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Monday, June 29, 2009

Wow.. Seeing Richie Havens Live...

It was an awsome show but lets start at the beginning.. I slept till 3:3o yesterday afternoon. We got me up and ate something and left right away to find our way to the park where the concert was. It looked like rain. They had a fifty fifty chance and guess what it did half way through the concert. It rained you guessed it.. LOL.. You know if we wouldnt have went it it wouldnt have rained a drop..

Anyway we were sitting there and then told I couldnt take any photo's while he was performing and right before we left to get away from traffic I thought he was done so I walked over and took this awsome photo of him. The manager or what ever she was got pissed off at me. Well we were leaving and I wanted something to show for my trip from Green Bay to Egg Harbor that I actually saw the man in person. Didnt get to talk to him like I wanted to.

He played his songs and at the end he played one of my favorites from the Woostock moive. He played Freedom. You should have heard everyone when he did that one. They were on there feet stomping along with the man. I just cant explain it enough. My explanation doesnt do it justice. Here is the photo I took as we were leaving and hope its clear enough because its the only one I have.

You know I like the late 60's music, early 70 and 80's music better than I like the crap they are coming out with today. I like most of the singers they had on Woodstock. You know what there is one woman that sang on Woodstock I wish I could have asked Mr Havens about last night. I cant find any of her music anywhere. I dont even know what her name is. But she gives me the goosebumps evertime I watch the movie.

Here is a photo of the girls before the concert. You thought you might get away from not seeing my babies.. Ok right... I love showing them off. They are always chipper esp when we are out and about.

You should have seen them. Sure there were other children but mine were the only two that knew who he was from what era.. LOL. We let them watch Woodstock. Sure there is nudity to it but you know what a little isnt going to kill a child. LOL.. Trust me on that one. A little swearing here and there but we also talk to the girls about swearing and how we prefer if they dont use that language right now. I think talking to your child about a movie is the best way for them to learn.

Anyway not related to the show at all is the last but not least famous Miss S. I havent shown her for a while. This was taken a week or so ago. She was cold and curled up next to me and when I got up I through the blanket over her and that is how she stayed until after I got the photo of her. My four legged baby.

She loves sleeping with us girls after Jeff leaves in the morning. I have found her favorite spot when I wake up though. She has found my head is her favorite spot to sleep when she is in the bedroom with us girls. Esp if the girls are trying to pick her up and carry her around. She figures she will scratch me if they try anything with her on my head.. The little shit.. But she is adorable. I took her in for her yearly exam and shots and she is only 9.9 lbs. Not very big at all. But healthy.

Bri goes in for her five year check up today and shots. I am not looking forward to this by myself today. I wish Jeff had today off. Well he has to work for like 7 hours and then comes home. Otherwise they wouldnt get there Holiday pay this year for the 4th..

I am working the 4th of July. Just great. I dont think I would have had to work if I wouldnt have signed my name to this damned paper they had up but the manager wanted someone she could rely on so I did my duty. I have been applying at other places. I need to get my ass in gear and write up a resume.

Well I suppose. I need to go get Jeff's lunch made and then I am off to do other things. I have been up for half and hour and want to stay up for a couple more hours. Then going to try and get some more sleep and then work tonight. Not looking forward to it with Bri having her shots today.

Talk to you all soon. Enjoy the walk through the pix and the concert. We also have a poster of him and a cd.


This is what we saw in person last night.. Sorry one more thing. We also saw a Henry Manx that opened for Richie. I am not sure who the other dude was but know Richie.. Enjoy my friends.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Micheal Jackson's Death..

Hey all. I dont know who likes what music out there but one of my all time favorites has passed on as of Thursday. Micheal Jackson has passed on finally at the age of
50. I cant believe it. I knew he was sick for sometime. But this was a bomb shell basically to read the news reports on what kind of trouble he was in financially. I know I have said about Jeff and I but come on you have that kind of money and you are in that kind of debt.. Yikes..

Anyway some of my favorite songs. I only know two of them personally. I have a whole Vinyl record downstairs. Well I should say Jeff and I do with his Thriller on it and Beat it. those are my all time favorites. He was a good singer and dancer.

I hope he rests in peace now. Well I am off. I get to go see one of the people I have wanted to see for a long long time now on Sunday. I am so excited. I am going to go see Richie Haven in Egg Harbor WI on Sunday. They are having it at a park there and he is putting on the music for free. They paid him to come to Egg Harbor but he is putting the music up for free.

