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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hi there. I just came home from work and I am upset. I worked from 7-4 today. Not bad when you think about it and I came home with like 56 dollars. That was sharing the restaurant with another girl.. Anyway I couldnt clock out before I left today and I went and talked to the boss about this and showed him a slip that was making it impossible for me to not clock out. Well in the process I had to leave. The girls needed to be picked up and so does Jeff for that matter since we are down to one car.

Well I told the boss I could fix the problem and he wasnt happy with me when I just cashed out the problem. Well that is what was wrong. I hit the NO button instead of the yes button when I was suppose to. I know he's not going to be happy with me. I am just fed up. We got me a cell phone yesterday for the girls to call me if they have an emergency.Even with a sitter I am more likely to be able to come home than Jeff is out on the road. We got me an Einstein Phone with unlimited long distance and local calling..

Well Kora decided she wanted to talk to me earlier today so I answered my phone and the boss bitched about that. We were just on a war path today. It made it real uncomfortable to be there. Then the other night the other boss called and asked me to come in from 10-6 again even though I had worked from 7-2:30 on Monday. I was beat and I didnt feel like going back in again and pulling another double shift. I am sorry but they are going to kill me doing that. They found someone but still.

I want to cry right now but cant. I am so fed up and I have been there only two weeks. I am going to keep job searching but keep this one until something better pops up really. There has to be something better out there really. I have two new items to add to my crafting blog. They are really cool. Well the one item is only half done but it wont take long to finish it. The one that is done is a scarf with beads in the scarf and on the fringes. Its really cool. I just hope when I take the photo you can see the beads. The other one is white with red, white and blue starred beads. Pretty cool huh?? Anyway besides bitching about the job things here are settling down.

We finally bought a converter box for the TV.. Trying to remember if we watch TV shows or not on certain days of the week are a challenge..We havent turned the TV on except to watch movies since February.

Update on Job.. I let the job go today. I was pretty upset about my drawer being 30 dollars short again yesterday. Its not the first time since I have been there. I think some one was skimming and cant prove it. Well I got bitched at for it yesterday and I refuse to pay back something I Know I cahsed out. Anyway I have put in another eight apps today. I have a good feeling about at least two of the eight. I put one in at our Yankee Candle Co. I love the smell of there candles. We have two of them so far. Who doesnt like a nice candle once in a while to sit back and smell while relaxing???? I know I do..


Jeannie said...

I think any job can be trying at first - remember how hard it was at McD's?

Squirl said...

Good luck on the job hunt. I don't know about that place, doesn't sound cool at all. Hope you get another job offer really soon.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Chin up girl, something will come along, and you really can't keep doing double shifts, it will make you sick eventually.

Grizzly Mama said...

The doubles are too much - especially with young kids. I've had a run of lemons when it comes to jobs myself in the past. There are a lot of assholes out there. I never believed - ever - in taking abuse like that in any form. As for the register, if too many people have access to it then you've got a problem. It's lose/lose and if they don't have a camera on the register at all times then there is no way that they can know who's taking money. (One job actually DID have a camera, and they found one of the girls pilfering money out of another girl's register..that stuff really does happen.) You know, once I chose a low paying job over a higher paying job because the low paying job was such a good place to work. Some things you just can't put a money value on. My husband has had some real humdingers in the past, too. CRAZY places to work.

Sorry to hear that it sucks. Like you said, let it go and move on. Good luck and I hope that you can find a job that is good for you and your family soon.

Gardenia said...

Yes, good luck!

That's the reason I hate working a register - usually the register is open to everyone, and if there is a mistake - I don't want to be in the field of fire. Ugh. That is an awful feeling.

Put it behind you. Move on - which you have. Good for you.

I always had a rule when my kids were little and I worked - if they can't call me and check in, then stuff your job!