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Monday, May 25, 2009

Some Awsome Fireworks

I think my Grand Finalle got put on top of the regular firework. Watch them please. There are some awsome shots in the fire works display. It was memorial day weekend of course so we went to our Celebrate DePere Days. Jeff took his cousin J with us. I took my crocheting and I listened to there conversation. Jeff said he felt like he was leaving me out but you know what I was having fun just sitting there and not really listening.It was weird having to come up with conversation when Jeff went to the bathroom and stuff but it was good to have her along. I dont know her that well so I am only saying that she is nice.

Lets start with Saturday afternoon. I came home early Saturday morning and slept and then got up and we had a picnic at Wiquiok Falls. That link I left a while back. Here is me BBQ'ing lunch.

The girls playing while I make lunch.. We had brats, hamburgers, my macaroni and cheese and ham salad, chips, and soda pop to top it off.

Sunday we went to DePere Days or Celebrate DePere. Like I said above we took Jeff's cousin J with us. She is a decent person. I just dont know what to say to her half the time. She is one of those people I feel like I am walking on egg shells around so I usually dont say much when she is around. She wanted to hang out with Jeff and I together but I didnt have anything to add to there conversation so I worked on a afghan I am making for a managers grandson.. I almost finished it in the four hours we sat there. I have 9 inches left of it to finish. I promise to take pix before giving it to her. Anyway some photo's of the girls Sunday and the fire works show. And a beautiful sunset before the fireworks..

Then Monday we took my books and Jeff is studying his math so we took those to the park and let the girls play for a bit.. I have learned some terms and quite a bit about the body.. Somethings I have forgotten over the years.. Yikes..

Enjoy our Holiday photo's and my silent video's of the fireworks.. They were loud and just wonderful. I am glad I went.


Vancouver Voyeur said...

Wow, great fireworks! Sounds like you had an all American weekend. We spent the weekend cleaning, scraping and painting and we're still not done! Can't wait to see the afghan.

Gayle said...

I didn't go anywhere either, Tweety, but am glad you and your family had a great time. Wonderful pics and thank you for sharing! :)

SME said...

Looks like a lot of fun. The girls always look so happy playing outside, and their spring outfits are so cute!

Hammer said...

It's always great to see happy kids.

Candy Minx said...

Beautiful fireworks.

We froze on our picnic this past weekend. Hopefully summer will be back soon lol.

Love the video nice work Tweetey!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for sharing your Fireworks Videos....I LOVE Fireworks....!
My weekend was very quiet and that was just fine with me.

Gardenia said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday time....makes me nostalgic for when my kids were little.