He was at Woodstock. We have the movie so we enjoy some of this music. I love the early 70's stuff. Just somethign about it. I will take photo's I promise. Well I suppose. I need to go find something to feed my family when Jeff comes home here shortly.

I still have a load of clothes to do before I leave also. I need a work shirt for tonight. Then tomorrow and I have Sunday off. LOL. Talk to you all soon.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Work Work and more Work..

I know I am always bitching about work but you know what. I need to after tonight. I am fed up with doing my job plus some one elses. I know its fair to help them out our show them how to do there job but not do it for them.

We have this girl that just started working with us over nights about a month ago. The beginning of June at least. I wasnt impressed with her then and I sure as hell aint impressed with her now. I know there is a S out there everywhere but this one takes the cake. She has supposedly eight years of McD's experience but she doesnt know how to do anything but take orders.

Tonight she was there and she hates being on back line with us. She just hates it. I do to but sometimes you have to be where you dont like being.. Well anyway. She was saying how bored she was. Well guess what there was wiping to do or sweeping and mopping and dishes to bring back to me. There was stuff to do ok.

The break room needed cleaning and she absolutely refused to clean it tonight so I volunteered. I dont see how hard it is to sweep and mop the break room. I mean we have four chairs in the break room. Move them or put them up on the table before sweeping and mopping.. LOL.. People. Lazy.. Is there another name I can say?????

All I heard was I am bored tonight and then she refused to stay in the back with Max and I. I was making meat and helping put sandwiches together. I was pissed by the end of the night. Then she pulls this that when it hits exactly four she has to be out of there. She has a hard time being out of the store at 4:05 or later. It has to be exact.. she is a real winner there.

Then Max has breakfast half way done and S is suppose to be breaking down the table and bringing me the stuff she doesnt need but guess where the bitch is?? You guessed it up front trying to help the manager and the one taking orders.. I am so fucking fed up with it all. Then I go balistic. I tell her she needs to be where she belongs and start bringing me the stuff I need or I will do it myself.

The manager lets me go off on her.. I tell her how to do the job and she still doesnt care. She looks at Max and says if I sweep will you mop because you guessed it she had to be out of there exactly at 4... And you know what for those of you just joining the program I am the one that offers to stay or do extra work that isnt my job at the end of the night. I feel like I am doing everyone elses job plus my own.

You know what I was told Friday night and it still stings. One of the cooks. Rick told me that I wouldnt get my blue trainer shirts because I couldnt pass the test. You know what I dont want there fucking trainer shirts because of fuckers like him. I dont want to be in charge. I want to be a peon for as long as I am there. Because it wont be much longer.

Then Rick is always cutting poor Max down because he's black. Its abuse in many ways. Rick comes to work plastered and his girlfriend is a manager and she covers up for him. You know what if I could prove he was coming in drunk I would have him out of there so fast. My life is a whirl wind of problems right now. I have been looking for jobs in the medical field and guess what there arent any right now. I havent looked in the local paper but I havent seen any jobs in the medical field as a Medical Office Assistant. I just hope I am not going to school for nothing now. I dont want to get stuck at McD's.

I know this is risky but I applied at one of our larger grocery stores. I filled out the application yesterday and brought it back to the store before I came home yesterday morning. I ran across town to bring it back. They pay there cashiers somethign like 10 dollars an hour starting.. Even stocking shelves is better than working with drunks at McD's. I have been there a year July 10th. What is the big deal of looking forward to that.

Jeff wants to go back to school but we are trying to figure out how to get him in between me working and him working and such. Its not an easy time right now. With his hours being so short we are living on what he was making by himself now but the two of us together. That is how much has been cut. He works 44 hours a week. No more no less.

Anyway my friendship bread should almost be done and I am tired. Jeff got the recipe from someone and a starter bag and we have been doing this for a month or so now. He likes taking the bread to work with him. We are trying banana pudding in the bread this time for flavoring. We tried vanilla with chocolate chips last time.

I am rambling and I am sorry. I have to take Snowie for her vet visit today. She is healthy she just needs her shots and a check up. I need to get going though before I bore you all. Talk to you all soon. Have a great week if I dont get back to you. N...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Babies

Hey all. I have some new news for you all. My babies are in there own thing now at the YMCA.. Kora has taken up Gymnastics and Bri has taken up swimming lessons. Kora likes to bounce and do small flips and we figured that she would enjoy doing this.

