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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My Final Decision..

Hey all. I know I have been up and down on this job position but I have made a final decision. I have decided to take the job after working Monday night at McD's and seeing how they all reacted to me when I was called in Sunday and didnt go in for the first time since being employed there. The 19 year old manager they have there was very angry at me and she wouldnt admit it and I could tell. She is a Mexican young girl. No I am prejudice but she takes her anger out by speaking Spanish to the other worker instead of talking to me. She speaks fluent English/Spanish.

So I called home and Jeff and I talked and I called the job with the waitressing back and I start tomorrow afternoon at 4 PM to 10 and then it goes to 8 hour shifts. But she is going to do 3 days of training since I have waitressing experince. I think I will be fine after I get going. That is all jobs. The manager at McD's was very angry at me when I talked to her yesterday but you know what I am fed up with all the BS there.

I have been having troubles for a while now. I mean the one managers boyfriend coming drunk almost every night. I mean come on the last time I saw him, his eyes were blood shot and watery.I could tell he was drunk.. If I can tell so can most others. At least with this new job I wont have people calling me a mother fucker over the head sets and wont be drunk because you know what.. This is a truck stop so most of them cant drink... If they are drinking and driving there is something wrong totally ok.. I am big on that stuff. I hate seeing people drink and drive.

We still have some yard work to do but most of its done. I have done what I can do for now. We are looking at putting a Patio in this weekend. We have some of our line of credit left and its only going to cost us about 200 dollars to do the patio.

Then we are looking at putting up our fence finally. That will be done by the end of the month also if things go right. Anyway I need to get going. I just thought everyone needed an update on life here in the R family household. Its a mess right now but its going to make itself right. It always does.

Take care my friends until next time and I will be around later...


Vancouver Voyeur said...

Good luck with the new job. Hope everything works out well for you.

Jeannie said...

Hope you like the new job. If it's a Mom and Pop it can end up being wonderful or horrible. Depends totally on who's running it.

SME said...

Sounds like a good idea. I had a lot of drunks working at McD's, and the managers wouldn't let anyone call the police if people came through the drive-thru stinking drunk - very frustrating. I would call anyway, but I had to have someone spot for me so I wouldn't get in trouble. Insane.

Anyway, the new gig seems pretty good and I hope it goes well for you! Let us know how your first day is.

CA said...

Good luck with your new job. The one person you will need to get along with the most (besides the truckers) is the cook. Along with, of course, other waitresses.
Remember, keep a smile on and keep the coffee cups full. Happy trucking!

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