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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Project!!!!!!

Hey world.... I have some news on my Project I am working on.You all know I am working on this AIDS pen pal thing for a bout two weeks now. Well I have most of the ones R has sent me and I have a few more to go. I have to figure out whose getting what Pen Pal now. I have finished e-mailing the people that were already hooked up that his daughter had finished before she abandoned him...

Well anyway some news on this one I will not indulge on private information he has given Jeff and I but I will say he is a very brave man dealing with what he deals with every day. R if you read this I will not post anything personnal you have told me or Jeff about yourself alright.

Well off on another type of tangent here. Laura and I were talking the other night about her son Matthew and talking about certain pills that he needs. He is ADHD. But with the way the Medical System works here in WI they are having troubles transferring his Medical records to the drs and getting him on MA because his grandparents had another insurance for him. Its a mess for her and very stressful. I feel sorry for her really.

Matthew has been having problems and he needs his meds. He has been acting out and just being a bully but she doesnet know what to do right now. She has the school looking into some help for her and such. So lets hope and pray that it goes through soon for her. Anyway we are all good here on the other hand.

The girls are doing great. Kora did something Sunday that we werent happy about though.. I had asked her where Bri was and she said at Laura's house. I told her to go get Bri and bring her home. Well Kora had been down at Laura's playing football with the boys and came home and left her sister down there so Laura brought Bri in the house where she wouldnt get roughed up by the boys and then Bri saw Norm with a drink and said she was thirsty so Laura gave her a drink and some Bear Bear cookie things... Well Kora had went down and told Bri she had to come home and was really rude about it. Well in the process Kora was taking handfuls of Bri's snack without asking Bri first and she was just being a total brat. I wanted to use another word there but wont.

Well I guess after Kora ate most of Bri's snack she literally pulled Bri off Laura's couch and out the door. Bri dropped her juice but Laura had given Kora one because felt that it wasnt fair that Bri got one and Kora didnt. Well when Kora got home she lost her juice because she made Bri drop hers on the way home. And Kora is grounded to the house until Sunday. She isnt happy about it but that is what happens in our house hold when you treat your sister like that. Its bull shit that she was doing that. She didnt have to be so mean to poor Bri. Well anyway we have new neighbors again. The ones I was complaining about a few months ago bought a house and broke there lease and moved.

Well I guess from what Laura told Jeff last night these new neighbors arent any better. They had there stereo turned up way high last night and everything Laura has on her walls was vibrating. I hate neighbors like that. I am so glad we arent renting anymore. Well I suppose. I need to see what I have left for pen pals to match up for R. I have a few left. I have noticed there are more African pen pals than there are American so if one of you wants to do a good charitable chore let me know and I will see what I can do for you. Hammer you have kids that might enjoy doing this, Any one else is welcome. I will have to see how many children I have and adults. Well anyway talk to you all soon. I just made rounds so enjoy your afternoon. N.


Hammer said...

What your girls do sounds exactly they way mine treat each other.

They get punished everytime.

An ADHD kid without meds..that is hell. the medication is considered a controlled substance so sometimes the red tape is awful

Kitem said...

Dear dear Tweetey, don't worry about Kora attitude, she is just doing like any other little girl her age, it's not a big deal, however you were right to show her the right way of acting with her sis, she had a punition right, but in my opinion it's not worth grounding her for so long, there will be plenty of misbehaviour to come, all the children are doing the same everywhere, she is just a normal little girl.
As for your penpal thing I don't understand much what you are doing that keep you so busy, it looks like a charity thing, one more time you are showing your good heart.

MonicaR said...

Oh - I can't stand when my girls are nasty to each other. Normally they are awesome, but the older one especially gets nasty with the little one. I wonder where it comes from because she was never treated like she treats her little sister sometimes. That stuff doesn't go over well here, either. When the older one loses a privilege for acting that way - the little one always comes to her defense.

I guess it is normal, however when I was growing up I had several older sisters. One of them was a total b%t$h to me - I will never forget that. Another was good as gold to me and I will never forget that.

tweetey30 said...

Hammer she has been acting out since school started and being very bossy. I have no idea whats wrong. Matthew on the other hand is just very touchy subject. I hope they can help him soon.

Kitem I do worry because she could have hurt Bri by pulling her down the street by her shirt but I do agree with you. I sometimes for get she is only 6. Now what I am doing with the AIDS Foundation is pairing up people with Pen Pals. Its in the posts below this one. I am not good at putting links in the comments sections of my blogs.

Monica I was an only child so I never had brothers or sisters to torment.I mean I have half brothers and sisters but didnt know about them till I was 15. But its awful for what Kora did. I was so mad I made her sit facing the wall for half an hour until I cooled down. Anyway I may let her outside today and see how things go.

The Zombieslayer said...

It's tough with siblings. It's not just girls. Us boys used to treat each other poorly like that.

I feel bad for the kid with ADHD. We actually have someone at work (35 years old) who is a nightmare when he forgets to take his ADHD meds. He's so bad, nobody likes to be around him when he forgets.

The Zombieslayer said...

Oh, I forgot to say I also feel bad for the people around him too.

tweetey30 said...

Zombie he is just terrible and his younger brother isnt any better. Well I have to say one thing about Kora being grounded she is learning not to treat her sister that way. I have it now that she is able to go outside but I took her most precious possession away. I took her bike away for the rest of the season and she isnt allowed to leave the yard until Saturday. Lets see how things go.

Gardenia said...

Kids do kid things - they haven't matured in thinking things out - its good you are guiding your girls - sometimes I wonder if I let too many things "through" - - -

The Pen Pal thing is a wonderful thing you are doing - I hope a lot of people volunteer. I wish I could, but I've got my hands full - odd when a person isn't working how life fills up anyway - - uh, never mind - I think I better pray about it rather than blow it off - are these teens or adults?

tweetey30 said...

Gardenia they are children through about 18 years old from what I am understanding. Its a pitty that everyone of them have AIDS and its scary for them.. Thanks for the offer though. If you ever clear your schedule just let me know ok.

My Kora can be a total brat. I swear its one thing I dont know about... I have never seen another child treat a sibling so bad as Kora has treated poor Bri lately.

Ryan said...

Sounds like your kids are keeping you busy - and keeping themselves busy.

I guess that's what being a kid is all about - and then learning from it?

I don't know.

That's a huge thing you're doing with the pen pal gig. Keep up the good work.

Jay said...

Kids are always being kids, aren't they? But this is the way they learn, so poor Moms and Dads have to put up with it!

The Zombieslayer said...

Tweety - Tagged you. :)

SME said...

Oh my word, I shouldn't laugh at Kora's naughtiness, but that is funny. You might have to be more specific from now on, like "Go and get your sister, GENTLY." I suppose there will be a lot of fights as they get older.

I'm glad the project is working out, it's a great idea.

Kitem said...

Hey Tweetey! miss you a lot, you don't give anymore news. Come back please.

tweetey30 said...

Ryan I know this is the only way they learn but I hate punishing her for it. I just wish some days she would be good. Then she wouldnt be punished and she would know not to do it.

Jay yes poor moms and dad's. LOL... We both hate it.

Zombie will get to the tag today sometime. I have to take Kora to the Dentist.

SME dont worry about laughing.My mom does it all the time. My mother thinks its hilirious. I think its not funny but kids will be kids like everyone else says.

Kitem yes I am still here but taking a long break with out notice. Will be back up and running today.