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Monday, October 12, 2009

Harry Potter 6

Instead of going out for hikes yesterday we decided to go to a movie. We looked up on the internet which movies were playing at the Budget Cinema. I dont remember which ones were playing. I think there was a Ice Age Movie yet and HP6. So we looked and decided that we would go to HP6.

I have to admit its been a while since I read the books so I was trying to follow from memory. But it was good I think. I still cant believe I talked Jeff into going. Actually it was his idea.. He hasnt read the books so this was all new to him but now after watching this movie he wants to read the books. I will have to see where I put the books. I had them on our dresser and I cleaned the dresser off and now I cant find the books..

I will look later. I think I know where I put them all of a sudden. I think they are our closet in a box. I can finally put them on the bookshelf I had him finally put together for me. I would love to have Kora read the first one this year. She may not understand it all but she understands her history book we bought her so you just never know with this child..

I have to say that Dumbledor looks alot like Wizard off of Lord of the Rings. The White Wizard,, Gandolf.. Anyone know if it was the same wizard or same person I mean.. There was one point where they were getting the water for Dumbledor and I screamed because some things came out of the water and eveyone else in the theater screamed too at that point..

We just had fun with a big thing of popcorn and some soda and just being a family. We are looking at maybe going to Milwaukee this coming weekend. Only if I can find our Zoo Pass for our local Zoo we are going. Our Local Zoo Pass cordinates with the Zoo in Milwaukee and gives us a disoucnt. Nice HUH...

I will let you all know and then i will take loads of photo's. I hope we can go but understand if we cant. Anyway I need to get going. Its cold and suppose to snow today.. Yikes.. Not again. It was flurrying on Saturday and it was cold and just plain yuckie. We went junk picking for Jeff to get some parts for a project he is working on. Well in all odds all the stuff we picked up Jeff didnt need one thing out of the things we bought. Oh well I can always put the items on Ebay and see how they go.

I need to go do some dishes and finish my laundry. I havent worked since last Tuesday. I worked Monday and they really didnt even need me then.. Sorry assed job isnt it.. I am hoping they call back soon. I have filled out three more apps since then. I am just hoping some one calls back soon. I hate this not working for weeks on end and then they need some one. That is what you get for working for a Temp Agency. Yes sometimes you get a good job where they hire you directly when your hours are up with them but sometimes you just get what I have where they let you go and you never knew they let you go.

Anyway I am gone. Talk to you all soon. N...


Vancouver Voyeur said...

Sounds like a wonderful family outing. As for the job, hang in there, the economy is expected to turn around within the next 6 months and then you can expect everyone to start hiring again.

Jeannie said...

Temp agencies are often used for temp positions - when a company needs help only briefly to cover an overload or such. Other companies use them to pre-hire candidates so they have longer to decide on their suitability.