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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things Here..

Hi all. Sorry I havent been around much lately. With the new job it seems I have less time right now to visit but its getting better and getting into a better routine. For starters the till was done ok. The Boss never said a word about it being short. For some reason I think I know how it was partially short after thinking about it. There was a twenty on the counter I thought I had taken out for my singles to change in but it must not have been that. So that was part of it. Other wise I am not sure.

I have been working hard there. I went into work Friday afternoon at 2 to 10 and ended up staying till six in the morning. I pulled a double shift. I was so tired when I came home. Jeff took us out for Breakfast with my tips Friday night and I could barely stand up to move to the car again.. I was just wiped.. But then last night being Saturday night I worked the 10-6 shift all by my self again and The Packers won there preseason game. So it was busy.

We did $491.37 for one shift and one waitress. I was the only waitress and trying to keep my tables bussed and cleaned. Finally I gave up wrapping silverware also until about 4:30 AM. I just brought napkins and silverware out to the tables as needed.. I had barely anytime to get ice that was much needed and I wasnt getting any help. The cook had help and the lady doing dishes helped a bit but not much. The cook was crabby and I was ready to shoot her.

Oh well. I work days this week thankfully. We are having a cousin of Jeff's watch the girls while we are at work this week. We took my tips I have made in the last three days and went grocery shopping today. We still missed a few things but it was better than having no food in the house. I am tired. One more funny about the new job. The owners wife does the schedule and she forgot I worked last night and she scheduled me for 7-2:30 today being Sunday.. Yikes.. funny really because I was going to do it if he would have let me today. I was tired but I wanted the hours.

You know adding on to what Tshsmom said in her post is its hard to not get trapped in the guilt trap isnt it ladies and gents.. I mean us mom's just dont seem to have enough hours in one day to do everything. I have been yelling more lately for help. Just recently Kora told me she didnt want to clean the livingroom and I asked her if I could stay home and not work. She got mad at me but I got my point across. Then Bri's being giving me greif about helping out.

I mean I know they are little but come on they have to have some chores. Start them out small and work up. My girls have the livingroom and there rooms to look after. And after bath time they have there clothes to pick up and throw down the laundry shoot or put clothes away as I fold it. Nothing major.

Ok I am going to go finishs my Ham now. Talk to you all soon. N..


Jeannie said...

Glad it's working out even through the adjustment period. And it's good to get the girls helping young. My oldest has a stronger will than I do so I never could get him to do anything.

SME said...

I hope it gets easier and less exhausting for you as time goes on, but otherwise the new job sounds OK so far! The girls will get used to things, too. They just need to learn bit by bit that they have their responsibilities just like the adults around them do. You're on the right track.

Squirl said...

I'm with SME hoping the job gets easier. Waitressing is very hard work.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Don't work too many double shifts. The last thing you need is to get sick and miss work entirely.

tweetey30 said...

They called last night after I had worked yesterday morning wanting me to work last night from 10-6 too and I said no way. We had just come home from Jeff's appt and I was beat from working and doing housework here. Today I am doing major house work.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I haven't been around all that much either...I've just posted why..Nothing bad..In fact interesting but time consuming....

The NEW Job sounds hard, but good!
Hopefully all will settle in better, in time. Maybe your girls are having a bit of a hard time because they don't get to see you very much these days....Just a thought.

The Zombieslayer said...

Yeah, I feel bad for working mothers. There aren't enough hours in the day.

As for waiting, welcome to the world of waiting tables. I was fortunate enough to live in an area where you can go between jobs since there were plenty of them. I finally settled on one that not only paid very well ($20-25/hr average in mid-90s money), but had happy customers.

You have to be careful to not work in a place with crabby customers that don't tip. I worked at Denny's for 2 weeks and quit because it was exactly like that. I wasn't even making $10/hr.

The other thing is there's nothing like having a good busser. Nothing. I was very fortunate to work in places that had fast bussers. Having to serve and bus is too much work. Of course, you still will always have to bus somewhat, but when half of the bussing is done by a busser, it makes a world of difference.

As for the Packers, I have money on them to win the SB. They're going to be good this year. I also put money on the Vikings because I'll always be a Brett Favre fan as well. I don't hate the Vikings like other Packers fans do. The teams I hate are the Cowboys and the Steelers.

The Zombieslayer said...

Oh, while the last post might sound like a lot of money, keep in mind the cost of living there was twice where it was everywhere else. It's like in Texas, my mother makes literally half of what I make. However, she's better off because housing is a third of what it is here (which is most people's primary expense), and food is cheaper there, even food grown here and imported there is cheaper to buy there, which is silly but true.

So it all evens out.