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Friday, November 30, 2007

Twas The Night Before A Snowy Weekend!!!!

Hi all. We have about 3-6 inches of snow coming tomorrow into Sunday so I had to make joke out of it. Its going to be slippery and yuckie out so we are going to make a good weekend of just sitting around and doing nothing. I promised you all photos of my decorating. I didnt get one with the lights on around the big window wrapped up in the garland but I did get the garland photo though. Enjoy.

My beauty posing for a photo op... LOL.. she had just had her hair put up and wanted a pix taken. She is so cute with her hair up but she wont leave it long.

Not for sale. These have already been bought. But these are for Zombie and and Mrs Z. I am working on the big one and I hope they like it when i am done. Zombie the big one fits the length of our bed so its a good sized blanket. This is the smaller one of the two.

Now my stubborn child that doesnt get stuff she has already worked on. Yikes. I get so fustrated with her sometimes. I try not to but we have worked on this stuff before. We are working on one less and one more. She knows what to do and persists on acting like she doesnt. Oh well not complaining still better than having her in the public school system.

But that is it folks for the weekend. Jeff will more than likely have the computer all weekend so catch up with you all on Monday. Have a safe and happy weekend.


Gardenia said...

You are getting me more in the mood for Christmas with the decorations. I was going to work on it today, but boy told me to wait until he gets home from school.

I know the boy forgets a lot quickly - its the attention deficit thing for him - he not only is swept away by a million ideas and things to discover, but he doesn't retain what he learns sometimes. It's frustrating....but we found out he wasn't playing games with us like we thought ....

Courtney said...

Oooh, that afghan is pretty!

Hammer said...

Kids need repetition in their school work. Math lessons stick better when each type of problem leads to another instead of jumping around.

Homeschooling is hard work but I think they learn so much better one on one.

tweetey30 said...

Gardenia yes I am more in the mood for the holidays since I am making blankets and earning money.

Courtney if you want one just send e-mail me and we can figure out how much it would cost for me to make you and Dan one.

Hammer home schooling is hard work but we are dealing. Jeff is going to start science projects with her in a couple of weeks. We found a great book at B&N here in town.

Cynnie said...

I saw a pattern for an afghan but I'm not sure exactly what your skills are ( sorry..doing just a freaking chain looks hard to me..and this one said intermediate)
so I'm going to email you the pattern and you can tell me if and how much..k?

That blanket is gorgeous!..

you are so talented tweets

tweetey30 said...

Cynnie thanks. I appreciate the confidence you have in my skills. I can try is all I can say.

The Zombieslayer said...

That looks great! Can't wait to show Mrs. Z tonight. :)

tshsmom said...

Gardenia's right!
It's not an act. ADD kids really can't remember things they've learned sometimes.
Z still has moments when he can't remember all of his multiplication tables. Then he gets frustrated and forgets everything. You need LOTS of patience, and TONS of repetition!

I emailed you the mitten patterns.

Jeannie said...

Friends can be undependable - it's frustrating.

Beautiful afghan - love the colours

And I'm thinking I'd better get some decorating done too - just asked Gary to bring my tree home from the shop.

MonicaR said...

The decorations are great and the afghan is BEAUTIFUL! I can't believe that you got it done so quickly.

There is a ton of repetition with it. My girls sometimes mess with me, or sometimes they just can't focus that day, or sometimes they need a different presentation. Maybe working with little stones - adding one and counting and then taking one away and then counting. Or magnets - my kids love magnets.

One time I remember with my older girl, we were working on telling time. OMG - she was really being a nudge with it and I thought, 'Man - I just don't think she gets this.' Then a friend knocked up and wanted to play so I told her - finish your clock worksheet and you're free to play. She finished that worksheet in about 20 seconds flat. It was all correct, too.

They're a real trip, sometimes.

The little one's hair looks adorable!

Kitem said...

I'm happy to see the Christmas tree in the corner, the girls must have been all exited.
The afghan is beautiful, you've got such a great talent at crocheting.
Your daughters are pretty and clever, you are very courageous to homeschool them.

Gayle said...

I just finished my Christmas decorations, Tweetey. Sorry for not visiting sooner but I've had to deal with technical computer problems.

You have a stubborn child so count yourself blessed. I've read that stubborn people usually prove to be good leaders. Just try not to tear your hair out (or hers) while she is going through the childhood stages. :)

tweetey30 said...

Zombie hope Mrs Z liked it.

Tshs I have looked at the patterns and I think I can do the one.

Jeannie I have never had a real tree and I dont think we ever will. Renting for all those years they never allowed it. Because of the pine.

Monica I had all last Sunday to work on it and its the smaller of the two so It was done quicker than the big one.

tweetey30 said...

Gayle its ok about visiting. I know you have had troubles this week. I will try not pulling anyones hair out. Sometimes she is really good and others its like pulling teeth.