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Friday, November 02, 2007

Odd and Ends Things Not really Important.....

Hi there. A new post today. Yeah for me. LOL.. I try to have a new post up every day or every other and I had a good rant going on in my head this morning but of course by now I dont remember what I was going to rant about.

Jeff has worked so hard the last few weeks. He has to work tomorrow morning again but that is ok because he has Monday off at his request. He seems to need to take his last vacation day before he loses it and I dont blame him one bit and he deservest he break. He works so hard there and still to this day sometimes they dont seem to acknowledge the shit he does for them.

I am almost done with my Afghans for Richard to take to Kenya Africa. I am going to have to send four of my own since I dont think Laura will be done with her two she promised to help me make. I have gotten my two done plus two more in the time its taking her to do hers. And I have a house and family of my own to take care of also. I guess its just where our priorities lie right? Anyway I am so happy with the ones I have done. You all have seen three of them. I dont have a photo of number four yet because I am not done with it.

Its nice out now but by Wednesday we are suppose to have snow here. It wont stick this time around but still snow. Yuckie. I dread digging out all the gear. I dread shoveling the sidewalk and the driveway but its great excercise though.

The girls are outside raking the yard and pulling the leaves out front where the leaf eater can pick them in a few days again. Yesterday was funny. They had a pile out front and the leaf eater came by on one side of the street and turned around and came down our side. Bri's looking out the window and the leaf eater stops and picks up there pile and she looks at me and says now what are we going to play in our piles gone mom.

She is such a character. She is also zipping her own coat without help and she is only 3. I had to help Kora up till she was almost five. Yikes. Just there cordination really. I mean the girls will stand on Jeffs back on the bed and Bri will just stand there balancing and then jump onto my side of the bed and land gracefully. Kora on the other hand she isnt as graceful.

Other things on my mind but not sure if I want to talk about them here or not. Its personnal and I am not sure if my readers want to hear about it.

Lets just say I have never had a hard time with Sex in my life. I have to admit I started when I was young. I was 16 the first time I had sex and yes it was ejoyful but now after two kids I could careless if I have sex or not. Its not that I dont enjoy it but I just dont feel like it. I have to admit afterwards my back hurts, my hips hurt. I am complaining. It has nothing to do with Jeff but I just hurt. So as long as I can get away from doing it I dont do it.

Like I said it was personnal. I know people into there 60's still having sex and enjoying as much as the day they started but for me its not like that. I didnt hurt when I first started when I was 16. I was fairly skinny at that point too. I was a 125lbs when I first started having sex and now I am almost 200lbs. That 75 lbs makes a difference. I guess that is why I have been trying to lose it all summer and now Jeff told me just the other night before bed that he thinks I have put some of my 15lbs I lost over the summer back on. That depresses me instead of making me feel better.

I walk and I clean the house and I move. Its not like I sit in one spot all day long and let some one else do my cleaning and such. I take care of the outside of the house and so forth. I dont know. For my male readers I am sorry to have you bear through that small rant on sex.

Well anyway I suppose I need to go find something for lunch for us girls. I have left over potatoes I am trying to figure out what to do with.

I was looking at a gravy over mashed pots and bread. I know high calories and I am trying to lose weight. Any suggestions would be great. Talk to you all soon. N.

Hey all I will be back on Tuesday. Jeff has Monday off so we are going ot spend some family time together and I will give you a great post on Tuesday sometime.


Hammer said...

Kids and extra pounds do put a damper on things. It happens to lots of folks.

Spontenaiety is a scarce commodity for busy parents.

Jeannie said...

I found when my kids were little that I was pretty much hugged out by bedtime and really wanted to be alone. Your interest will come back when they are a little older. As for the pain - have you told the doctor? Or if it's just muscles - maybe you could try doing some strengthening and stretching exercises. The extra weight may be keeping you from moving as you used to so you've perhaps tightened up. Sex is better when you are fit if you need a little extra incentive - also do Kegel's (sp?). They are good for preventing incontinence and keep you a little tighter there which is better for both of you.

SME said...

Hammer and Jeannie are right - you're a full-time mom to two little girls and that takes up a lot of your energy. Don't be hard on yourself. As for weight, you're doing the right things and if you can take off weight very slowly that's the best way - losing it fast just means you'll probably regain it back later.

MonicaR said...