Bri likes the water but is slightly scared of it so we thought swimming lessons would do her some good. We went and practiced Bri's swimming today while we had open swimming at the YMCA. Dont know if we are putting our pool up this year or not. We noticed last summer on the side that it said you were suppose to have it enclosed meaning some sort of fence..

But Kora was bouncing and doing what they call egg shell rolls or something like that. Grizzly mama you may be able to help me here with explanations. I think your girls were in that stuff also werent they??

Jeff and I are trying to figure a way to go see my folks again the week before Thanksgiving. I dont know yet. We may not have a Christmas again this year with his hours being so low. Meaning he wont get his bonus or it wont be as big. I know its still six months off but if his hours dont go back up soon we are screwed. SOL.... I mean yes I am working but its tight from week to week.

Between the two of us we get paid weekly. I also found out our computer has resume tmeplates on it. I am going to work on that this weekend and see what we can do about it. I need to find something better than McD's. I was told that we get raises but they look at everything and I have called in twice and asked for time off to do things with my family. They dont just give me a Saturday off. I have to ask for one. I think that sucks. I go in when they call me for extra hours always. If someone calls in sick I am the first person they usually call.

Its rough working ten days with out a break and then getting one day off. But you know what I will do what i have to do until I get done with school. I even bring my books to work with me and work on them while I am on break. The store manager that hired me gave me a funny look last night while I was high lighting my book. I read the chapter and then I go back through and high light and then I go back through again and write down in a notebook the important information. Not all my highlighted area's are very important. Most but not all. then I do the work at the end of the chapter to see what I know and then I go through the test to see which I remember without looking in the book and then I go back through and read again. My study skills have become more pronounced as I have gotten older.

I have a great photo for you all but I havent gotten it on the computer yet. This aftternoon when I got out of bed Snowie was on my butt and I gently moved her where I could get up and then the blanket fell on her. Well in the mean time Bri had given her a toy dog to play with and the blanket was still on Snowie.. She looked like she was cold and covered up and fell asleep on the toy dog.. LOL.. Funny thoughts.

But anyway I am going to go finish my Lassagna and eat and go shower and then go to work. I have some studying to do unless I dont get to it I will at my break tonight. That is how I have been dealing with school and working full time.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just Some Photo's.

Here are some photo's that both of us have taken over the last couple of weeks. A sunset that I just had to have Jeff take a photo of but wish I would have brought the camera with me to get a better shot around the corner when I went to work a few weeks ago.

Here is a sunrise as i was walking in the door the other morning. Just beautiful. Well it wasnt as pink as the day before but its still beautiful.

Here are some photo's of the girls I was goofing off with yesterday while waiting for Jeff at his appointment..

I dont know why but while waiting for Jeff I am just fascinated with this court house and the church top of these two photo's.. I think they are just neat looking. Esp the court house.

Enjoy and I made rounds last night before bed. I layed down with him last night but couldnt sleep so I got up and cleaned my house. Boy was it dirty.. LOL. I want to blame it being this time of year but I was just being lazy.. Its to dang nice out to be in the house cleaning. I have learned over the years it easier to clean at night anyway its not as hot out..

Well I am off to check mail and see what junk mail we got in the snail mail. Talk to you all soon.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Movie Review Live from Theater..

Hi all. Yes Jeff and I went on our date yesterday and had a great time of it. We went out for lunch and then a movie and came home nicely refreshed. We had Jeff's cousin babysit for us.

But anyway we went to Drag Me to Hell. I dont know where to begin because it was a freak show but a good freak show.

It starts out with this young woman trying to get an assistant managers position at the bank she works with and she is competing with this new guy. Well she is told that she needs to make some tough choices and she kind of thinks about.

This old woman comes in asking for an extension on her loan and this young woman has to make a decision to give her the extension or not to. Well this young woman goes and talks to her boss and he says she has to make the decision. Well she tells the old woman that she has had two extensions and she cant give her more time.

I could list more of what happens but I dont want to give the movie away totally.. LOL.. I say watch it when it comes out..

Security has to take the old woman out but you know its not going to stay that way. LOL.. Anyway Sara I will say because I dont remember her name.. is walking to her car for the weekend and this old woman pops up in her back seat and tries everything and then takes a button of Sara's coat and puts a curse on it.

Well through out the movie the curse haunts Sara and no one but her can see whats happening. Everyone thinks she is going nuts. I have to say this is the best horror/comedy since Scream came out on film.

