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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Girls Once Again..... LOL..

Hi there. I have a new post of course but this is my girls. You all know that though. Kora is raking the back yard doing some work with me shoveling the leaves into the garbage can where we can bring them out front for the leaf eater to come by and take them. Plus Kora was working off some of her punishment for playing with the drain pipes on the side of the house on Monday afternoon. Her and Bri got in trouble from Dad when he came home and found out they had been playing with the drain pipe for the rain gutters and he wasnt happy with her. I had no idea they were playing with them or else she would have gotten it from me when before Dad came home.

Anyway she wasnt working that fast so we switched places for a while. I got to the point where I was getting hungry and wanted to come in. Well I started raking the leaves and shoveling and then making them haul the garbage can out front to dump on the curb. That worked better than waiting all afternoon for Kora to figure out she didnt need to bring all the leaves across the lawn to make a new pile... LOL..

Then today after we got done working Kora decided she wanted to lay down for a bit. She is her mothers daughter. She buries her self under her blankets. LOL.. Yes I bury myself under the blankets when I am cold. I hate being cold. But the funny thing is, is when I warm up from being cold I end up going to sleep. Yes I know it sounds funny so I usually try and keep myself some where in between. Its not easy for me to do so though.

Now here is just my baby. She had been up since six this morning. She just wouldnt think of sleeping in with me. She crawls in bed with us at about 5 and then usually goes back to sleep with me for a while in the morning. But this morning forget it.She wanted nothing to do with sleep. But I have gotten lucky with both girls with going back to sleep for a bit after they are awake. I know I shouldnt but I doze off during the day on the couch and they play in there rooms. I have never been an early morning person so I like to sleep.

Hey any of you out there with small children or kids the ages of mine can you answer a question for me? Or those of you that remember the kids being small.I notice that anytime we have a good meal on the table Bri regresses where she wants to be fed like a baby. I know she can feed herself because she does it all the time and when I tell her to eat by herself she gets mad at me. Any idea's why that is???? I am slightly confused on that... Anyway we are doing loads better here and Jeff has no idea what I am trying to do. LOL.. Trying to keep it as a secret for the time being.

I also tried getting an account to sell things on Etsy but I need a credit card and I dont have one in my name..And of course I dont have his numbers for his. So no go there and I think you need a credit card for Ebay dont you? Just wondering. If anyone knows more please let me know. I would love to get some stuff for my little family for X-mas even if it is from the dollar store as you all have suggested but I have to say there is no where to skip on bills next month. Thank you all for your idea's. I have never thought about alot of them until I got a few comments saying why dont you try this. Because I had never thought about it until mentioned... I have never thought about selling my stuff either. I have always just crocheted for new family members and such and my own.

But again thank you all and I will get going. I dont want to bore any of you... LOL.. Talk later ot tomorrow my friends.

Update: Never trust a friend to go to the store for you and get a thing or two when he or she is going. I am so sick of it. I asked Laura if she would pick me up a can of Cream of Mush soup last night when she went to the store. Yeah sure I will. Well guess what she never went and today she said she was going and I havent heard from her since she called and asked if I had some 30 gallon black garbage bags for them to clean her basement with.... I am so sick of trusting people. Then I call and ask my Dear Sweet Hubby if he would mind making a stop for me and he gets mad at me. Its my fault he didnt pick the stuff up last night when he was at the damned store. I am sorry I dont have any money in my pocket.. That is going to stop right now. I am going to start doing my own work and getting some cash for it. Then I dont have to make him angry at me. I am spoiled and I am sick of being spoiled by him. Its going to stop. I quit. You know how bad I just want to walk right now. Its not good enough is it he says that he is working 14 hours today. Well sorry I asked you to go to the store but he doesnt listen to me when I say it. He just thinks I am mocking him. Well you know what its enough. I have had enough. I am going to make him wonder where all the extra money is coming from... Well people I am sorry to add to this post today but thanks for listening and reading. I am still here but thanks.


tshsmom said...

