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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Where to Start.......

.................Sometimes like Notta said we just dont know where to start when typing. I have a hard time thinking of things to say and just wonder where I am going when I start a new post.

Well lets start with Laura today. No I am not complaining about her. Her wedding plans have come to a great deal for her and she is almost done with them. She was going use the Pastor that runs our church but decided on a person from The Salvation Army today. Our Pastor was jerking her around anyway. His mother is very ill and he kept telling her he would do it if nothign happened and what if something happened to his mother the day of the wedding. You dont do that to somebody. You just dont leave them hanging like that. I think that is really rude. But hey this man has no respect for woman in general really. But I went over there for a few minutes last night and she has her flowers done and wine glasses and such. I have to say Jeff and I arent going to the Wedding. I am not to fond of a few of the people going so we arent going to participate in there joyous day.

I made the girls each a hat. I havent taken photo's of them yet. I think they are just adorable. But they are suppose to come with matchin scarves but I cant keep the sides on my scarves straight so I am skipping the scarves for the time being.

Jeff and I have looked at our calander and just realized that we wont be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday Nov.22. We have to wait till Saturday. LOL.. This payday coming up on Friday is our Mortgage payment and nothing left of it so we have to wait till the 23rd. Then it will be too late to start cooking so Saturday the 24th we will celebrate our Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to it also. We were going to go out to his mothers house but decided to stay home. I wasnt really in the mood to go out to her house and have her tell me what kind of mother I was anyway. No thank you. She wasnt much better with her kids but she likes to try and make us daughter in laws realize we are just as terrible. So I avoid visiting with her as much as possible. Then over New Years they want to come to our house. I dont know yet. They want to come up for the weekend. I think I will disappear for the weekend down the street. Sounds rude but I will give her time with her grandchildren and son. I will just go visit with Laura and if they tell me they are hungry I will just tell them to have grandma fix them dinner.....

Funny story here really about my mother in law. She came to visit with us when Kora was 13 months old so Jeff and I took advantage of her being here and took an afternoon to ourselves. She said go I can take care of Kora. So we left and everything was cool. Jeff and I had fun. Well when we got home his mother had said that she woke up right after we left and she didnt dare lay her back down because she was afraid she wouldnt go back to sleep for me that night. Well I got uptight about it and then his mother told me she didnt know what to feed Kora when I told her before we left that there was left over mac and cheese in the fridge or soup. Which ever she decided on. So my baby was tired and very hungry when we got home. You would think after having five kids of your own you would know what to do with yoru grandchild. Yikes..... Well we ended up with a blow our fight about it and she left the following day swearing she would never step foot in my house again.

Now her and her partner want to come visit us over New Year's Eve. Anyway I am not to thrilled about this visit. It wasnt my idea it was hers so I am just hoping she doesnt try to pull another stunt. A while back she tried talking Jeff into taking the girls and leaving me but he refused. Jeff had hit our niece by reflex because she hit him first and I stood up to his mother finally and no one liked that one little bit. I was the bitch for standing up for my husband. He had apologized to the spoiled little shit and it probably did her some good to get hit like she did. And everyone kept nagging on him because he hit her and I finally stood up and told his mother to piss off and I got it from there.

I have had my problems with my mother in law but then again whose fault is it really? I dont know. Sometimes I blame myself because I want to do things on a live and learn basis and then sometimes I take advice but not the way my mother in law gives it. Life is just plain weird.

Like I said at the top I dont know where my posts are going when I start so enjoy some of my stories about my MIL... I could go on but I dont want to bore you to death with the fights we have had. Stupid childish fights over nothing really.

On to my mother really quick here. I told my mom that the girls could use some clothes yesterday because she asked what they needed. Well today my mom said she was looking for clothes two sizes to big and of course I got angry. I know where she is coming from but Kora cant wear clothes two sizes to big. She is so skinny that they would fall off of her. You know my mother asks but does what she wants to do anyway. I dont understand it. Anyway I suppose I need to go get my girls some lunch. They just came in and its chilly out today. I am going to make left over Speghetti. I will catch you all later or early tomorrow like usual... Have a good day and stay warm for those of you in cold climates..........


tshsmom said...

Most Pentecostal religions don't have much respect for women. The minister is quite typical.

