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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Some Video's of Jeff and I and of course Kora.

Here is two video's of Jeff and I playing Raquetball and one of Kora again.I didnt make it down to get any of Bri this time again. I promise on Wednesday I will..

Ok here you go. Enjoy and I hope to hear the laughs of Jeff and I playing and the AWWs for Kora walking the balance beam again.. I will have some photo's of somethings I am doing here later when I finish both sets. We bought the girls each new used coats from Goodwill about 3 weeks ago and now I am making them matching hats and scarves. I still havent gotten the pattern of the mittens. I have tried and tried. They are just beyond me for some dang reason.

I know I am home again today. This doesnt look real good. I filled out three apps yesterday. I am sick of this not knowing when I have to work here. When I go to get my check tomorrow I am going to ask if the company let me go or if they just dont need me. Hopefully ABR can find me another position. I need something a little more permanant right now.

Those troubles I had with Bri and reading have eased off a little. I have found something for her here at home. I have found if we sound out letters and small words, then we have flash cards I made with some really used sight words. These have helped her. I know there are loads of sight words out there. But we have about 25 words so far.

Well anyway I hope you all have a wonderful time this rest of the week and I will get around to seeing you all later. I have a few things to do. Nothing new. No car today so I cant even take the girls out and about..


Candy Minx said...

Hey those are really cute videos!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That looks like good excersize though I honestly don't get what the purpose of this game!
Nice video of your little one on The Balance Beam....That Is Hard!

Jeannie said...

I tried racquet ball once but was pretty hopeless. And got worn out really quick!

tweetey30 said...

Candy Thanks.. I thought you guys would get a kick out of them.. I always talk about us playing but hey now you can see us.. LOL..

OOLOTH its keeping the ball moving or supposedly keeping the ball moving.. She is getting better with each and every day she does it.. We were practicing before class with heel to toe on the floor before she even got up on the Beam.

Jeannie it does tire us out and that is the purpose for us playing. We like to get winded and then come home eat and sit around and then go to bed..

Tamara said...

Awesome video's!! She's just adoreable....and YOU!! Holy cow,where do you get that kind of energy? Raquetball looks like too much w-o-r-k to me!lol
Funny thing,though,cuz NOW you got me feeling guilty cuz I keep procrastinating(sp) about getting that gym membership.
I mean,gosh,when I walked around and looked at all the stuff,I was overwhelmed w/ excitement to join! Then,here it is Fri.,and I STILL haven't gone back to enroll....
Hey! Here's an idea! You just keep sending YOUR videos,and I'll just pretend to be working out through
Yea,I'm a tad off this morning....I think I just need more
and btw...your such an inspiration and always have something upbeat when I felt I was at my lowest...Thanks for just being YOU.

The Zombieslayer said...

Hurray for Kora. Balance beams are scary, although I've always watched gymnastics in the Olympics because it's the one sport that belongs there more than anything else.

Love racquetball, but broke a pair of glasses playing. Crazy game.