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Monday, August 24, 2009

The R's Weekend..

Starting Saturday Jeff worked Saturday morning and then we all took a small nap and then went to our Amusement park here in town. They are only open from 10 Am to 6 PM now. I really thought they would stay open until 9 PM till the end of August but they have changed there hours on us this year. Really stupid but hey. I didnt get photo's because I need a new memory card for my camera. I can take photo without one but I only get nine photo's at a time that way. We came home and had a bonfire in the back yard and the girls went to bed before that. So it was just Jeff and I outside enjoying the fire. It was great not to many nights we get to enjoy a fire by ourselves.

Then Sunday we decided that we didnt get to ride enough on Saturday or I should say not at all on Saturday but the kids did. We went back early Sunday morning while everyone was at Church and enjoyed about an hour of riding before it filled up and you didnt want to stand in line. The girls rode some more and then we took off. We came home and Jeff made a phone call and then we left for the actual park for a while where the girls could run off some of there extra energy. A busy day. Then we came home and pulled nails out of some boards and decided what we could cut up for fire wood and the rest went to the curb. Now we have to figure out how to get the floor boards up of the shed. Those are the pain in the asses we are seeing. So we quit and had another bon fire since we have more than enough wood sitting in our garage. Like Jeff said yesterday maybe some day we will get our car back in the garage. I was hoping before winter. Its a pain in the ASS to scrape the car off before he leaves. I need a job and then we have to work on getting a second vechile. My red one has bit the dust. One of the guys Jeff works with wants it for a 150 dollars. He knows whats wrong with it and doesnt have a family so he can fix it up and has the money to keep it fixed.

I am getting to the point I just want it out of my drive way. Anyway I was ready to shoot two little girls when I got up this morning. Bri comes into the bedroom saying she was hungry and I told her to wait one hour because I wasnt going to be much longer and I woke up exactly one hour later and I heard russeling in the bedroom. I got up quietly and found that they had taken upon themselves to get two bags of dry cereal and potato chips and kool aide for breakfast. It wasnt that they were eating that got me mad. It was the fact one hour earlier I told Bri that they had to wait for me to get up. I didnt think one hour was going to kill them.. Well they sure must have thought so.

I am going to wear my tan button up shirt tomorrow with matching pants. The only think I dont know is what shoes to wear.I dont want to wear my blue sandals. But then again I dont have any dress shoes and of course no money to buy any right now. I have my black sneakers. Those are the ones I bought before quitting McD's. They are nonskid shoes. They are great on wet floor but horrible on carpeting I learned at the Truck Stop.

Now on to cleaning the house. Kora has the livingroom and the only thing I have for her to learn without freaking is the dang vacuum today. Talking about school work I found this great books at B & N for both girls yesterday. I found the Cirriculm book I bought Kora last year in 3rd grade for Kora but they didnt have a Kindergarden so we are going to try a first grade book for Bri. If it gets to difficult I will back away and just do what I can with her this year without it but I think she will do fine and so does Jeff to be honest.

Life is always busy here. We are always on the go it feels like. Well hope everyone had a wonderful and very eventful weekend. I will either do another post tomorrow evening or an update to let you know how the interview went or when she calls me back for the job. But until next time have a great week or time of your life..


Candy Minx said...

Hey big hugs...I am here catching up and missing you! Good to hear about things. I love the midway and you're so clever to go during church! Fun!!

Hope the car works out!

I've been nuts busy...but home now and enjoying blogging today and reading and ...laundry!



Gardenia said...

Glad you had a nice bonfire interlude! Time with each other is so hard to get when kids are still at home - even grown kids, haha.

The amusement park sounds fun - I so had wanted to take grandson this summer, but I don't know where summer went! Perhaps a weekend. "H" tells me beach business has dropped off crazily now that school is going and its a bit cooler, a tiny bit.

Good luck on the interview -

Jeannie said...

Little kids make life busy. I used to encourage my kids to get their own breakfast - cereal or toast but would have gone ballistic if they'd eaten chips!

I'd love a fire - we should make a fireplace outside...

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I hope you get that Yankee Candle Job! Much better smnelling their beautiful candles then anything else, and I bet the Hours are better, to.
Fingers Crossed for you, my dear!