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Friday, October 12, 2007

Whats been Up This Week.....

Hi there all here is what I have been busy doing. Here is Autums Afghan i am working on. I might need some more yarn for it but not sure yet. I will have to wait and see. I just doubled on of my patterns to get it an adult size. Maybe to big but hey it will last for a long time and keep her warm for a very long time. LOL...

Here's me getting dunked and looking scared shitless and other things going through my mind. I may have gotten dunked but my language is still the same. I might change after a while but I havent changed in that manner as of yet. LOL.. I like myself the way I am and I hope everyone else does too.

Here are the girls of this morning in Kora's room with books. They love looking at books and Kora is getting better at trying to read them. She has to be able to read two books we brought home from the library by the Oct 29th where she can have one of her book it coupons. I told her that if she can read two books by then I will make sure Jeff gives me enough money to take us girls out for lunch at Pizza Hut at the end of the month.

The ones I wanted to add wouldnt let me. Oh well. If I ever get some photo's of them off my camera I will post them. But for now Oh well. It happens. My girls are complaining they are hungry. So off to feed the hungry babes. Hope you all have a great weekend if you have a spare moment tomorrow about 11 am send up a farewell wish for my nephew and his parents please. I havent talked to Maria but I have talked to Nate as I have said before. I guess she is really depressed and I hope she can get out of it soon for herself. And Nate. They need eachother right now and with her being depressed they cant help themselves get through this. Anyway if you could do that it would mean the world to me. Thanks my friends and enjoy your weekend. I am going to find something to do tomorrow. I have no idea what we are doing yet. Jeff has to work tomorrow morning that is part of why we cant go to the Funeral and I dont drive that far by myself. So anyway again. Monday my friends unless I have a few moments tomorrow morning before Jeff comes home from work. We might go to the Sanctuary and go for a hike. Not sure yet. Will let you all know what we did on Monday sometime. N.


Candy Minx said...

More wonderful photos. I would be nervous being dunked too...don't you kind of wish no one was around? Well good for you though ultimately you did it and are more brave and openminded than you give your self credit for...


tweetey30 said...

Candy Thanks. I was trying and I think my life will be better. I was terribly scared of it but it went fine and I had a just a handful of people I wanted there, there. It wasnt like there were a hundred people. I think then I would have chickened out. LOL.. Also how did your trip go?

Hammer said...

Nice afgan!

It's great watching the little one learn to read and start to enjoy it.

MonicaR said...

Great pics - you look beautiful getting ready to be dunked. :-)

The girls are looking awesome - as usual. They're so sweet. The simplest things make them happy, just like my girls. There were times we didn't have a lot to give to them in the way of new toys or jewelry or even new clothes - they didn't care. (Plus - they've come to love the thrift shops and we get a charge out of finding a treasure or two in our faves...LOL) They're safe and know that you love them and take good care of them and they have everything they need. I think it's so great that they love books. Learning to read is so exciting.

You are fine, Tweetey - more than fine!

I will say a prayer for your brother and sister in law. I get teary eyed just thinking about them. She will be sad for a while - it's important that she goes through it.

Sorry for rambling.

Kitem said...

You are BEAUTIFUL Tweetey being baptised, you were scared, but happy at the same time, and this happiness shows on your face, you are glowing.

tweetey30 said...

Hammer thanks. Autum likes the blanket too she said. I asked her dad first before I showed her though. He said yes because she needed a pick her up to think about.

Monica thanks. I know she needs to grieve. I am only worried that she might go into a deeper state of depression though.

Kitem thanks. I did need it too and to trust my gut feelings. YOu know whats funny about that Jeff said the same thing. We got home and he said there was something different about me.

Jeannie said...

The afghan is very pretty.
Too bad you can't make it to the funeral - it's a hard time.

I wanted to be baptised way back but the church we went to wouldn't baptise you as an adult if you'd been baptised as a child. Stupid if you ask me.

tweetey30 said...

Jeannie this church is different and its beliefs are different because they believe that babies dont need to be baptized just anointed. Because babies are innocent at first so you dont need to babtize them. Its hard to explain. But thank you on the blanket.

Gardenia said...

Gorgeous afghan - my mother made a huge one for me - I use it for a bed spread. I like the choice of colors in yours. I'm too dense to do any needlework except crewel.

Congratulations on your baptism - your obeying the Word to do this and signify that you are dead to sin and alive through Christ. It's a special day!

The Zombieslayer said...

I still remember vividly being baptized, even though I was only 6. It's one of the biggest things in one's life. Well, for some, it is the biggest.

Congrads on going through with it. And hope your girls enjoyed the food. :)

OneFullHouse said...

I got baptized as an adult as well. I think, depending on your belief that you really need to make this decision, understanding what is required of you...a baby has no choice in the matter.

Nicely done :-)

by the way, smart of you to have taken pictures of it all, you can now look back on it.

Gayle said...

Babies are baptized in my church. It is to cleanse them from original sin, and they are free to change their beliefs/religion later if they so choose.

I'm glad too that all we do during a baptism is have water sprinkled on our heads! LOL! It's much less traumatic, but I'm extremely proud of you for being willing to do this. I understand what a struggle you had with it. I'm happy you found a church you're comfortable with.

I'm a lot older than you are, Tweetey, and am still trying to break myself from swearing. Bad habits are so easy to pick up and really hard to break! I try every day to get through the entire day without swearing, then I stub my toe or something, and there goes the ball game! LOL!

Love the afghan. :)

tweetey30 said...

Gardenia I would love how to make booties but I just havent found a pattern I can follow that closely. But thanks.

Zombie we didnt have a full blown party afterwards. I was baptized at 9 PM on Tuesday night and by time they got done it was ten so we just had fast food for a party at MCDonalds.

OFH The only thing I regret is not bringing my camera to Jeff's. I had a real hard time with his for some reason. But that is in a post of two weeks ago. LOL..

Gayle thanks about the blanket. By chance you wouldnt have a great easy bootie pattern at home some where? Anyway thanks about the religion. Yes I had a real hard time with it and I have come to terms with what is needed of me and I also have really just not cared what I wear to church. If I want my jeans I will wear them. I wont wear sweat pants but my comfy clothes when feeling down.

Wandering Coyote said...

You didn't look that scared to my eye. So, this was a baptism? You've decided on a church?

tweetey30 said...

WC yes this was a baptism and its actually through the church I was having so much problems with. I know I said a whole bunch of stuff about it but I finally figured that I dont have to dress like them to understand God and go to church for service. I am who I am and if they dont like it they can shove it basically. I dont like skirts and nylons and such. I like my slacks and nice shirts. That will just have to do them.

Jay said...

Good pictures.
I hope you have a good week.

tweetey30 said...

Jay thanks. I will try. Its always a challenge to get up in the morning sometimes for me. I just know what I have a head of me.

Cynnie said...

I was baptised when i was younger and part of a different religion

but the baptism i had when i joined the Catholic church really touched me deeply..
( just pouring a bit of water on my head..)
but it was so profound!.
I worked for this!
I really wanted it ..
Everyone who knows me knows I curse and I make mistakes..
but I'm human ..
we're not supposed to be perfect..

I wish i could crochet !..
I'm so in awe of your skills!