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Friday, October 19, 2007

My Babies

Hey world. I am still here some where. Its a Friday afternoon already. Yikes where is the day going. Where has the week went really. Its almost November too. Just where has this year went. Anyway a couple of things that I have on my mind today.

My cousin had a baby girl Oct 12th at 8:45 pm. She was 5lbs 11.5 ozs. She has a big brother named Collyn. Her name is Anna Marie. Its good news compared to what I heard on the 7th of Oct. I dont have to rehash that. Anyway that is the good news.

Now here is some thing slightly disturbing really. Well you all may just say its a little girl thing but I dont understand it being an only child really. Maybe some one can explain this to me and make the light come on besides the light that is already there.

As many of you probably already know we have a three bedroom house. Its not a fancy house but its ours. LOL... Anyway I wanted a three bedroom where the girls would have there own space but for some reason they dont want there own space right now. For the last few months they have been wanting to sleep in eachothers bed with eachother so I didnt see anything harm into it until last night when Kora popped up and said she was Bri's best friend.

That made me wonder in what context of the word Best Friend she was using. So I made them sleep in their own beds last night. I havent seen anything different with either of them but it scares me that Kora might be trying something with her little sister.

Ouch this hurts. I had a whole good rant going and lost it. Anyway I was just saying that I think they are having a hard time with it because when they are down at Jonathons house they play in his bedroom with the door shut. I cant stand letting them down there and knowing they are in a bedroom alone with him and the door is shut. They know when they are at home the bedroom doors are not to be shut. I mean if you have two girls or two boys its one thing but not one of each. I dont see the poing in it really.

Anything could happen at that point and kids are curious about eachother and it scares me my girls could be the next victim of the curiousity. Anyway I had other things I had said but dont remember what they were.

I was just mentioning that the girls had taken off on me a few minutes ago. I mean I told them I was going to take a shower and they had to stay in the front yard. Well Kora took it upon herself to take off to Jonathons house. I got out of the shower and I didnt see them and then the phone rang. Laura was on the phone telling me my girls were at her house sitting on her front porch after she told them that Jonathon didnt feel well and didnt want to play. Its the point that Kora took off on her own accord and didnt care what I think. I am not going to ground them as of this minute but I am not happy with her either. They are sitting on the couch right now until I figure out what to do with them exactly.

Other wise things have been quiet here. Life is good to us all. I hope at least. Its suppose to be 68 and sunny tomorrow but I think Jeff has to work tomorrow morning and it drains him when he works Saturday mornings. Then he doesnt feel like doing anything after that. I dont blame him. I mean after a 62 hour week I would be drained also. I mean sure I work hard here at home but not like he does for this job. I mean he has almost gotten crushed more than once by tires. Big Farm Tires.

Oh I promised you all a snip on what is happening to his sister. His sister has that non cancerous tumor I told you all about and she lost her house a month or so ago. Well we just found out also that besides her having this tumor and not working and such she was writing bad checks out and now she is on the run with four kids. Ages 12,6, twins ages 4. Yikes.....

Jeff's mom called and asked if we have heard from her and of course no one has so we are all worried. I dont think the older two are in school because if they were the cops would have found out where her mother is by now. All it takes is going to the school and finding out which classes the older one has and go talk to her. But from what I am understanding she has pulled the kids out of school. I cant believe she is doing this. But she is just making it worse for when they find her and her husband.

Well anyway. I need to get something for lunch and then find out what to do with the girls for taking off on me. Talk soon to all of you. N.


Gardenia said...

I don't remember you mentioned how old Jonathan is. Does he have a stable family?

Kids are curious at any age, and its good to be wary, but don't be too terribly worried. Ten year old grandson here announced he was ready for "the talk." Well, when we finally got ready to go get an age appropriate book from Barnes & Noble, he wasn't interested in "the
talk" in the least bit. Human beings are sexual beings, kids, old people included. But kiddo, I don't know of any advice how to handle this, other than watch, as I know you will.

MonicaR said...

Oh - I am much more paranoid when I take a shower. Honey - the doors get locked and I tell those girls Do Not Open It, even if it's someone we know. They are to tell them 'one minute' and then tell me who is at the door before they are allowed to let anyone in. (Of course - then the little one just opened that door up for the UPS guy and now I go through the whole litany - no UPS guy, no good neighbor leftist, no mailman, no electric company guy - no ANYBODY except for their Aunt or MomMom - that's IT.) So - basically now I save my shower time until after their bedtime. lol. I would be pretty upset, personally, if they disappeared like that.

About bedtime - I'm not sure what to say. I don't think that her saying they are best friends is a bad thing. All of the homeschooled kids I know, including my own, have a close relationship with their siblings. It's not perfect all the time, of course, but they just seem to get along better than most. Both of mine have gone through stages where they were crawling into our bed every night for months on end, but that stopped eventually. It boggled my mind because when I was a kid - not only did I have to put myself to bed every night but by God I had better stay there until daylight. Period! So I don't have a much better perspective on it. I get more concerned about making sure that my older daughter has her space because if it were up to the little one they would be joined at the hip.

