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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

UpDate on My Brother

Hey there. I got a call from my brother today. He had asked me if dad called me and told me what happened. I said yes and he was grateful to have someone telling us. I feel so bad for them. He kept telling me he had so much to do and not wanting to do it.

I cant imagine what they are going through but when Nate called I had to ask them what they had. It was a boy. I didnt feel they needed me asking what went wrong, he just needed an ear to listen to him so that is what I did was listen to him. He said the hardest part was going home with an empty carseat int he back seat and then walking into the house and walking past baby's room and no baby.

I mean I dont think I could handle getting everything ready and then boom not having my girls. I dont know if its right but I have been crying for them the last few days. Its hard to know that I will never hold my nephew in my arms or see him laugh and get photo's of him laughing. It just feels hollow to know that really.

I am such a baby anyway when people pass away. I have such a great soft heart it hurts. Well just thought I would keep you updated on this.If I find out what happened I will give another update on this. Life is good here otherwise.

I have made my rounds and I am here through out the day.


Jeannie said...

I'm so sorry about your nephew - how awful!
With medicine being so advanced here these days, we hardly ever hear of a baby dying in childbirth and it just seems so unbelievable. I know of another couple who it happened to and they were just devastated by it. It also made later pregnancies very scary. My heart goes out to all of your family.

MonicaR said...

I'm sorry about your nephew, too. I will pray for them although it may or may not seem to help. I cannot imagine going through it, either. It must be utterly devastating. I know a couple who went through the same thing years ago and I was always afraid with my pregnancies. It's very sad. They will be going through it and I hope that they get a lot of support and comfort.

Kitem said...

It happened to my parents in law's first born, long time ago, and they thought of him till the end of their life.
My father in law is still alive, he comes for lunch with us once or twice a week and he still speaks about his first born. They have had 3 more children after that, my husband beeing number three. It is to say that it is very difficult for parents to loose a baby.

tweetey30 said...

Jeannie I know. I have to say I think the stress got to her and they shouldnt have let her off bed rest when they put her there but it was her drs choice.

Monica this is the second couple I know that did this. Jeff's younger brother and his wife were suppose to have a son four months older than Kora. But now they have a daughter five months younger.

Kitem that is more than likely good he still remembers his oldest child.. I am also glad he has some one to share the memories with. Some people dont have any one to share them with. So take care of him and keep his memories for him.

MonicaR said...

Tweetey, I know another woman who wears a necklace with a little angel on it - it is for the baby she lost late in pregnancy years ago. I would say that it is important that you acknowledge the loss to them and don't pretend that nothing happened. Some people will do that thinking it is the best thing. I lost several babies - although earlier in the pregnancies - and it really hurt when people would try to downplay the loss. I got a sympathy card from someone once for the loss of our child - that just affirmed to me that my feelings of grief were okay and that someone else understood.

I can just imagine that it must be so much worse that close to the due date.

tweetey30 said...

Monica I feel so bad because Nate called today saying that the funeral is on Saturday and I cant go. We dont have the cash and plus Jeff has to work. I tried explaining why it would be good for all of us to go but not the best time of our lives. It hurts to see them in so much pain. But I might send them a card on Friday after I figure out how much money we have left after our Mortgage payment.

MonicaR said...

I would definitely send a card and let them know how sorry you are that you can't be there in person. It will mean a lot to them.

tshsmom said...

This happened to close friends of ours too. I still get teary-eyed when I think of little Lisa Marie and all the love we didn't get to share with her. It's devastating not coming home with the baby you've grown to love!

tweetey30 said...

Monica I am going to go get a card when we get a minute and send them one.

Tshsmom its very devastating. I never got to see her while she was pregnant with him but he was still my nephew and I will remember him always. Its hard to know that I will never see his smile or his hear his first laugh or about it. But hopefully they will have more babies.