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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Ok I have got an Etsy Account

Ok here I have an Etsy account and here is my link for those of you interested in what I have. Most of its off my crafting blog but I want to sell some of this before winter comes. I need the money and I am going cheap with some of these but have learned my lesson with my one scarf I sold so cheaply.

Those items I have on here also that I accidently had on my ebay account havent sold either. No one wants them.. I give up and I dont know what to tell my friend really. I have wasted several hours of my time taking the right photo of these and getting them on the computer. She said she would give me percentage of what she makes. I didnt do it for the money. I did it because I was a friend. But still it makes it hard when no one wants the things. They may be brand new but still.. Yikes..

Anyway here is my link and I will get out your hair for the rest of the day. I didnt have to work again today. I dont know why but I didnt. I am going to go looking for work here in a bit after the girls get done with there school work. I am so sick of this crap.. Life could be a bit nicer couldnt it??? LOL.. Well anyway it was nice while it lasted.. Maybe I said something that made them not want me back. I will find out tomorrow when I go to get my paycheck. There is this place looking for a dietary Aide. They pay like 8-9 bucks and hour. I think I can handle cooking in bulk. If they need me to go to school for it while working I will do almost anything for work right now..

Anyway I am off after posting my link..

bri2004's Etsy page

Enjoy my friends I only put three things on there so far. Bear with me. I may be putting more stuff as you look if you are going to...

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The Zombieslayer said...

It's too bad you're not having much success. We love your blankets. Have one on our bed and one for the couch to watch movies (we use the tv for watching movies only).