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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Girls and Jonathon!!!!!

Here all I am not complaining. I just think its stupid for kids to do this stuff but they have to learn one way or another right??

Well last night night Jeff came home at 6:30 and the kids were outside playing by the side of the house. No biggy so when he came in the house I went yelling for our girls. Well in the process Kora had taken her shoes off last night outside. She blames Jonathon. No biggy really so while I was outside his mother calls and asks if he was still down here. I said yes and I also told her I was sending him home. She asks me to walk him down around the corner to see her Halloween Decorations. So I walked him home and went in and talked her for a few minutes and came home.

Well in the process of me being gone for five minutes the girls were in our room with Jeff and Kora was telling him the new game Jonathon had taught them. It was pull your pants down and show your butt. Well of course I get all hyped up about this new game and drag both girls down to Jonathons house to find out what was going on.

Well I guess they were going to blame eachother so when we threatened to keep them apart for two weeks Jonathon came clean about it and admitted it was his idea. He watches his step dad and brother have mooning contests and thought it was funny so he was trying to teach Kora to do it.

On another topic my mom asked what I got the girls to go out in Halloween with tonight and I told her they werent going. She starts in on me telling me what a horrible mother I am and I just get really pissed off at her for her telling me what kind of mother I am. Its my choice if I want the girls going out trick or treating. What really confuses me about Halloween is that all year long you try and tell your kids not to talk to Strangers but then one night a year you send them to strangers doors to ask for candy. I dont think so.

Maybe I am just paranoid but I dont think so. Jeff was brought up not doing it and I was but I understand where he is coming from. I dont mind them not going. I see it as if they want candy we can go get them a bag from the store. I may be a hum bug of a person but I dont believe in it as I did when I was a kid. My mom started in on me about depriving my girls of there childhoods and me not being the person she thought I was.

I am slightly flustered with her right now. I am sorry if she had everything handed to her on a sliver platter. But my girls arent going to be as spoiled as she is and was from her father. I know I sound like a royal bitch but hey that is just how I am.

I gues it just gets me. I am trying to be the best mom I know how and to keep my girls safe. I know that other parents bring there children out tonight but I am not going to be joining them. I am sorry for that one and if any of you think I am a horrible person for not joining I dont blame you really. Maybe I am when it comes to Halloween. I wont be handing out candy tonight either. There goes the real kicker of the night. Now I really sound like a royal bitch. No Halloween for her kids and no Candy for those other children.

I am a good person. I could really hold off on a lot of things with my girls but they get X-mas and B-day Parties and such. So what is one Holiday missed?? I dont see the problem with it. Anyway I just thought I would let you know whats on my mind.


The Zombieslayer said...

I love Halloween, but it's not for everyone. Nobody can force you to participate. If someone's light was off, we simply skipped the house. No need to waste precious candy gathering time.

As for the mooning, I guess some men never outgrow it. I think by junior high school, I already outgrew mooning.

Jeannie said...

Everyone has to follow their own conscience.
I had a good friend who felt the same as you. Her kids turned out fine.

tshsmom said...

I'm just grateful that I never have to go trick-or-treating ever again! The weather is always nasty. :(

I don't have a problem with you not participating. Just tell your Mom that you don't believe in it; period. However, don't say it's because it isn't safe. Halloween is as safe as YOU make it!

I only took our kids to houses where we knew the people. I was always right there with the kids. We also went to the nursing home and assisted living homes. The old people get a HUGE kick out of seeing the little ones all dressed up. I always made the kids' costumes and let them help make their costumes. Halloween CAN be a wonderful lesson in sharing ourselves with others. It's all about making good memories for our kids.

If you're not into going out, make Halloween memories at home with the girls. Bob for apples, or bake something together. It's all about the memories of family time together.

MonicaR said...

I totally agree that it is you and your husband's decision about trick or treat. It SO does not make you bad parents. I've noticed that more and more people are not doing it. We don't mind, like zombie said if the light is out no biggie we move on. There are many different activities - some malls have the parents and kids come around to the stores - other places have a party with bobbing apples and stuff instead. Several families I know just don't celebrate it at all.

Halloween happens to be one of our favorite holidays. Other holidays we don't make such a fuss over.

Hearing about what happened with Jonathan I think your instinct about him was right. Keep a close eye on that boy! Isn't it nice that the girls pretty much tell you what's happening? Let's hope that they keep doing that - and hope that mine do too!

Have a good one, Tweetey. I feel the need to say: You are a good mom!

tweetey30 said...

Zombie it was a Holiday I looked forward to as a child but now as the adult I am leary of it.

Jeannie I know but after what my mom said yesterday it just gets to me. Just because everything was handed to her on a platter she expects me to do the same with my girls.

Tshsmom I have to admit we didnt have the money to make anything last night so we just spent some time together. They loved it.

Monica I am glad my girls tell me and Jeff almost everything too. We have always told them to tell us whats on their minds and Kora is getting old enough now to take advantage of that.

Kitem said...

lol, it's all right, you're a big girl, you know what you do and why, so what?
In France there is almost no Halloween, a few children are out, during day time, no one less than 10 years old, and parents accompany them.

tweetey30 said...

Kitem I know. I just hate when she starts comparing me with other mothers she knows my age. You are right so what.

Candy Minx said...

I have heard of lots of families that don't do either Halloween or trick or treat.

I don't think children should go up to houses by themselves...I thinka Halloween party is a fun idea.

But Halloween actually, trick or treat is a mostly American and Canadian activity.

I thinkTshsmom made some great points...have a party at home with the kids, drawing carving a pumpkin...a harvest party maybe.

I also realize for some societies, Halloween is sacriligious and offensive...that dressing up as ghosts or "evil" is offensive...and for others they are afraid to teach their children to take candy from strangers.

Every family is different and I think it's very good of you to respect your husbands opinion on this particular matter. There may be an issue which is not negotiable for you one day and hopefully he will stand behind your opinion.

I am really surprised that your mother only now realized you don't do trick or treat...she sounds a little out of touch, and I feel it was inappropriate for her to try to step between you and your husbands decision. Make sure she understands you are respecting your husbands perspective on this activity.

Meanwhile...what I do think is valuable about Halloween is the opprtunity for children to play dress up. Many cultures and families do not encourage costumes and imagination for their kids...except at Halloween. I think children should have a box with costumes for themt o play at being all kinds of people and use their imagination to explore character. I thin this helps them use their imagination, is fun, and allows them ultimately to extend their skills to empathy through acting imagination.

Hey hope your mom chills out...


Cynnie said...

I LOVE halloween..
but really ..
it won't kill your kids not to do it ..
stick to what you believe and let your moms words roll off your back..

I personally think you need to kick Jon to the curb..

no telling what else he's gonna get the girls to do.

tweetey30 said...

Candy I let the girls play dress up all the time.I havent bought them anything special yet from our cheap places. When I was a kid I had loads of old Prom Dresses I would dress up in and prance around the house.

Cynnie I wish I could kick him to the curb but I dont have another sitter for Nov. 7th when Jeff takes me out if there are still tickets to this show he wants to take me too.