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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Milwaukee Zoo Part Two

Hi there. Here is part two..Mostly photo's of us and one more video. this one has loads of floor time between cages. Sorry about that.

Here are some photo's of us as a family and individually. The girls coats were bought at Goodwill for 7.00 dollars a piece. Nice coats. They look almost new..

Kanagroo's. They are lovely. This guy standing kept trying to get the girls up and moving for some reason..

The girls loved this one. I think this was the horse fish.. Cant see them to well to be downloading them.. Enjoy.

I dont know which Elephant it is but one of them likes to paint. You are more than welcome to look up on the Milwaukee County Zoo to find out which one. But here is a phto of one of the two. I couldnt get both of them in the photo of course. Waiting for blogger to finish uploading video before putting last pix on here.

Hope you enjoy watching them play as they were.. Also the last photo of the day. Its beautiful isnt it??

Ok it was taking to long for video to load. Might try to update this later or do just a post on it later also. Not sure which is easier at the moment. I have to have the house here at 1:00 for inteview. I was suppose to have had it at 9:30 this morning but she had a big order come in and needed to move it. enjoy photo's though..

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