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Monday, June 08, 2009

My Day Off and Its Raining...

Hi there. Its my day off and its raining. Just pouring out. Yuckie. I worked last night but was going to call in. I am fed up with the place. I keep telling myself not much longer will I have to work there. Not much longer.

Saturday night I got to work and the closing manager started in on me because she offered to stay and work a double shift a couple of weeks ago. She didnt bring some stuff back that needed bringing back to me since I was doing dishes. Well she took me in the office and talked to me and told me she had to be back at 8 AM the same morning. I had no FUCKING IDEA... She pissed me off.

Then the over night manager came in and put me in first booth and I was asking the customer a question and trying to get the managers answer and she didnt like how I answered her. I told her "I am getting your answer just give me a sec" and it was in a more authorative voice. she came back and told me "You dont talk to me like that again and I am your supervisor and when I ask you a question you answer me".. I am sick of it.

Abusing authority again so I refused to wear a headset Saturday night. I wouldnt wear one. I had such a headache and I refused to take any aspirin for it either. I wanted to know i was still human with bearing the pain. I have some reading to do when I am done here. I have my fourth test done just need to submit it but I want to finish some more reading and make sure the answers are correct.

Life is way to short to be pissed off at these people and I am so much looking forward to getting out of there. I know all jobs have there ups and downs but at least in a medical setting your not going to listen to young girls talk about there lives and such and hear people complaining how much they hate there jobs. Because if you are in the medical field you are there for one reason because you like what you are doing.

I love people and I love helping people. I just cant stand doing what I am doing and being looked down on for what I am doing. People look at us at McD's and they treat us like shit. Well you know what if it wasnt for us they wouldnt have somewhere to eat at 3 in the morning. I am just sick of it all. I am off to peel potatoes. Talk to you all soon. N...

UPDATE.. You know something. there is this manager that has been in McD's for like 30 years. Well she is bitching because us over nighters get over time. You know what there are only a select few of us you can call when some one calls in sick.. Well I got like 20 minutes of over time last night.. Not a lot but enough to push this bitch over the limit.. I just wish they would hire more responsible people than they have over the last year since I have been there. I also asked for a raise. I am always going in when they call me and I finally asked for a raise. Will know tomorrow night when I go in if they are going to think about it.Other wise I am going to start making Resume's now and handing them out to hospitals and clinics and getting my career started while finishing school. Not a bad idea.


Vancouver Voyeur said...

Nicole, I remember those days so well. It's really an abusive atmosphere with insecure people pulling power trips on others just to feel big. Don't worry, hang in there. You'll be moving forward soon while they continue to languish there. Just smile and know that the next time they pull crap on you, you can visualize them in 10 years in a similar uniform, different color maybe, but still at McD's while you've moved onward and upward. If that doesn't cheer you, stop by my blog and look at all the crazy colors I put on my front porch.

Grizzly Mama said...

I have always viewed my managers as my equals - I always do my job for them but I never allow anyone to talk to me like I'm a dog. I have always addressed my managers with respect but not groveling or being dishonest with them about how I feel. There have been a couple of managers who didn't like that and I guess expected me and my coworkers to somehow act as if we were lesser human beings than they. Those jobs I don't stay in. Most good managers would not treat their employees with that kind of disrespect. This is America and they are not royalty. We are all in there working hard to get the job done and my opinion is that their job is to help me do my job. If they can't do that with a measure of respect - then screw them. They will have big problems retaining good people.

I can hardly wait until you get your certification. Every job has a downside, but hopefully you will get a job with professional people who appreciate the hard work that you do and understand what teamwork is really all about.

Jeannie said...

Your managers are probably not so thrilled with their jobs either. Sure, they're managers but at McDonald's - they can't brag any more than you feel like it. So they take their frustrations out on you.

It's really too bad they don't realize that good morale makes a huge difference in how good or bad a job feels - and so on performance and employee turnover.

Grizzly Mama said...

Tweetey, I think I've seen where hospitals will hire you if you are working on getting your certification. You might want to check.

I really can't stand the way that your managers are acting!

Gardenia said...

That would be so great if you could get into a hospital or clinic - you would get experience as you go to school - that's what my daughter did.

However, drama will not end in the medical field - it is just different - my daughter has almost gone crazy a few times because of all the jealousies, cattiness, back stabbing - I don't know how to stay above all that - they should offer classes on all that in school! People are just people, often petty people sometimes!

But at least you soon will be doing something more fulfulling and that will be a blessing!