We liked. I want it when it comes out on DVD.. I will give this one a 10/10 tweets.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ready to Get a Restraining Order..

Hi there. I have this real big pain in the ass that keeps harrassing me. I have all told you what went down with Laura a year ago now right ?? Well if not she started some shit with me and my family and the family behind us and some friends of hers. Well anyway I took her off my Myspace page as friends and my Yahoo account. Well she has tried contacting me and I have told her I dont want anything to do with her anymore.

Well she left it alone for a while and over X-mas she tried wishing us a happy holidays. Well I know if I say something things are going to go off the handle. So I dont respond. I mean come on people its not rocket science. I dont respond take a hint...Esp with being told I dont want to talk to you...

Anyway she left it alone until recently and she has Yahoo'd me and sent me several e-mails like this one that is just not me ok.. I like to resend some things sometimes but not when I have told people to buzz off and get out of my life.

You are 1 of my 13; don't open until you can respond.

Hi - I am picking 13 people who have touched my life and who I think would want to receive this. Please send it back to me (You'll see why).

In case you are not aware, Saint Theresa is known as the Saint of the Little Ways, meaning she believed in doing the little things in life well and with great love.

She is represented by roses. May everyone who receives this message be blessed!

Theresa's Prayer cannot be deleted.

REMEMBER to make a wish before you read the prayer. That's all you have to do. There is nothing attached. Just share this with people and see what happens on the fourth day.

Sorry you have to forward the message, but try not to break this, please.

Prayer is one of the best free gifts we receive. Read the prayer below.
**** Make your wish now****

Saint Theresa's Prayer

May today there be peace within.
May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.
May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.
May you be confident knowing you are a child of God. Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.
It is there for each and every one of us.

Now, send this to 13 people within the next 5 minutes. And remember to send this back. I count as 1... You'll see why.

Ok. I like resending things but not when I am told that I am horrible mother and such and she is no better when she has her boyfriends and husbands beat the hell out of her children and I cant prove it. You know when she used to watch the girls for me they would come home crying always because they didnt want to come home and I never had a problem with Connie watching them. That was the other lady I have mentioned before. Laura used to poison my girls minds against us. Fucking Fat Bitch... I have been saving the e-mails for Jeff to see before deleting them just incase there are mean and horrible things said.

One of her 13 what??? LOL... Not me. Sorry but that is a bunch of cow dung. I have to go for now. Talk to you all later. I have some cleaning I want to get done while everyone is asleep. Talk to you all soon. N...

Monday, June 08, 2009

My Day Off and Its Raining...

Hi there. Its my day off and its raining. Just pouring out. Yuckie. I worked last night but was going to call in. I am fed up with the place. I keep telling myself not much longer will I have to work there. Not much longer.

Saturday night I got to work and the closing manager started in on me because she offered to stay and work a double shift a couple of weeks ago. She didnt bring some stuff back that needed bringing back to me since I was doing dishes. Well she took me in the office and talked to me and told me she had to be back at 8 AM the same morning. I had no FUCKING IDEA... She pissed me off.

Then the over night manager came in and put me in first booth and I was asking the customer a question and trying to get the managers answer and she didnt like how I answered her. I told her "I am getting your answer just give me a sec" and it was in a more authorative voice. she came back and told me "You dont talk to me like that again and I am your supervisor and when I ask you a question you answer me".. I am sick of it.

Abusing authority again so I refused to wear a headset Saturday night. I wouldnt wear one. I had such a headache and I refused to take any aspirin for it either. I wanted to know i was still human with bearing the pain. I have some reading to do when I am done here. I have my fourth test done just need to submit it but I want to finish some more reading and make sure the answers are correct.

Life is way to short to be pissed off at these people and I am so much looking forward to getting out of there. I know all jobs have there ups and downs but at least in a medical setting your not going to listen to young girls talk about there lives and such and hear people complaining how much they hate there jobs. Because if you are in the medical field you are there for one reason because you like what you are doing.

I love people and I love helping people. I just cant stand doing what I am doing and being looked down on for what I am doing. People look at us at McD's and they treat us like shit. Well you know what if it wasnt for us they wouldnt have somewhere to eat at 3 in the morning. I am just sick of it all. I am off to peel potatoes. Talk to you all soon. N...