Something else you could check into is a paper route. M and M supported their family for a few years that way.
If you could find a walking paper route near your house, you could take the girls with you. You'd get money, fresh air, and exercise all rolled into one. ;)

Jeannie said...

ooo good one tshsmom!

As for wanting to be fed - sometimes kids want to be fussed over - go back to a time when they had less responsibilities - don't we all?

She's probably feeling like she needs to know you love her and have time for her alone. I don't know if it's the right thing to do or not - I'd be tempted to put her on my lap and cuddle and say you'll feed her 3 bites but then we all have to be grown up and eat our dinner by ourselves.

(I found my kids - even as teens sometimes really just need a hug when they get cranky and pouty and angry - and and I love you)

tweetey30 said...

The only paper routes they have are early in the mornings here like that and I could check into that to see what they have for routes near the house here for walking it. Then I wouldnt have to use the car.

Jeannie thanks for the thought.I guess I never thought of that. Life is so difficult for children sometimes that they do need a hug or a kiss once in a while or more of them than they usually want.

Kitem said...

I agree with Jeannie about the cuddling at meal time. She wants attention, she wants love, she wants YOU to pay attention to her and show her your love.
They are so sweet sleeping after a hard day work.
I have never heard about paper route, I don't know what it is.

MonicaR said...

It's hard when you have little ones. I know that for sure - my 'career' (it wasn't so bad - I was making pretty good money and good benefits) went bust. I couldn't handle it and be the kind of mom that I thought the girls needed, and I absolutely could not hand them off to strangers to raise. We did the Mr. Mom thing for awhile, and Troll did good. He has just a great relationship with the girls I believe as a result of that. Face it though, most men just can't hang with making the house run properly. I hope I don't sound sexist, but it was the truth with Troll anyway. The 2nd baby was just too much for him after a year of it. Hell - - there were times when I felt like it was too much for me. Now that the girls are older and we're homeschooling I'm still not really sure what I can do to keep some money coming in. I clean a couple of houses and I work that one night a week at the flea market. I tried Ebay and quite frankly that blew me out, trying to keep all the goods straight and stay on top of the winners and then I had to deal with my strange phobia of post-offices. lol. I guess living in a rowhouse we couldn't have an 'Ebay stuff' room, either. One of my friends just did her Ebay stuff all over the dining room but since I use that as the school room. Well - I'm rambling....sorry.

I love the scarves. How much are they? I'll email you.

About the babying, I guess the kids need it. I, for one, get annoyed when my kids want me to do things that they are perfectly capable of doing. I tell them that, too, and make them do it themselves. I guess I do spoil them in other ways - lots of hugs and a crazy-long bedtime routine and reading to them and stuff. Other than that - they've got to dress themselves, feed themselves (preferably with silverware! lol!) and tie their own shoes. Maybe I'm a bitch??!! :-)

MonicaR said...

Oh Kitem - working a paper route is when you deliver the local newspaper to a neighborhood of houses. Or a few neighborhoods, depending on how much money you want to make. It's usually pretty independent - just very early morning hours and then driving around and throwing the newspaper on whoever has subscribed for delivery. You wouldn't necessarily have to drive unless you had a very large route.

They also have little weekly papers and routes can be had with them.

Gayle said...

Jeannie is right. For some reason your daughter is feeling insecure. Don't get all paranoid because it may not have anything to do with you. Whatever the reason, she wants to be reassured that you love her. I'd humor her just a little bit, then hand her the utensil and walk away. She'll either eat if or she won't. If she doesn't, let it go. She'll eat when she gets hungry. I know that sounds mean, but she needs to know that you are in charge. You're the MOM! :)

tweetey30 said...

Kitem I was just about explain what a paper route was but Monica got to it before I did.

Monica You are no bitch. You seem like a very sweet person from the all the advice I get from you and its never hateful.

Gayle Thanks I do try that one and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt and then sometimes Mom gets into the moment and forgets to give her fork back. She doesnt do it all the time just with stuff she isnt to fond of. Its almost like she's forcing me to feed her where she has to eat the stuff she doesnt like.