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Monday, October 15, 2007

Hey There.

Not much new here with us. We never went to the Funeral as you all know already but my dad did call last night and gave me an update on it. He said it was the hardest thing he has ever had to go through with his child. I can just imagine how hard that was on both of them. But anyway I will not dwell on this. Its over and I cant do anything but listen when one of them wants to talk about it and e-mail back and forth when she feels like she needs to vent a little.

The girls are great like usual. Kora is being stubborn on reading a certain book though. Its easy words like the rest but she is just being stubborn. It took her three hours to get through it last night with me sitting right there and if I dont sit right there she doesnt read at all. I am not complaining my friends its just very fustrating with certain books she wants to pick up real well and others its just like pulling teeth out of her head.

Bri is learning slowly how to make her B. Yes she has questioned it so I have been showing her how slowly. She was down stairs last night and Kora had come upstairs to go to the bathroom and Bri was telling a story that most 3 year olds wouldnt tell or couldnt. It was amazing to listen to her sentence structure. She amazes me every day.

Life is good here otherwise. I have a book review to put on the Fall Reading Challenge Blog. I keep forgetting but I am out of light reading material. I have been reading Edgar Allen Poes stories and poems of recent and to me that isnt light reading. LOL... I bought the book on Sale a bout 5 years ago and never read the whole thing. I want some Charles Dickenson.

Well I suppose I have some stuff to do and always cleaning the house. LOL.. I get laundry done on weekends now where Jeff can bring it up for me when he comes up from down stairs. That is the only thing I wish was different with the house. Is that my laundry was on the main floor but I am not going to change that anytime soon.

So I just thought I would give you all an update on whats going on here. I will hopefully have a great post one of these days again. LOL... I have something to say about Jeff' sister but maybe I will let that ride till tomorrow. Its another post really and I hope I can get through to her before she gets hurt or one of the kids do now. Talk later my friends.


The Zombieslayer said...

I used to love Poe when I was in college. Barnes and Noodle is selling his complete works with a leather cover and I'm really tempted to buy it. I'd love to get back into Poe. Let us know which stories you like.

MonicaR said...

Poe always kind of freaked me out. I love Dickens.

The girls and I have days like you describe - it's like pulling teeth. There have been a couple of times that I've just had to back off on certain things - it just becomes a power struggle. So - I back off and attack it from another angle in about a week or so. One thing we like to do with reading is I have them read aloud at the kitchen table while I'm cooking or something - or I'll have one of them read aloud all comfy on the couch together while I'm folding clothes on the floor. We really enjoy those times - all of us do. There were a couple times with Math that I had to have big daddy do the lesson. There was just too much resistance toward me. Daddy gets in on it and BLAM! They're done and we move on. Both have expressed a desire (at times) to have a timer put on - so they decide how long and we put a timer on. I think those are times when they recognize that they're having real problems focusing.

It's a trip - but you find things that work for you. It is such a pleasure to see and experience first-hand how bright they are!

I have said prayers for your brother and sister. It must be extremely painful for them losing that baby, so I pray for comfort and strength for them.

tweetey30 said...

Zombie maybe I will do that later today.I have read some in school and such. So maybe later.

Monica I wish our scanner worked. I am getting a letter in the mail in the next few days with a photo of Nate, Maria and Maxwell. They named him Max. But thank you for the prayers. She said they are taking one day at a time and that is how it should be.