Oh, girl - I think it must be that 2nd kid. It was for me anyway - my hormones STILL aren't right. LOL! Now I'm moving into the change - - which has been happening for, like, 5 YEARS now...

I'm beat. Troll's beat. The girls are the only ones with any energy. I'm hoping I might get some energy back in 4 or 5 years from now. Maybe when Troll and I are old we'll have the time to worry about sex again. Hopefully we won't be too pooped to pop! lol. (sorry...) It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I don't really care anymore.

Not sure what to do about the potatoes. I usually scrap them, but my mother in law makes potatoe pancakes which are delicious when she does them, but horrible when I do them.

MonicaR said...

Oh - there are some herbals that are supposed to help with that sex stuff. Damiana is one of them - for both husband and wife. Red raspberry is supposed to be good for the wife. Maybe I'll go dust those herbs off and give it a shot...

Kitem said...

I don't know what to say, I still don't have this type of problem, it's more on hubby side, I would say.
On the weight side, try to be extra careful with food, a lot of fruits, vegies and water would do good.

Kitem said...

Forgot: with weight watchers you are allowed to eat as much potatoes as you want, but potatoes only, no butter, no any sauce, i eat them with some kind of zero calories white cheese, or some other kind you may have in the States, and a little green salad.

Gayle said...

Sounds like you've already received some good advice regarding the sex issue, so I'll address the potatoes.

Here's what I do with left over mashed potatoes. I can't give you the amount of ingredients because I don't measure anything. It's not that I'm a genius, it's just that I've been cooking for a long, long time:

First, chop and fry up an onion in a little olive oil. If the onion is large, use only half of it.

Put the mashed potatoes in a bowl, add the onions and oil, one egg, some flour - probably about four tbspns flour to two cups potatoes, milk, garlic salt and pepper to taste. Don't use to much milk, you don't want the potatoes to be runny, just a bit thicker than pancake batter. Poor onto lightly greased griddle and fry till brown on one side, turn and brown on the other side.

These can be used for breakfast with fried eggs over the top, or for dinner with sour cream spread on them. They can be frozen and used when needed. Of course they still have calories, but not as much as potatoes with gravy, and if you use olive oil for frying, you will be eating healthier and also cutting calories.

CA said...

The weight problem is really a problem all right. At almost 72, I find it harder to lose any weight at all. I've found that the only really effective way to lose weight is to stay hungry until the weight is off. It's a bummer but, after the first day, it doesn't bother me much. Thanks for reminding me to do it! Good luck to you!

tweetey30 said...

Hammer like I said it was personnal and I am sorry. I just had to get it off my chest.

Jeannie I hope so. I know what you are talking about. They tell you to do those while pregnant.

SME I understand that one. Its not like I am going to go have Surgery like Laura is in April. But she needs it.

Monica Herbs really. Never heard of that one. I have no idea where to get herbs lik that if I wanted to.

We went bowling yesterday and instead of us going out like I was thinking I opted for a Chef's salad.

Gayle sounds good. I will have to remember this next time I make mashed pots. I have to admit I dont keep left over mashed pots when they are instant. But home made mashed pots I love left over.

CA I have never been into starving myself but I have cut alot of my snacks down during the day. I dont eat as many chips and such.

Candy Minx said...

Well, I'm with you...I've just got to lose some mweight and it's not easy. I am using flax seed oil's a bit weird...but it gives me a wonderful nights sleep and energy.

I take three or four tablespoons between meals...and plugging my nose.

I know I's the goofiest sounding diet in the world.

But I'm neve rhungry and it is anti-inflamatory so helps with pains...and the weight comes off and it's good for your skin and heart!

You need to take it without other hour away from any meal or snack or even brushing teeth. I plug my nose and drink a glass of's based on the idea of flavourless calories...and resetting your body's eating and hunger habits.

Here is my review:

p.s. and I find even if you are tired or whatever...making time for sex, even a quickie is worth it...because you both reconnect and be close even if tired. It doesn't have to be a time consuming event all the time.

tweetey30 said...

Candy I know what you mean. Its just hard to be interested on my part lately. Not his mine. I take the blame. I will explain later on in a new post later this afternoon.

I will have to check out this stuff you mentioned. I am not into buying things over the internet but if I can get it at a store I might just give it a try. Thanks guys and gals.