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Monday, October 29, 2007

I am really here!!!!!!!!

Hiya all. I am still here. I have been trying to get things back in order while being excited about being back up and running with my friends. I am in the middle of cleaning and trying to get my house back in order but I am also trying to do this.

Friday I called a place by our house that makes customized computers and sells used ones and I found us a Monitor for 20 bucks. Its a 17 inch Monitor. The same size as the one we had and it works ok for the time being.

Then on Saturday we went on a small shopping spree. I got four good books. Will do book reviews on them when I am done. I got them at Goodwill for .49 a piece. I have finished two of the four afghans that need to go to Richard before Nov. 27th. I am so excited about the kids getting them. Here is a peek of my work.

Now me working on one. Kora took this one for me.

Then yesterday we went on a hike in the Wild Life Sanctuary we have here in town. We didnt go see the animals. We went off on the other side of the trails this time. We walked for sometime and both girls were real troopers. Bris foot started hurting half way through the trip but she walked it though. Here are some photo's of our break we took to sit and just enjoy the day.

Pardon my opinion here with this one and the last one is that I look fat here. I dont know if its because of what I am wearing or what but I have been avoiding chips lately and eating healthy snacks like banana's and oranges and such. But I still look fat.

Anyway on our way out of the trails we saw six deer right in front of us but my batteries on my camera had died while trying to show Bri how to take a photo of Kora, Jeff and I so I didnt get a photo of the deer.They were so beautiful to see though. They were not the ones that belonged to the Sanctuary. These were loose deer. The word I want isnt coming to me. Yikes. Anyway enjoy and I will be back tomorrow. Take care.


Cynnie said...

you got a real deal on that monitor!..
I'm so jealous of your talent..i couldnt crochet if you put a gun to my head..

tweets, keep eating healthier and taking those walks with the family ..
you're not just taking care of you're setting a good example to your daughters, and hopefully they'll never ever have a weight problem ..

Hammer said...

You saved about $250 with that monitor. Great deal. I loved used books too. Some are out of print and you get to read something that no one else is

tweetey30 said...

Cynnie yes we did get a great deal and I am trying with my eating. I have always been on the hefty side though. But now after having the girls I have been trying to do better.

Hammer I do agree. A new monitor would have cost us more than I wanted to pay. I like going into Good Will or St. Vincent DePauls or anywhere with used books.

Wandering Coyote said...

Walking, healthy snacks...It's all good stuff!

You can't beat those charity shots for cheap books, eh?

tweetey30 said...

WC no way. Its a great place to go look. We have found other things there that we needed also. So it was a good day.

Courtney said...

Glad to hear that you found a monitor! I always love to salvage used computer parts, but I think that's just the geek in me. ;)

What books did you get?

Kitem said...

Happy to see you back on the web. Your afgans are lovely.
Wooh to see deers on the wild, that's great.
Very good and healthy walks in the woods with family. Like Cynnie says keep eating healthy, drink a lot of water, that's good also.

tweetey30 said...

Courtney Here are the books.

Pendragon by J.MacHale
The Rainmaker by John Grism
The Testament by John Grism
Disordered Minds by Minette Walters.

Jeff works on Electronics so he is always taking something apart.

Kitem it was beautiful to see the deer and I love walking. Us girls just came back in from walking to the Library.

SME said...

Yay, you're back! I'll have to invest in a new computer soon, 'cause the dinosaur I use is starting to slow down to the point where just leaving a single comment takes 3-5 minutes. Richard hogs the newer PC when he's home so I'll have to get my own laptop or something if I want to be online on his nights off.

You don't look fat in your pics - you look very healthy and happy! I need to start eating more fruit, that's for sure. Kudos to you for doing that.

Gayle said...

Glad you are up and running, Tweetey. Welcome back! :)

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but even though bananas are healthy, they are very fattening. I had the opposite problem when I was in my twenties... to skinny! I had to go on snacks in between meals in order to gain weight. Bananas and nuts put the weight on fast.

tweetey30 said...

SME yes I am back and happy to be back. Well just tell Richard I will beat him if he doesnt give you more computer time when he's home. LOL.. Only kidding.

Gayle I will have to remember that. I have to admit I only eat one every couple of days but still.