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Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Last Few Days.. WOW..

Starting Friday afternoon. We were going to go to my Dad's house and see my half brother and his wife and new baby that is almost 4 months old. Well some things changed those plans. First of all they didnt sound like they wanted us there when Joy called us to invite us. Then other things came up like what to bring with us to feed everyone. And one other thing came up. So we went and played Raquetball and discussed going to Chicago instead. Well we had decided on that and I came home and e-mailed Candy right away to find out if they were available. We couldnt meet them at the Brook Feild Zoo like I wanted but hey we dont always get what we want. Sorry I am into Saturday already..LOL..

Saturday we left Green Bay at 6:40 AM and arrived in Chicago about 11 AM. Not bad timing at the Zoo really Especially not knowing where we were going. No wrong turns. No having to ask for directions this trip. But anyway Candy calls and says they can meet up after 3 PM. So we walk the Zoo from 11 AM to 3 PM and we say almost the whole Zoo. Its huge. My legs still hurt from all the walking.. LOL.. Anyway it was amazing. I have photo's but they are on disposable camera's.

We met up with Candy and Stagg and they are amazing people. Just like Jeff and I. Good company really. Great people. I donated like 10 or so of my hair ties to Candy to raise money for her Art that she does at the local Church once a week. She can correct me on this if I am wrong.. LOL..

Then today being Sunday we went out to his mother's house. It was another beautiful day. It was in the sixties and sunny. It was an awsome ride even though my legs cramped up really bad and we had to stop to get me a bottle of water. We get to his mothers house and she hands me my camera first thing. Thankfully because I more than likely would have forgot it again and I am in photo withdrawl.. LOL. I will have my Easter Pics up soon I promise. Anyway we are sitting around and Jeff and I run to the store for MOM.. and then we come back and her and I head to the kitchen. She showed me how to make this beef vegetable soup. Delicious. Very good. I cant say enough about it. Then she gives me a whole bunch of thread that she used for her socks with beads and hair ties..

Jeff has tomorrow off and when we get up we are going to go play raquetball to loosen up and then come home and relax. I might do some light cleaning and have the girls help me. Most of its there mess anyway.. I have loads of photo's but no way of getting them on the computer after I develope them right now. Anyway I am going to go get my food off the stove and eat and relax a bit before heading to bed. Talk to you all sometime soon. Hope you had a great weekend also. N.

UPDATE My school books have arrived.I am offically a student now..YAYY ME...!!!! I am so excited. I even brought my books to work with me last night and read while on break... LOL..


Hammer said...

I've been getting all my pictures put on CD at the processing place.

It's cheaper and then If I want to show photos I just do it at the PC.

Jeannie said...

If you don't do as Hammer says, now that you have your camera back, you can take a picture of any pictures you want to post - it's not ideal by any stretch and you have to watch the light and such but it'll do for a few.

Squirl said...

Hi, I just got caught up on your posts. Sounds like you've had a lot of stress lately. Hope you get some rest.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I am so happy that you're so excited over your school books. That's a good sign. As for photo withdrawal, I took some photos tonight with my camera phone. Go check them out.

Courtney said...

It's been a long time since I've been to Brookfield zoo, but it was always one of my favourite places. Were the lilac bushes at the front gates in bloom? I remember you could smell the lilacs everywhere in the zoo.