix-ups? If so, just lay that flat on the floor and let her practice walking on walk frontwards or backwards without looking down at the beam, she could drag her toe along the edge as she's moving her foot up or back...little trick until she gets more comfortable.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Yeah! Is this the first movie you've posted? I don't recall seeing you do that before and yeah for your little one on the balance beam. It's so scary when you're starting out.

Beej said...

oh she is absolutely adorable! My daughter took dance but never gymnastics. I could watch that for hours on end. Do we have a future olympics contender there?

tweetey30 said...

Jeannie, Jeff took it one step farther and suggested we take a 2x4 and put it on a chair for her to practice on while we are sitting there.. Thanks for the suggestion.

VV thanks she loves it. But some days she does better than others.

Beej I dont know yet. she was scared shitless to stand there with her arms out while I took the photo. She actually doesnt like the big balance beam really well.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That looks so very very hard! I never did anything like that as a kid---I admire her for getting involved in this skill!
Lovely picture of her, tto!

Gardenia said...

Cute! Is she still doing the gymnastics?

Maybe Kora will get her long tresses back when she's a teen and can better handle them. Usually kids through preadolescence aren't real big on self care! Then it changes - - especially for girls.

I too need a new camera - I know what I want - about $300 worth or more......right now I'm reduced to using my phone - not very good photos! Took some decent video with it last night, but the sound was awful. Let me know what you are getting - I keep researching...

KC said...

awwww I always wanted to do gymnastics, and ice skating. I didnt take lessons but I used to go tot the rink every weekend.

What a beautiful girl.

Candy Minx said...

Aw, that is so so sweet!