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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Memory Down Memory Lane..

Hi there. I was visiting VV blog yesterday and her son B got his Drivers Liscense. Yayy B.... Anyway I was going to tell everyone why I didnt get mine sooner. I may have already hashed this out but going to again. If any of you remember me writing this you dont have to reread..

I grew up in a small town in MN so when we could get our drivers liscenses was tough.. Or it seemed to me because my parents were always to busy to take me out to practice driving. I paid for my own behind the wheel when I was 15 years old. I also paid for a lot of things my mom would have never paid for to be honest with you.

Anyway I had loads of help but no one ever really found the time to take me out and it always landed back on my shoulders with the excuse you never called me to take you out. I hated to bother other people to take me out. I felt it was my parents responsibilty and no one elses but they always seemed to busy doing there own thing.

My mom was always watching some TV show during the summer and by then my dad was working at the Gas Station. So he worked late at night and slept all day long. Its not like being here in Green Bay where no one knows me and I could take the car if I had to while I was in the process of getting my liscense. Yes I know I did some stupid stuff while waiting but you know I had to get from point A to point B... I regret driving around without for a long time but things happen for a reason I believe.

Anyway on with whats on my mind. I scared the daylights out of my mother one day. She decided she was going to take me out to drive and we got out of the parking lot ok and turned down the hill from where we lived and then I couldnt figure out what to do. LOL.. I hit the curb and then back off the curb and then when trying to stop I didnt realize to take my foot off the gas and just hit the brake gently. So we had brakes and gas going at the same time and I couldnt figure out why the car wasnt stopping..

I was a very precautious driving too. I did go for my liscense once before we left home. I had borrowed my god mother's mini van. What a thing to try and get your liscense with.. Well I was at this stop sign and the car coming the one way was a ways off but I felt if I went I was going to hit her so I stayed put and the instructor failed me for that and a few other things I dont remember anymore.

I felt I needed to practice here in the big city before venturing out and getting my liscense and now I have it I am proud of myself. Now I just need a job where we can get me a better car. I have one but every time I stop at a stop light after running the car for a while it stalls out on me. We have a solution to the problem but no money to fix the problem. So a guy Jeff works with wants to buy it. He has just himself so he has money to fix the car.

A 1990 Pontiac isnt what is used to be worth anyway. Its already 19 years old. I have given it my all over the last year we owned it. I am hoping I get the job this next week and then we can start car hunting. We found one for 1,400 the other day. It was blue in color. I am not sure its still there but we will look. I found a painter for the house also. We have gotten an extension on getting the floor boards up on the shed floor. I got a two week extension. They have to be done by Sept 15th or else..

Life is busy here and I am just hoping all is well with all of my friends. Better than us anyway.. I need to go get dressed where we can run to Wally World for a few minutes. Need some stuff for around the house. They are adding a Super Center to the Wally World near our house. That will make two of them here in Green Bay.. More jobs for a few people if they would just hire me..

Anyway I am off. Talk to you all soon. I have made most of my rounds today and I will make them more often till I go back to work. Hopefully that will be soon and I will have more photo's to add to my crafting blog here in a few days. I am starting my X-mas ornaments. N...


Wandering Coyote said...

Did you see my response to your comment yesterday on my blog about Amberian Dawn? If not, here is the info again.

I got my copy of River of Tuoni from Sonic Cathedral - They are very good, and the shipping will be less for you since you live in the states, and they are pretty quick about getting their orders mailed, too, so you won't wait long.

tweetey30 said...

Thanks WC. I will tell him.

Jeannie said...

I don't recall my mother ever driving with me while I was learning - my Dad did sometimes though. Mostly it was my oldest brother - thank heavens I had him around. He first made me learn stick when I was 15 although I couldn't get my beginner's license until I was 16. My Dad had bought my next oldest brother a newer car so I used his hand-me-down to drive up and down the road to catch the school bus. I learned a lot of winter driving techniques that way. It's funny - I turned 16 in May and took my test in December during a snow storm. All my friends were appalled that I'd waited so long - some of them got their test on their birthdays.

Grizzly Mama said...

I took driver's ed. at high school. It was one of the only classes I showed up for for awhile there. Then my cousin and a friend of the family taught me how to drive stick. My mom signed for my learner's permit but never took me out driving. She was going to refuse to sign for my license, but since she had signed for my permit I just went and took the test and got my license without it. They actually had cars there that you could use to take the test in. I didn't have a lot of support on the homefront back then. I had to have my license because by then I was working and needed to drive to get to the job. I would walk just about anywhere within a couple of miles of home - but this one job was, like, 8 miles away so I couldn't walk.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I think I got my driver's license around my 19th birthday. I'd never driven before. My mom didn't pay for any driver's ed for me. I didn't have any money because it all went to my mom each payday to cover the mortgage, groceries, etc. So when I finally took my driver's test, I went incredibly slow! Thankfully the cop who was giving the test took pity on me and figured I was just nervous. He would never have passed me if he'd known I'd never been behind the wheel before. Then within the week, my mom had me driving a packed car (we were moving) down I-35 in Austin, TX during rush hour on the lower level where people come flying on and off the highway. It's a miracle neither I nor anyone else was killed!

The Zombieslayer said...

Heh. My mother was scared of driving, so I started at 16 and my father was always glad I could drive her around. An unexperienced driver who occasionally did stupid things is still better than my mother getting behind the wheel.

CA said...

Tweety, Sorry I haven't been around lately. Thanks for coming by. Jim

Candy Minx said...

I started learnign to drive at 14. I smashed the front light of my dads pick up truck on our ranch. Oops. I didn't get my licence till I was in my 20's!!!

I am a slow learner. But I'm a good driver.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I learned to Drive in Driver Education in the FIRST GIRLS CLASS---1947-48!! Up till then, they only taught the Boys. I wasn't quite 16 yet, but by the time I got my license I had turned 16...! It was legel to drive in New York State if you were 16! That was a wonderful way to learn, too...I learned ALL Good Driving rules and habits, too....and because it was part of our scholl carriculum it was FREE! So I've been drive over 60 years...! (Good Lord!

Gardenia said...

Oh my - you poor thing! When I learned it was in driver's ed in school and it was painless except for the instructor stomping on his co-driver brakes unexpectedly. To this day I am the BEST parallel parker ever. Can't imagine my mother teachnig me - we would have both been crazy.

Wow - what a loyal car you have to be running after all these years! Jees, was 1990 19 years ago? Eeek.

So how's the job hunt going?

Christmas? Ohhhhhh my gosh - let's see, really - just 3 more months until December?