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Monday, August 31, 2009

Going to Sound like I am complaining.

Is it Summer or Fall outside. Its been just chilly the last two days.. I mean we havent broke over 80 degree's in two weeks now. I am freezing my butt off just sitting here. I normally dont drink coffee and I have a pot full in the kitchen. I am just that cold today. That tells me how cold I am. I didnt want to get out of bed today either. Jeff is at work this morning and will be home here in about half an hour.

You know what guys. I have learned not to talk about our finances here but I have to tell you this one here. My husband has worked himself out of a promotion. Yes he worked himself out a promotion. The supervisor they have is going to find out Monday he is no longer the supervisor and Jeff was suppose to be next in line but one of the bigger guys went around his run and asked if they would be comfortable with some else doing the run and the customers said no way.. Well my husband has done a hell of a job in that area and now he is not even being compensated for bustinghis ASS for the company.. They are trying to compensate him though. The boss above the supervisor they are firing today is going to the General Manager and asking for a raise for Jeff.

I just wanted to let you know I started this on Saturday and I finished today. I will change the date.Oh get this my memory card went on my camera and I went to best buy. They had a great deal or at least I think they did. I found two 2GB memory cards for my camera for 20 dollars. I have 1,816 photo's per memory card now. Amazing. I told Jeff it took me 4 years to use up one memory card holding only like 205 photo's what will it be like with 1,816 photo's?????!!!!

Well anyway I am tired and want to go back to bed for a while. I will catch you all later. There is more but I will get to it later. I have a few photo's on my crafting blog if anyone is interested in it. I have little wreathes for the tree I have made in there and a some new ones coming in the next few days also. Not going to post the photo's here. No sense in posting them twice.. LOL.. Then there is no sense in having a crafting blog right??? LOL....

Ok here we go I am really off now. talk to you all soon. Oh up date there before I forget. Job hunting is slow. No one is hiring right now and its hard on us all. Someitmes I regret quitting McD's but I am not crawling back to them. When I went to pick up my last check I was treated like shit from the Store Manager and I vowed i would never get food or shop there for a very long time because of it. So I would refuse to go back to them anyway.

Update.. I wont be posting until next week. I have to clean the house and get ready for my parents to come visit and help us paint our house this weekend. If we decide on another color I promise photo's but if we keep it white I wont take any photo's.. Anyway I will be back next week sometime. My parents are coming on Thursday and then we are going to paint over the weekend and they are leaving Tuesday morning when Jeff leaves for work..


Jeannie said...

It's freezing here too! Ridiculous summer we've had.

Candy Minx said...

I am sorry to hear about Jeff's work, but hang in there...I believe it is still more important for him to be proud of his own work ethic. Maye he can talk to someone about how hard he works. I ope so.

It's chilly here too...but I love it. I am not good in humid weather.

Love the night sky pictures very pretty. Kids too!

Grizzly Mama said...

Hope that hubby gets the raise - he deserves it. The girls are adorable as usual.

We finally got a couple of weeks of hot weather this summer but it is gone. It's actually quite beautiful here - sunny and high 70's and getting nice and cool at night. I'm just glad that it's going to stop raining for a few days, too.

Good luck, Tweetey. Hard to believe that the manager of the McD's was such a shit. That tells you what kind of place it was and I don't believe that you would have ever been able to overcome the negativity there. Bad management. There's a lot of that going around unfortunately.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

That first night time picture is very pretty.

tweetey30 said...

VV that one was taken right out of our back yard. We were having a bonfire and I went and got the camera. I just had to take the photo of that pink sky. I bet I would have gotten a better photo if I would have had the energy to walk to the corner..

Gardenia said...

Love your photos - so pretty.

Well, things might turn out better for Jeff in the long run, I believe that. It does sound to me like they know how valuable he is.

Have fun with the parents - -

I'm not going to McDonald's either. So there! :)

J C said...

Tell Jeff to hang in there and keep doing the best he can. It'll have to pay off eventually.

Have a nice visit with your folks.

tshsmom said...

I've always said that the better worker you are, the more shit jobs you get. It's the same at my workplace. I end up with all the shit jobs because nobody else will do them...they're too busy texting on their cellphones. It IS good for job security though. The boss knows that she wouldn't make it without me.