I think I have a pattern for crocheted mittens. I'll scan it and email it to you if I find it.

I had a hard time reading the blue. It's too light.

Gardenia said...

The blue - a little hard to read, but not too bad.

I had the best MIL for the most part except for the year she lived with us. She stayed out of our business too much if that's possible. But she always stood up for me before her own son - don't know what I think of that either.

tweetey30 said...

Tshs thanks for the mitten pattern. I will change the blue. I was playing with it today. Maybe something darker. I thought it was time for something new.

Gardenia you were lucky then. My MIL doesnt come near us unless she wants something and now since her daughter doesnt have a home of her own I think she's getting ready to ask Jeff if he would take her in. I dont think so but hey. It is his mother.

Hammer said...

Mothers in law...grrr. I have to be very firm about my rules or there is hell to pay.

It's not your fault. You are a good mom.

Jay said...

I'm sorry for your trouble, but you're right - mothers in law are just hard to deal with. Hopefully you can mostly keep your distance.

MonicaR said...

My MIL couldn't stand me until I had that first baby. lol! She would deny it of course - but it's the truth. She wore black at my wedding - which she denies but I have pictures! We get along great now and she has become a faithful ally in my life.

We both get grouchy at each other once in awhile - but that's true of everyone I suppose.

I think that your Thanksgiving plans sound nice. I am usually able to get a free turkey at my grocery store. You earn points and if you get so many before a certain date - that gets you a free turkey. Do your grocery stores do that? I won't get one this year because I have been trying out all the different groceries in our new town so I don't have enough points to qualify.

I have found that I prefer keeping our holiday plans with our little family - and a dinner is okay if it's not a huge extended family gathering. Like his mom and sister and that's all. The extended family makes me crazy, the aunts, uncles and cousins - - and then they all complain about each other afterward anyway. Yuck!

Jeannie said...

MIL can be difficult I know. You do have to stand up for yourself and it's great that Jeff takes your side too.

I hope it doesn't upset Laura that you aren't going to her wedding - I assume she knows what's up.

Cynnie said...

my mil lived with me the whole time i was married ..and I even got custody of her in the divorce!.

I took care of her until she died..
We fought like crazy..but i loved her..( more so now that she's

tweetey30 said...

Hammer I know I try but it still gets to me when she pulls her shit.

Jay she lives two hours away from us and she hates traveling so I really dont think they will be coming to see us but you just never know. Or is it wishful thinking???LOL!!!

Monica Like I said yesterday I could have bored you to death with stories of my MIL. But she hated me from day one until now though.

Jeannie Laura is pretty understanding.

Cynnie if I got my MIL in the Divorce I would probably kill her before a week is up. That is how bad we dont like eachother. Thank goodness its mutual though....LOL..

Notta Wallflower said...

I think a person is lucky if they have a good MIL. Sounds like your Thanksgiving will be a quiet one. Ours will be, too - just my son, my husband, and his friend from work. Everyone celebrates in their own way, so at least you'll be able to celebrate in your own way. :-)

tweetey30 said...

Notta we usually do it on Thanksgiving but this year we have our mortgage payment this payday tomorrow. So it has to wait a couple of days.
But yes it will be very quiet here. Just the way we like it.

Gayle said...

I was extremely lucky with my mother-in-law. She was wonderful and loved me more than my stepmother did. But my grandmother-in-law thought I had stolen her grandson and she said I was a witch, so I bought a black cat just to annoy her. :) That smily face icon would be an evil grin if I could figure out how to do that. LOL!

Your mom is thinking about saving money by purchasing clothes two sizes two big so the girls don't grow out of them too fast. May I suggest you don't get mad, but rather accept them (after all, she's paying for them) and save them for when they fit? That way there will be no arguments. It's hard enough dealing with an angry mother-in-law, let alone a mother-in-law and a mother at the same time. Whew!

tweetey30 said...

Gayle my mom doesnt get mad at me to often anymore. I have learned how to handle my mother. Its his mother that hasnt learned anything after almost 12 years... LOL... Anyway it would be nice to have clothes that fit them this winter. Bris out of jeans and kora needs some more too. The ones we bought last year are a little tight on her. But thanks for the advice.