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Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Babies

Hey all. I have some new news for you all. My babies are in there own thing now at the YMCA.. Kora has taken up Gymnastics and Bri has taken up swimming lessons. Kora likes to bounce and do small flips and we figured that she would enjoy doing this.

Bri likes the water but is slightly scared of it so we thought swimming lessons would do her some good. We went and practiced Bri's swimming today while we had open swimming at the YMCA. Dont know if we are putting our pool up this year or not. We noticed last summer on the side that it said you were suppose to have it enclosed meaning some sort of fence..

But Kora was bouncing and doing what they call egg shell rolls or something like that. Grizzly mama you may be able to help me here with explanations. I think your girls were in that stuff also werent they??

Jeff and I are trying to figure a way to go see my folks again the week before Thanksgiving. I dont know yet. We may not have a Christmas again this year with his hours being so low. Meaning he wont get his bonus or it wont be as big. I know its still six months off but if his hours dont go back up soon we are screwed. SOL.... I mean yes I am working but its tight from week to week.

Between the two of us we get paid weekly. I also found out our computer has resume tmeplates on it. I am going to work on that this weekend and see what we can do about it. I need to find something better than McD's. I was told that we get raises but they look at everything and I have called in twice and asked for time off to do things with my family. They dont just give me a Saturday off. I have to ask for one. I think that sucks. I go in when they call me for extra hours always. If someone calls in sick I am the first person they usually call.

Its rough working ten days with out a break and then getting one day off. But you know what I will do what i have to do until I get done with school. I even bring my books to work with me and work on them while I am on break. The store manager that hired me gave me a funny look last night while I was high lighting my book. I read the chapter and then I go back through and high light and then I go back through again and write down in a notebook the important information. Not all my highlighted area's are very important. Most but not all. then I do the work at the end of the chapter to see what I know and then I go through the test to see which I remember without looking in the book and then I go back through and read again. My study skills have become more pronounced as I have gotten older.

I have a great photo for you all but I havent gotten it on the computer yet. This aftternoon when I got out of bed Snowie was on my butt and I gently moved her where I could get up and then the blanket fell on her. Well in the mean time Bri had given her a toy dog to play with and the blanket was still on Snowie.. She looked like she was cold and covered up and fell asleep on the toy dog.. LOL.. Funny thoughts.

But anyway I am going to go finish my Lassagna and eat and go shower and then go to work. I have some studying to do unless I dont get to it I will at my break tonight. That is how I have been dealing with school and working full time.


Jeannie said...

You've certainly got a strong work ethic so I think in time, you'll be ok. If they never give you a Saturday off, then they have to expect that you will ask for one now and then. People do occasionally have weekend trips to see family and the like, if they hold that against you when you go in all the time for others, then I think they are just making up excuses not to give you your raise.

Grizzly Mama said...

Great study habits, Tweetey!

I don't recall an eggshell roll. My short term memory is full of holes, though. It sucks - but now I hear that it is one symptom of menopause and will get betteer. I hope!

I always liked gymnastics and swimming for the girls. They learn to trust the strength of their bodies, and swimming is an important life saving skill that they will have for the rest of their lives. Neither one of my girls was into dance or cheerleading or any of that - I'm fine with taking them, they just weren't interested. They're more about riding bikes and climbing trees and being on the team instead of cheering the team.

I can hardly wait until you can get out of the McD's!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Yeah, let the kids' sports era begin! Mine have been in gymnastics, swimming, soccer, field hockey, snowboarding, and horse shows. It can get rather hectic, but it's fun.

The Griper said...

10 days on and 1 day off? i'd check out the labor laws of your state if i were you.

Gardenia said...

I think people are working their brains out now just to live! "H" is about to drop - so I encourage both of you to make sure you get your vitamins, lots of good water, and as much rest as you can squeeze in and try not to worry. Esp. you adding school on top of it.

The girls will have lots of fun with their activities, so cool of you to capitalize on their individualalities!

Hammer said...

When my son Did YMCA sports he loved it. They are good folks as far as I can tell.

I hope they have a great summer.

Candy Minx said...

I hope the girls have a lot of fun in their summer programs. I bet they will meet some nice kids too.

Wow, your study agenda is remarkable.I'm really impressed. I was not a very good student. But I noticed now if I have to study something I am more committed and it's to do with age and experience I guess.


It will be worht, it, might not seem like it today or some days. But it will really be great. I have my fingers crossed Jeff gets more hours...

The Zombieslayer said...

Yikes. I know so many people with hours being cut. it's scary out there.

We don't have a YMCA here, but when we lived in Texas, the YMCA was really cool.

Yeah, I remember working 10 days on. Had to do that a lot when I worked at startups, but that was when I was in my 20s. Nowadays, I don't think I could pull it off. I'd be burned out fast.