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Monday, October 19, 2009

Milwaukee Zoo Oct 18,2009

Here are some photos of the Zoo yesterday. I had this post up and ready to go and for some reason I lost it.. Not happy with it.. LOL.. Well anyway. I will try to recreate my post. Maybe not with as many words this time. We got to the Zoo at 12:30 yesterday and then left at 3:55. I have to admit I think yesterday we saw the whole Zoo in one sitting. Normally we miss something. I couldnt find the Koala Bears though this time. I wonder if they arent housing them anymore. We did see one might huge Kangaroo.. He kept trying to get the females standing for some reason. We think we know why.. LOL.

Have any of you ever seen real Flamingo's. They were so awesome to see. This is what we saw on our way the Aviary. Here are some penquins playing in the water. I couldnt get them in the still from so I took a video of them. Enjoy. I have some more video of the Apes too but will post those tomorrow or later in the week. I am hoping this loads before having to go get Jeff from work. I took the car today.

This photo here we were teasing Kora she has Poo in her hair. The bird flew really close to her head. LOL.. I should say it was in this area where the bird was not this photo...

Look at these two very closely. I didnt mean to do what you are looking for. They turned out pretty cool.

This is where the walk got interesting because the girls asked us how we could tell boys from girls on the animals. Well my response was you can there parts Girls... I told them the boys had boy parts like daddy and girls had girl parts like ours sort of.. Just hanging down instead of tucked in... LOL. I didnt what else to tell them and everyone was looking at us and expecting us to answer the question.

I will leave off with the Zebra today since I have more photo's and running out of time before having to go get Jeff. I have one more video and I am sorry for that one there is alot of floor time. I turned the camera towards the floor where I wasnt taking video of people I didnt know. I will do that either tomorrow or Wednesday. Give you all a few days to enjoy this first part of the Zoo with us. More photo's of us and girls in the last bit of the Zoo than animals.. Enjoy our walk with us..


Beej said...

These are awesome! Oh and what memories you have made for the girls. They'll remember this for the rest of their life.

(You are suc ha great mommy..)

tweetey30 said...

Beej I try and be a good mommy. Sometimes my temper gets in the way.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Womderful to see all the animals and the pictures with your kids are terrific....! It looks like you had a great great time...I have a feiend who adores Giraffes. I will have to tell him about this picture!

Tamara said...

Wow! Your camera takes some really detailed pictures...well,plus the picture taker is pretty awesome too. ;-}
I looooved the part about how to explain the difference in the male and female animals...LOL...I'm still laughing my a*** off on that one! Your so funny....but that's a pretty tough question to try to explain.haha
Ohhhh this makes me wanna carry A'milion to the zoo so bad!! You just gave me an idea after I get through with my appointments....oh crud...I forgot I have 3 appt's today,the last one at 3:30,so today may not work.But it'd been beautiful here in Tx...looks pretty nice there too.
Grrreat pix of the girls' and you too!!
Oh,and btw....(getting all mushy)...but thanks for being such a thoughtful person and concerned friend.You really are a sweetheart!

CA said...

Hi, Tweety. Thanks for stopping by. I know I'll have to get back into it sooner or later. It's just really hard to get started. I've been making dvds of Donna Lees Memorial to give to friends. If you'd like to see them, they're on You Tube at Jc and Donna Lee listed as, "Donna Lees Memorial," and," Afraid to Sleep."

What a job you did with the pictures and descriptions of the Zoo! It's almost like actually being there. I admire the way you get into things.
How's the job situation going? Sorry I haven't been keeping up with things. Anyhow, thanks again for stopping by.

Jeannie said...

I'm always amazed by flamingos too. In Cuba, there is an area in the keys where the largest flock of flamingos lives - we drove past it - amazing.

tweetey30 said...

OOL Yes we did hav a great time. I was so stiff from sitting three days prior it felt good to stand and walk. I had to work and it was a sitting position.

Tammi it was one embarrassing thing esp when my youngest kept trying to tell me which animals were boys and girls.. and she really had no idea.. Then she woudl ask me the for the correct answer.

CA I will stop by and check those out in a minute. I need to wake up a bit. I just woke up about half hour ago. Thanks. I try with my photo's.

Jeannie you know they were one bird I just wanted to reach out and touch for some reason. They look so soft. I mean there feathers. I probably would have gotten my hand bit off but I wanted to.

Candy Minx said...

What a lovely day. I love October and the weather looks perfect for walking around. I was lol about the girls questions. They never ask at home huh? Always out in public ha ha.

Here is link for book with a lot about zoos...and animals etc...