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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Comercials and Idiot things in life!!!!!

Hi all. I have the TV on and listening to my daily shows I watch. Well this one gets the vote for the most idiotic commercial. I dont know if you all have heard about the deaths from that Gerdisal. Be One Less???? Well according to a blog friend of mine KC. I am not going to link her so you can check her out on my side bar ok. Anyway she did a post awhile back about it and it killing a few girls.

Well anyway I was watching tv and the Commercial comes on and they give what the side affects are but they dont say what it has done to those that passed away. I will not have my girls getting this shot. If the dr says its manditory I will say no its not since my girls arent in public schooling any longer. The schools say that girls from about ages 9-24 need this shot.

No way will I be burying my children before they bury me. I dont care if they have fixed this shot or not.

And we are always hearing about men needing a longer Penis. Yeah right. Or those 3 day period birth controls. What is the problem with dealing with it on your own. I mean come on girls and women here. I mean we were meant to bleed for 4-7 days without chemistry deciding when and how long we bleed. Or if a guy cant get it up I mean its never been dealt with from a Dr. The men have always just dealt with it.

I know I am being blunt but I hate hearing about all this stuff they have out there. Even if I hadnt had my tubes tied after Bri doesnt meant I would be doing any of these special Birth Controls.

Anyway things are good here. Jeff is working another 55 hour week so far. He worked at least 11 hours yesterday and I have no idea about today. Kora did her first page of math by herself today with out me reading the instructions to her. She read them to me and did the problems.

I am so happy for her. Bris counting to ten by herself now too. I hate comparing my girls but that is something Kora did do until she started school.. Bri also has almost her whole alphabet down. She keeps forgetting D when she does the alphabet though. But she does well and she is trying at least.

We are also looking at getting a dog from our Humane Society when we get taxes back this year. They only want $175 for a dog. They nutuer or spade for you so we dont have to worry about it. We need an animal and I think it would do the girls some good to have an animal in there lives. Jeff doesnt like jumpy dogs but we will find one we like. He wants a German Shepard or Black Lab. But we will get what we can find.

We have a big enough yard for a dog and the inside of the house is decent enough. On Nov 7th my dear sweet hubby is going to take me out on a date. They have a show in Appleton in there Arts Performing Center he wants to take me too. Laura is going to take the girls for me and we are going out on a long needed date.

I know tomorrow is Halloween but our girls wont be going out. Jeff has issues with it and I sort of agree with him. Its not as safe as it was when I was a kid and Jeff never got to go when he was a youngster. Anyway. Happy Holloween anyway.

Alright I am done. I will talk to you all later. I need to go find something for lunch.

Oh before I forget I was going to write up this recipe.

1 2lb liquid can of Swanson Broth
1 1 1/2 lb chicken boneless
2 cups of water
1 cup of celery
1 cup carrots
4 boyoun squares.
1 8 oz package egg noodles.

In crock pot or slow cooker cut up chicken and carrots and celery and Swanson Broth and water. Let cook for about 4 hours and then add 4 boyoun cubes. I might have that spelled wrong. Then let that simmer for about another two - three hours. Then add the egg noodles. Let cook for half an hour and eat. Add crackers or what ever you like.


Hammer said...

I am dubious of this shot too. Do they think that this is needed for little girls? Yuck I hate dealing with these issues.

tweetey30 said...

Hammer sorry but yes they think young girls need this shot. From what I have heard they want to make it Manditory for all school age children (GIRLS) to have this shot. But no thank you. I guess I saw the commercial today and it got me going on the subject.

SME said...

While it sounds like the Gardasil vaccine needs more research before it should be made mandatory, it doesn't seem to be any riskier than birth control pills as far as blood clots are concerned (three blood-clot-related deaths of teen girls have been reported in relation to Gardasil, thought it's not known yet if the deaths were caused by the vaccine).
HPV is one of the most commonly transmitted (if not THE most transmitted) STD, and it can be deadly for women. A wife of one of Richard's co-worker's is dying from HPV-caused cervical cancer. As we all know from common sense or experience, safe sexual practices and monogamous relationships are no guarantee of sexual health in a world where infidelity and sexual assault occur. If further research and testing prove Gardasil to be safe (it has already been deemed safe by the FDA and the CDC), it will save many women's lives.

Gardenia said...

I know - those commercials drive me nuts too - like you, we handled these things in private for decades - now on TV! When I see the "Viva Viagra" commercial, I want to barf. Interesting to note most insurances pay for this, but not birth control, that goes to show who is in control. In regard to HPV, I think it would be best to educate our children and then they do make "rubbers" which are probably pretty safe concerning STD's rather than an unproven vaccine. None of us really like to think of our children having sex before they are old enough to be totally responsible - but sometimes it happens. I resent the government telling me how I am going to handle sexual issues with my children!

tweetey30 said...

SME that is exactly what I was talking about. Gardisal. I couldnt think of the word while I was typing yesterday. I knew some one would correct me. I guess it just scares me to know that those girls died after getting this shot.

Gardenia I do agree with you. I mean being told how to tell your children about Sex and Safe Sex practices arent something you really want to do. I mean I know some day my girls will be active but I hope it will be a long time for that.

MonicaR said...

I've heard some horror stories of the side effects of Gardasil. Several deaths, too. When my GYN brought this up while we were talking about my daughters, I told her what I had read and she never heard of girls dying or having bad side effects. Where has SHE been??! Anyhoo - I don't think it's necessary for 11,12 or 13 y/olds - like they wanted to make it mandatory for those age groups, I think in Texas.

I like to wait until things have been tested out a bit more and I'll be damned if my girls are going to be guinea pigs. I DO believe in vaccination but this is too new and quite frankly the pharmaceutical companies are pushing a little too hard on this for my comfort.

tweetey30 said...

Monica I noticed that myself. That is why I said no way for the time being. They need to admit they made mistakes and have to own up to what has happened.

Zelene US said...

Guys have you heard the warnings on the Viagra commercials saying that if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours you should call a doctor.