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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Hands are Numb..

Hi all. I have been having troubles with my hands. I dont know why lately. But everytime I hold the phone or something like that my hands go numb and start tingling.. I know its not a good sign but its annoying. I have been crocheting alot again lately. I know that happened a while back. But I would hate to give up my only hobby I enjoy doing.

I have a question for you out there. Hypothetically. What would you all do if someone close to me walked into your house with his nails painted black?? Would you shun him or accept him??? I know how alot of society sees these things and its wrong to most of Society..

I am like a little kid the last few days. I keep checking the mail and both doors to see if they have delivered my school supplies yet.. I want to get started so bad.. I hate waiting for things. Esp when I want them as bad as I do this time around. I am 32 years old working in a place that doesnt appreciate me and my ablilities.

You know I worked up front last night and then they opened first booth up and I did just fine. R wasnt there though. She is very imtimadating.. Also there is this other worker lately that has been bringing his problems into work with him and we are all sick of it. Last night he watched the manager and I work while he stood around taking orders again. First of all dont bring your home life problems to work with you. Second of all if you have problems with any of us talk to a manager. he walked out on us on Saturday because he was all pissy and moany because all us people did was stand around and not lift a finger to do a thing. Yeahh and I was cleaning my ass off at the time.

We got another quote on how much it will be for us to reside our house. It looks alot better than the first guy. The first guy quoted us 8,600 for just the siding.. This new guy quoted us 7140 for the siding, new windows, and doors.. What a difference huh???LOL..

Well anyway I need to go find some lunch. I am hungry and I will be around later or tomorrow again. Have a great day..


Hammer said...

whatever you do don't pick vinyl siding. I was in the business and it is pure garbage.

You can literally put your fingers right through it after it becomes brittle after a couple of summers.

If you are going to reside get hardi plank or some kind of masonry type can pick a color so you won't have to paint ever again and it will add a bunch of value to your home.

It is a little more expensive but in this economy you can get a decent deal with a reputable company..don't hire some guy off the street or out of the classifieds.. they will take the down payment and run.

The black nails.. they were big with the punk rockers and other alternative type folks...they were nice people but trying to make a fashion statement. It's not that big of a deal anymore..I think one of my kids teachers has black nail polish.

Jeannie said...

The nail polish is no big deal. A lot of goths still wear it. Actually, the dark polish was "in" again over the winter now that I come to think of it. I found that the American midwest was far more conservative than we are here though.

Another tip about the siding - we lent a friend our van once - it caught on fire (an ignition problem that caused a recall 6 months later) - The van had been parked beside his house. He had aluminum siding so there was no damage - however, if it had been vinyl, it would have melted and possibly the framing caught on fire. Not that your car will burn, but you never know what might.

Sounds like you have carpal tunnel syndrome. You need to take a break from crocheting for a big - and when you crochet, stop and move your hands around to keep the circulation going. This is serious so don't just ignore the pain/numbness. You could also get a brace for your wrists to ease some of the strain while you crochet.

Wandering Coyote said...

Tweety: I paint MY nails black, for crying out loud! What is the problem? I also know guys who paint their nails black and there is nothing sinister or harmful about it at all! It's like piercings or tattoos: a fashion statement or a way of individualizing.

tweetey30 said...

WC exactly my point... I know my dad went ape shit when we told him Jeff does them.. OOPS DID I SAY WHOM.... LOL..

Grizzly Mama said...

I wouldn't shun someone with black nail polish - it seems to be all the rage for the guys these days. I don't get it, but I'm a 'live and let live' kind of person.. A lot of the young guys I worked with back in the old neighborhood wore it - no biggy.

Sorry to hear about your wrists and hands. It sounds like carpal tunnel to me, too. It comes from repetitive motions, which unfortunately crocheting is. I think that they recommend taking lots of breaks, moving your hands in different ways - you might want to talk to your doc.