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Monday, October 05, 2009

My Baby..

Hi all.. I dont know how to start this with out crying again.. As most of you know we were having difficulty with the church we were attending but have decided to give it one more shot. We havent been there in over a year now. Anyway Pastor hasnt gotten enough people to have Sunday School so the girls were sitting with Mrs F the Pastors wife and we were singing and having a great time and then Pastor started the sermon.

It was a good sermon on Hope.. Something we both needed right about now. Anyway Mrs F gave the girls each a piece of paper. Well inbetween we heard Mrs F ask Kora is she could read what Kora was writing. Well Kora said sure she isnt afraid to let any one read what she has wrote. She isnt bashful on that matter at all. Well all of a sudden you heard Mrs F say Kora you are so smart. And then Bri pipes up as loud as she could and SAID I'M SMART TOOO!!!!!

Mrs F told Bri she was smart also but anyway.. On with what was going on. As you all know most adults dont think much about God while the Pastor is preaching. Most of us are trying to keep up with whats being said right??? Well those of us that go to church anyway. My baby wrote this magnificent story.

I dont remember what it all said because Mrs F took it and put it in her bible case. Maybe I can have her make me a copy where I can give you the complete story. But Kora's story was mostly about how God loves us and the animals because we are who we are.. You just never know what a child is thinking when they are put with a room full of adults and listening to the Pastor speak.. She had the whole lot of us 25 people crying. Me the hardest being her mother. So proud of her for what she wrote.

You just never know what is going to come out of a child's mind or mouth at any moment of the day. The proud parents of two very bright little girls knowing these things that they write and do in one day. I may work but they are still getting there one on one education. Life is taking us in different directions and its taking my girls into a world wide direction that needs to be fulfilled by them. God does love them for what they are. They are children. They soak up so much information like a sponge does that its impossible to keep up some days.

I mean we bought Kora a history book from B and N for school. She isnt able to take the book and read it and write down what she wrote but she is able to read the chapter and answer questions when asked.. She can look up answers for questions. Amazing isnt it???

I dont know how many of you home schooled teachers out there for your children feel the way I do about my girls right now but I feel very proud of them for each of there strengths. They are my pride and joy and I hope you can enjoy them with me as the years come by as my friends. I know friends come and go in ones life but I want to keep you all very close to my heart.

I have to go get my dear sweet hubby. Then we have to come home where I can make my Chicken and Rice tonight and then we will more than likely watch a movie and then he will go downstairs and do what he is doing and i will stay upstairs and wash dishes and such.. Have a great week if I dont get around to you all. I dont have to work tomorrow so I will try and make rounds tomorrow ok.. N..


Wandering Coyote said...

That's an amazing story, Tweets, and a testament to you & your skills, too!

Grizzly Mama said...

Tweetey, I remember back when - I was just amazed at how smart the kids are. I have heard people talking bad about their kids and I can't imagine how or why they would do that. They must not know their kids very well. That is one of the blessings of homeschooling: you really get to know your kids. You are a big part of that process.

They are smart! And learning comes so natural to them - it is what they are built for right now. Just soaking it all in.

I hope that the church you have decided to try again works out for you and gives you what you need. Thanks for sharing this story.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a very sweet story and I can see why you would be so proud of her! As you said, you never know what will come out of a childs mknd, givdn the chance to express themselves openly!
Bravo to her and to you too!

Candy Minx said...

A truly delightful account and post here today to find on your blog. Isn't that wonderful the kids had such beautiful storytelling k=skills. You should be proud. Storytelling is the very root of our communication and unique human ability. I am so happy about this day in church.

I hope that going into the church again you are able to stay focused, don't let anyone put you down and find peace in the rituals and social life of the church. You and I have talked about the ups and downs of attending a church and it's important to remember you are free to live the way you believe in and take a sermon and the social situations at a church with a grain of salt. It's also an opportunity for you to share your view and vision of a spiritual life with other members of a church.

I don't believe faith or compassion has to be a cookie cutter...formula behaviour. We are all individuals with our own experiences...and children have their own experiences too.

I'm so pleased you had a positive experience this past weekend. I hope you can make some nice friends too!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

That last paragraph really hit home to me the important things in life and just sharing a meal or time with one another is what makes life so special. You have a wonderful family, remember that during these hard times. So many people have so much less. M reminds me of that when I get really stressed, she'll say, "you've got me," which is true, because before, I had all the same troubles, but nobody to share my life with and make the hard times more bearable. Love your family. They're your greatest gift.

Beej said...

Oh Tweetey, what a sweet and heartfelt post. You are an amazing mother.