UPDATE.. You know something. there is this manager that has been in McD's for like 30 years. Well she is bitching because us over nighters get over time. You know what there are only a select few of us you can call when some one calls in sick.. Well I got like 20 minutes of over time last night.. Not a lot but enough to push this bitch over the limit.. I just wish they would hire more responsible people than they have over the last year since I have been there. I also asked for a raise. I am always going in when they call me and I finally asked for a raise. Will know tomorrow night when I go in if they are going to think about it.Other wise I am going to start making Resume's now and handing them out to hospitals and clinics and getting my career started while finishing school. Not a bad idea.

Friday, June 05, 2009

A Wonder Where We all Go in Life..

Hi there. I know I have been out of the loop again. I dont have any photo's to share today. Well actually I do but I need to get them on the computer.. LOL.. To lazy right now. Anyway got an e-mail from a family friend this morning when I came home from work.

Lets start here. This family friend is a real jack ass or can be. Him and his wife are always teasing and such. Well when his four year old nephew almost drowned they saved him. He was near a pool I guess and he almost drowned. But when they revived him he was paralyzed from his neck down. I dont know any of the specifics but that. Tshsmom can add more if she knows more. she knows the couple I am talking about.

Well anyway this friend e-mailed a few of us that either knew him or knew about him. He was 18 and just graduated from High School and he passed away just a few days ago. What a tragedy. I mean not being very successful being paralyzed from neck down and always having to be taken care of. But its sad you know.

You know I stop and wonder where his parents were at the time of the accident. I mean when we have our pool up outside I am always outside with the girls. You just never know what is going to happen. Anything could happen and it only takes a split second for it to happen. Its scary really.

I am not saying I am a better parent but jesus crimadies.. Come on people use some common sense. This friends sister has one daughter and another son. They turned out just fine from what I understand. But this one was the baby and got away with murder basically speaking. Spoiled rotten. Yikes..

Those are my words not anyone else on the spoiled part. I mean sure so are mine to an extent but you know what arent all kids to a point. All kids need to get what they want from time to time.

How can some one adopt a child and then turn there backs on that child. I know some one like that also. A child I know was adopted by her stepfather and now he treats her like crap because he has three of his biological children. He is really mean to the oldest because she is the oldest and she isnt his by blood. That irks me to the no nonsense of my being. Why doesnt the mother speak up and say something or is she afraid of being left with four children or beaten. That is something I cant imagine but you never know.

Jeff and I arent perfect parents but at least ours wont be running with Gangs or getting into trouble like some kids do because we have control over there actions until they admit they are wrong.

I am sorry for this post. Its not easy being me sometimes. I get things in my head and have to get them out. I am not depressed just talking here. I am quite happy.I got my new book yesterday and studied for four hours yesterday. I get into my studies saying only two hours and I end up doing more than expected. Not taking any tests until I can get the material down this time. I zipped through the first book because i figued the rest was going to be hell.

Well need to go do something. Talk to you all tomorrow. Will make rounds then. I have been working from 9PM to 5 AM and not getting up till about 1:30.. Talk to you all soon..

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Where to Start..

Hi there. Where to start. I worked Friday night so I slept most of Saturday so we didnt do much on Saturday besides go and get a sub from Subway and then come home.

But Sunday we went to the Irish Fest and I have to admit it was boring.. I mean I love listeing to bagpipes and watching them dance but this was absolutely boring. It was there first year and I dont think they knew exactly what they were doing with this Fest. I have some photo's and one I regret not taking was when Bri was looking at the Irish Wolf Hound and she had to look up to see her face. LOL.. Yes I said look up. I mean the dog was taller than my five year old..
They were just adjusting there instruments and getting going and not even on stage yet.

They were circling and moving one man out and then moving the next over. I dont quite understand why but they were.

Monday we went to Jeff's appointment and then went by the river or Lake Michigan
to sit for a while. I took this photo with my two beautiful little girls. It was actually quite chilly out that day.

I had requested yesterday off because of Jeff's appointment and then because were suppose to have gotten together with a friend and her husband.I have mentioned H before briefly. But I dont think I will be mentioning her much more after this. I never contacted her yesterday like I was suppose and I ended up working for another girl last night.

I had forgot to buy Bri a b-day cake so when I got to work I asked if I could have one that they give us on our b-days. Here is what it looks like before the candle.

My baby and her candle all lit up and ready to blow it out.

The last one with her having it blown out before the flash went off but still excited about having a McD's cake for her 5th b-day.

That was our weekend.. Not much to tell esp since we dont drink acholic beverages. I am absolutely boring sometimes guys and gals. but I have to run for now. Enjoy the photo's and I will talk to you all soon. N..