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Monday, August 03, 2009

Boy are We Tired...

Hi there. Boy are we tired. We ended up having to do yard work all weekend long. I had this weekend off. We were going to go to EAA in Oshkosh but with the yard work we ended up having to do we stayed home.

The city sent two letters saying we had five days to get rid of the weeds in our back yard and then 30 days to get rid of some other stuff. The trim of the house needs to be painted and the wooden shed we had in our back yard needed to be tore down.

Talking about the shed. You should have seen how we got the roof of that sucker off.. Jeff had help getting the sides off but the guy had to leave so Jeff and I were stuck doing the rest. Well I held onto the frame the best I could and Jeff pushed the roof off by himself. Yikes huh??

Then we bought some Round Up and I killed most of the weeds and hit it with the rake and such and then yesterday we hit the rest of them with the lawn mower and then today I am going to go back out with the hoe and see what I can do if its not going to rain on my head. We had beautiful weather the last few days for yard work.

We wished we would have taken before and after photo's.. Well we found someone to spot paint our house for 300 dollars and then he knows someone to put up a fence. My parents were going to charge me five thousand dollars to put up a fence and repaint the whole house. This guy said he could paint the whole house for about 700 if we wanted the whole house painted but we looked with him and he said it looks fine except for where this one vine was growing on the house so we decided to just spot paint.

So much to do in the next thirty days. Well not alot but enough because these are big jobs they want done. Just three jobs and they are big to us because we have never done this stuff before. Well I need to go check the weather and see what we have on my agenda today to see if I can get some inside work done or some more outside work done. I have to work tonight also.

Oh just to let everyone know I turned the waitressing job down after thinking and talking to Jeff about it. It took the owner almost five days to call me back from the day she interviewed me anyway. I need a steady income and that is what McD's is even with me being sick of the shit but after this one girl leaves in the middle of the month things will be better because they have gotten rid of two of the problems so far. Now we just need two more very reliable people. Besides me. I got a perfect review last week and a 35 cent raise.


Candy Minx said...

Wow I can't believe someone said you had to pick weeds. Weird. But...I bet it looks nice and is comfy for the kids.

Jeannie said...

Home ownership is a lot more work. After a while it gets to be more habit. It can be tough to keep up when things get busy and then so much work to catch up. Of course, the difference in how things look is worth it.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Yeah! Congrats on the raise! I agree, a steady known salary is better than the ups and downs and never knowing for certain what you will bring home. As for the home repairs, that's why we started painting our house this Spring and clearing out the weeds, we were afraid we were going to get cited by the City. We are going to have to hire someone to get certain parts of the house that we can't reach, even with the 18 foot ladder. Just as well I suppose, now to find the money to hire someone.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

My Lordy, those are BIG Jobs you all tackled. No wonder you are tired! And still more to do...Oh My! Much good luck with all of it, including the spot painting.

I think you were smart to turn that other job down....As you said, McD's is steady and maybe if they get two more really good people like yourself, things will be a whole lot better!