As for the sexual stuff, have you had the talk about the bikini area? Any place covered by a bikini is private and should not be touched by anyone. (except a doctor for examinations and mom if there is a problem or question that they have with those areas..) I would be concerned about them being in a bedroom with the neighbor boy. That makes me really uncomfortable but perhaps I'm a bit old fashioned? lol. I am with you on that one though and I will just remain my old-fashioned self on it.

I hope that your sister in law is found soon. It's a shame what she's doing because she's going to lose those kids if she keeps it up. I hope that the kids are okay and safe.

Gardenia - I was so not ready for 'the talk'. lol. It had to be done when the oldest was 8 because she was hearing all KINDS of stuff from the kids on the block. Yikes.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, never ever let the kids play outside while you're in the shower. Too much potential for tragedy. As for the other worry, just keep an eye on them and see if any behavior materializes. It's probably nothing and you don't want to over react and have them confused. Just my 2 cents worth, I'll butt out now.

Gardenia said...

Tweety, in retrospect, I'm with monicar - I think the girls are just being sisters - not too worry, just give them the private areas talk which they should have anyway!

I would worry about them being shut up with Jonathan....again depending on age difference and his family situation - but I think no kids should be shut in a bedroom to play. Our old church used to do that during house meetings and I always hated it, and later proved out that they needed supervision - nothing too terribly serious - spats, bullying - well that's serious, but it shouldn't have happened. I should have put my foot down - hard.

I never let grandson outside without supervision - and he's ten! Even in the back, because the guys here are too lazy to enclose the sides of the fence - it only takes a second for some deranged person to run off with the most precious thing you 'll ever have.

We have the same rules for opening the door to anyone - DON'T DO IT if you are alone, the parent is the only one who can open the door!

It's sad we have to do these things - I grew up with little supervision ..running the neighborhoods when I was only five .....but then a few things happened to me too that I wouldn't want happening to children, but that was in my grandma's house, where I was supposed to be safe - I don't know where that safe spot is between letting the kids have independence and watching over them!

Looking back in that small town - there were(are) child molesters around every tree - even back then! One of my best friend's daughters was kidnapped from the fair - she had gone with her teenage cousins and they turned their backs for a minute and she was gone forever - she was ten - they found her a year later - dumped way out in the prairie - it was horrible.

I looked up on the internet - there are 37 registered sexual predators in this zip code. That's 37 too many.

I don't mean to scare you - but!

tweetey30 said...

Gardenia Jonathon is six like Kora. And maybe I need a scare sometimes to do my best mommmy job.

Monica I have a hard time bringing them in after I have sent them outside. Maybe I will just start waiting for Jeff to come home before showering. It easier that way.

VV You werent butting in. I put this up for comments and advice. I appreciate it all.

The Zombieslayer said...

Kids are naturally curious about sex and gender and all that stuff. I won't worry about it unless it gets out of hand. As for emotional attachment, my friend's brother and sister stay in the same room. They're a year apart, and they're either best friends or they fight. They don't want their own rooms yet and don't want to be separated. They're going through a divorce though, so having each other is all they got I guess. I know that's a bad comparison, but I'm just putting it out there to think about.

I think Gardenia is right. I wouldn't worry.

Gayle said...

I wouldn't worry either, Tweety, but I would be concerned with them at Jonathan's house, alone in his bedroom with the door shut! I must tell you that when I was at a summer camp at the ripe old age of seven I had an eight-year-old jump on top of me and try to rape me. That is no joke! I knocked the crap out of him. If it were me I would have a talk with his mother, a very strong one.

As to the girls running off without permission, what I would do is put them on time out for the same amount of time they were gone. If they were gone for 30 minutes, then time out for 30 minutes. No television, no coloring, nothing. Sit still on the couch for 30 minutes. Not even any talking. It does work 'cause I didn't have to use it often. :)

Off topic: My pc is obviously running fine now but our car isn't. Walt (hubby) is taking a look at the problem and hopefully can fix it. I might get to Austin yet!

Kitem said...

Hello Tweetey, your friends are right, the girls don't have to run away from the house when you're at the shower and when you told them not to do so. And me too I would worry to let them at Jonathan house, in his bedroom door closed. Congratulation to your cousins for the arrival of their baby.

Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, man...I'm not even going to touch this one...

tweetey30 said...

Zombie it concerned me when they kept stressing the word best friend. But you all are right. I am still making them sleep in there own rooms just for separating them where they dont fight as often for the next few weeks and then if they want to continue I will let them.

Gayle that is terrible. Some boys are just more like that than others and its scary really. I will have to keep the punishment in mind. Thanks.

Kitem It is scary letting them down there to play in Jonathons bedroom.

WC that is ok. You dont have to touch this subject if you dont want to.

Ortho said...

Hi Tweetey! Wow, you got a lot going on!

A Norweigan child-health "expert" suggests "that kindergarten children be encouraged to 'express' their sexuality through 'sex-play; and games, including dancing naked and masturbating, in pre-school and day-care centres." Read the rest of the article here. Of course, the article doesn't say if parents are following the "expert's" suggestions.

How is your AIDS pen-pal project going?

tweetey30 said...

Ortho wow. I dont know if I could allow that but ok. I am not ashamed of sex. I have let them bath together and such and still do for that matter. And my pen pal deal is coming along. I will put that in my post later today after I get done cleeaning.