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Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm Impressed..

Two posts in one tonight from me. Lots to say and I am thinking I might forget some of it if I dont do it this way..

Wow do I wish I could do more for Ruth than I already have. I saw her Friday night while she spoke to a group of 20 or 30 people. She talked about most stuff I already knew about from when she stayed in our home but still hearing it again six months later is amazing to hear again. Its just one of those tear jerker times in life. She talked about how far they have to go to get water for there families for those that live with there families. They have to walk 3-5 miles to get water and then they have to walk with the bucket on there heads. Then they get from one meal a day to three meals a day.

They are getting money from somewhere to get another 300 chickens to add to the ones they have already. They Celebrate B-days and holidays but only the big Holidays. They dont want people sending Rice or Beans to them because Custom's can and will take the food. Sorry assed people over there. They are always looking for crayons. paper, and such for the kids. School supplies as we call them..

Anyway I asked the girls what stuck out most in there minds the most. Kora looks at me and said having meat once a week. Well when you think about it we get meat seven days a week for those of us that eat meat. Other than that they get meat once a week if they are lucky. What stuck out most in my mind was the walking for water. I mean it wasnt just getting water for them at home. They had to walk for School also. I mean sometimes they would only study for 3 hours and then the rest of it was walking to get water for washing hands, drinking and cooking the food they eat at school.


Anyway today Saturday we went and got Ruth from Sheboygan Wi about an hour from us. She was a Methodist Church she was selling her crafts at. We had been invited to our church for a social gathering. They dont celebrate Halloween but they celebrate Havest Fest. A nicer term you might say.. It keeps the kids off the streets asking for candy. Anyway we brought her with us and she was ok at first. But she started asking when we were leaving and Jeff was going to bring her back to where she was staying.

Well in the mean time we asked if the girls could stay with the church people and she didnt want us to waste the time or the gas to bring her home and back. So in the mean time she sold 60 dollars in items and then got ahold of the lady she is staying with now.

She used the excuse they were afraid they werent going to be home when we dropped her off. OK OK. I dont believe it. Anyway I bought six pairs of hand made earrings the kids made from paper tonight. She dropped one of her holiday cards they made with Banana Fibers. Not from the Banana's but from the tree itself.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the few days I spent with my friend as I did because tonight was the last time I am going to see her while she is here in America until next time. The memories I am creating for myself and my girls. I just wish I could have done what this new couple is doing for her back in January when she was here.


Vancouver Voyeur said...

Oh wait, I did see this earlier, I just didn't comment. I think it's because I don't trust Ruth. I was following the adage, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. I could be totally wrong about her, but I didn't like the way she treated you.

Grizzly Mama said...

You did a lot for her, and I think that she was pretty ungrateful. I'm glad you're friendly toward her, because I don't think that I could get past how she acted before. Perhaps I'm a bitter person?!


Anyway - don't beat yourself up. You helped her in more ways than you know.

Grizzly Mama said...

Hey Tweetey - I left two links for you responding to your question about phonics. The phonics works is up by a seller at Ebay - very very good price. Don't know how long it will last..