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Friday, November 23, 2007

Boy Do I feel Stupid!!!!!!!!!

Well my friends we did have a Turkey yesterday. Jeff borrowed a few dollars from his boss on Wednesday night and stopped by the store and got us a turkey and some pie and such. I didnt get my ice cream to go with my pie but that is ok. At least we got what we had. Zombie i am going to start those afghans on Monday for you. We had mashed pots, turkey, cranberries, and stuffing and cherry pie for dessert. He even bought a small can of sweet pots but I wont touch them and the girls had a little bit but didnt care for them. I made them eat what they took though. So it was good and we watched the packers beat the Hell out of the Lions. Go Pack Go. LOL... We are 10 and 1. Yeahhhhhh.... Well enough of that. Well I am off to shower and then sweep the kitchen at least from the leaves the girls drag in with them and then make a grocery list for when Jeff comes home when we go to the store. Catch you all on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend.

book review...

Minetter Walters

Here is my last review for the Fall Rading Challenge but am participating in the Winter Reading Challenge also.

This book starts out with a weird start to it really. Its starts in May 30th, 1970 and with three boys and two girls and one of the girls younger brother. Well they are truanting from school and they are drinking acohol and one of the girls starts teasing the boys so they get even with her by gang raping her and not touching her friend.

Then it goes into some letters and some court details from this person called Howard Stamp because he was accused of murdering his grandmother. Howard was slow. I wouldnt call him mentally retarded but slow.

Well 30 some years later this lady called Georgina comes along not believing Howard could have killed his grandmother and she gets hooked up with Dr. Jonathon Hughes. Well they start looking into this together and get a bunch of details before the end of the book. They talk to alot of people and restart the investigation on this. I am skipping alot here.

Well about the middle of the book things take a twist and they find out who did kill Howards grandmother and they just have to prove it and then they rehire a dectective service. Well she helps them get the information they need.

End of book they have the person who killed Grace Jefferies even though Howard killed himself in prison three years after being convicted but he was none the less proven innocent.

I have skipped alot here but given the details to read the book. I would suggest to read this book. I thought it a great read. Esp if you like mystery and wonder at the same time. Just wondering whats going to happen next. It was one of my .50 cent reads I got from Good Will

Your IQ Is 80

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Average

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Average

Your General Knowledge is Above Average

You Should Be a Mechanic

You are logical, calm, and detail oriented.

You're rational when things are chaotic, and for you, reason always prevails.

And while you are guided by logic, you aren't a slave to it.

You're flexible when it counts. You are always open to being wrong.

You do best when you:

- Work with your hands

- Can use tools, machines, or equipment

You would also be a good architect or carpenter.


The Zombieslayer said...

Wow. I don't know if I could read that book. Too heartbreaking for me.

Packers looked good. They allowed Detroit to score a few meaningless TDs late in the game, but I felt it was over anyways. Favre was near perfect. My only worries were Donald Driver's and Charles Woodson's injuries.

Ok, cool. Looking forward to getting them. It doesn't get that cold here, but I've always loved afghans because they seem to always warm you just the right amount.

We had no pie because somebody (me) forgot to pick up the butter and we had the choice of not having mashed potatoes or pie. We decided on no dessert.

tweetey30 said...

Zombie I love afghans. Esp making them because I get to sit under them as I make them. LOL.. Its a great book though. You should read it. Or Mrs Z should and she can give you a better review than me..

tshsmom said...

I'm glad you guys got your feast!

I don't make sweet potatoes anymore either. My Dad and I are the only ones who like them. Dad hasn't been able to eat them since he got diabetes. :(

Now you just need to learn how to make your own pie. ;)

tweetey30 said...

Mom yes but we got what we could afford this year. I am hoping X-mas dinner will be better. I have a plan for Kora's X-mas present but not sure what for Brianna yet.

Candy Minx said...

Tweety sounds like a lovely dinner. what a miracle Jeff could borow some money from boss.

One Christmas...I was very broke. i was woring as a cocktail waitress part time...and it was the week of Christmas. I didn't have any gifts for my daughter and no idea how I was going to buy groceries. We kind fo just got by with some inexpensive stuff...liek tofu and rice.

I was very sad...and I got a shft the afternoon of xmas eve...working lunch and happy hour in the bar. I was having a hard time wondering how i could get home, pay for the babysitter and get some foood.

Well...we got very busy...a lot fo people came in for happy hour...I kept getting these tips, and I felt like overwhelmed!

I left work at 4 p.m. on xmas eve with a $150 ...and felt like a millionaire!!!

I stopped at a local department store that had toys and a grocery area..this was many years ago and $150 was like 400 today. I got some little gifts and some groceries and even had a friend two friends come over on xmas day to visit. We played games and had snacks and my daughter had wonderful surprises.

I always remember that Christmas because I felt so little hope and I wa sa single mom and felt very alone. I felt later that an incredible grace had occured. I left it to the universe and worked hard and it came together.

I know how it feels to be so worried about money. and it's not like I'm much better off these days, but I sort of know how to meditate or pray to relieve the stress...and I must say that helps. and it helps to have an imagination to think outside the pressures of society.

Hey...don't take IQ tests to seriously. What they really tell us is HOW we learn...not that we aren't intelligent or able to get more smart, okay?

None of us is written in stone..especially when we use our imaginations!

tweetey30 said...

Candy this is the first year I feel this way and I am happy you gave me the idea of my blog and such. Now if we cant spend a hundred a piece on them we can at least get them something small.