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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Arent these adorable..

Hi everyone.. I bought the socks and then decided to crochet around the tops of them. These are Bri's socks. I havent bought Kora any socks of yet. I went over to the Dollar Tree and bought nine pairs of socks for 3.00 dollars for Bri. Very cheap huh??? LOL.. I have another pair with a Mexicana on them almost done also. Well one of the two socks.. LOL..

Also here is something I am trying to sell for my mother. Its a beautiful Champayne colored Solitare Ring. She wants to start at 100 dollars on the bidding on ebay but for some one to buy out right she wants at least 400 for it. I am thinking about having it appraised to see what its worth really. It shouldnt cost me that much to have it appraised.. Anyone have any idea's who does cheap jewelry appraisals??

I also need to know which two of the three you like or all three?? I need to repost this on Ebay for my mother and I want better photo's than I had the first time. I am hoping I got better ones this time. Its hard to take photo's of a ring that has no box. And I have no ring boxes around the house. I was hoping to put it on something that wasnt going to give me much glare. Yes I actually took a photo of the ring on my finger with my other hand. Not real steady but I did it.

Also those of you who like the socks I can and will do them but you need to send me the socks and 10.00 dollars for the whole lot and shipping costs to send them back please. I have mint green, rose pink, light purple, red,white and blue together. American colors. I have a green, white and red one together. X-mas colors. I have dark green, white, victory red, a small amount of mixed pinks, purple and some other verigaded one. Great X-mas presents for your girls that need presents. I will take photo's of the colors I have and let you choose later. i am to lazy right now.

Anyway I am working tomorrow but I dont know about Monday yet. It hurts but its a job right now. I get paid tomorrow too. Only for last Monday but its 50 dollars we didnt have right?? LOL.. I am just hoping they can find me some more hours for this winter for when Jeff's hours go down. You know they are going to again. Taking the hours while we can but its killing him again. Not literally but you know what I mean. The new boss is a royal ASS.. I could shoot the Bastard somedays for how he treats Jeff.

Anyway I am really going this time. Talk to you all soon.. Try and make rounds this weekend. Not sure whats up yet. N..

Kendal Thomas check out this blog my friends. I notice he doesnt have many friends on his side bar.. I will explain later who he is.. Just check him out if you would and say hello.


Kendall Thomas said...

Try your local pawn shop get an idea what they would give you for it as they tend to be very good at apprisals then use that as the min bid and go up from there.

Jeannie said...

The socks are really cute!

Look in the yellow pages or online for a jewelry store that does appraisals.