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Thursday, November 29, 2007

One Pissed off Bitch

Hi all. No I am not mad at Jeff. I am pissed off at Laura. My box never arrived for Richard to take to Kenya with him for the Orphans. I will never trust a friend to do a favor for me again. I am sorry but I am the wrong Bitch to piss off. I have this feeling that she never sent it. I am contacting Richard throug e-mail and seeing if he can contact the Post Office where he lives to see if its being held with his regular mail. But then again if its not I have no idea what to do. I have no idea how she mailed it to him. It should have been there before now. It was supposedly sent on Nov. 12th sometime. And its already the end of Nov. I have never seen a package take so long to get from Wi to the other side of the States. Come on people this isnt fair.

I am angry at Laura plus myself. I mean if you are that busy getting your wedding planned dont promise to send a package and then not do it. I am waiting for her to call me back because when I called her just now she was on the phone with her dr. She could have let the voice mail pick up when I called just now. I have few friends here in WI and I dont care to have them either if they are going to do this to me. People suck in general and I have a hard time with them since I left home. I talk to a select few of my friends from back home and I have to enjoy there company to talk to them.

Life is not good right now. Well it is but my feelings are just about to explode when she calls me back. I havent talked to her since I got my book back to make the afghans that Zombie and Mrs Z asked me to make. I am done with the smaller of the two and I will post it tomorrow. I have to replace the batteries in my camera again. I know I need some rechargeable ones but I dont have the cash right now. The money I got actually helped us pay our phone bill. It was either that or lose it and lose my friends for the time being. I voted for keeping our phone.

Well I will let you all know what happened to the box. I need to go and figure out what to do for lunch and then get Kora moving. We have to bring our movies back also and its cold outside. Its 21 F and cold with the wind chill. Well catch you all later N.


Hammer said...

That is bad. I hope there is a normal explanation. If it wasn't sent and they lied I would be livid.

tweetey30 said...

Hammer more than you know. She hasnt called me back yet either. I am going to have to wait for Richard to contact the post office by his house to see if it got held with his regular mail before pursuing this more. It sucks royally.

MonicaR said...

Oh man - that's terrible. I hope that the package arrives safely at it's destination.

Which reminds me - I still haven't sent the money order for the scarves. I am SO sorry... I will get on that this weekend.

tweetey30 said...

Monica its ok you are busy and I wish if she couldnt do it I just wish she would have said something. Richard wont be back until Dec sometime. It does suck.

Gardenia said...

BRRRR!!!!! And I think its cold here at 50 degrees in the mornings!

Well, I hope the package is found - how frustrating! I bet you wanted to cry.

Also, please email me w/address and I will send the $ for the order I made!

tweetey30 said...

Gardenia I just e-mailed you and I have no clue what order you made.. LOL.. I have been checking my crafting area but no one has ordered anything off it since I moved it. It sucks really. But they will find it.