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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Where to Start..

Hi there. Where to start. I worked Friday night so I slept most of Saturday so we didnt do much on Saturday besides go and get a sub from Subway and then come home.

But Sunday we went to the Irish Fest and I have to admit it was boring.. I mean I love listeing to bagpipes and watching them dance but this was absolutely boring. It was there first year and I dont think they knew exactly what they were doing with this Fest. I have some photo's and one I regret not taking was when Bri was looking at the Irish Wolf Hound and she had to look up to see her face. LOL.. Yes I said look up. I mean the dog was taller than my five year old..
They were just adjusting there instruments and getting going and not even on stage yet.

They were circling and moving one man out and then moving the next over. I dont quite understand why but they were.

Monday we went to Jeff's appointment and then went by the river or Lake Michigan
to sit for a while. I took this photo with my two beautiful little girls. It was actually quite chilly out that day.

I had requested yesterday off because of Jeff's appointment and then because were suppose to have gotten together with a friend and her husband.I have mentioned H before briefly. But I dont think I will be mentioning her much more after this. I never contacted her yesterday like I was suppose and I ended up working for another girl last night.

I had forgot to buy Bri a b-day cake so when I got to work I asked if I could have one that they give us on our b-days. Here is what it looks like before the candle.

My baby and her candle all lit up and ready to blow it out.

The last one with her having it blown out before the flash went off but still excited about having a McD's cake for her 5th b-day.

That was our weekend.. Not much to tell esp since we dont drink acholic beverages. I am absolutely boring sometimes guys and gals. but I have to run for now. Enjoy the photo's and I will talk to you all soon. N..


Jeannie said...

I wondered what they might do at an Irish festival - and what's the point when St. Paddy's Day comes every year?

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Hey, I don't drink either but I think I lead a fairly active and interesting life in spite of it. :-) I hope your daughter had a very Happy Birthday. When I used to work at McD's I was the "STAR" can't remember what that stands for now, but I did all their birthday parties and store parties for holidays.

I'm still painting in between the rain showers. I finally got the new rugs down on the front porch and have started getting some of the furniture out there. IT WILL BE FINISHED by this weekend. I'm so tired of working on this same project! I brought the old window inside to do the stained glass painting part of it. Doing it outside was taking too long. My porch is now a riot of colors. It may be a little over the top, we'll see.

Hammer said...

Looks like a great birthday. They sure grow up fast.

Grizzly Mama said...

I really love that picture of them by the lake - I imagine that their personalities show through on that. It reminds me of my two - the big one is protective in many ways and the little one just adores her. It makes me think back to when mine were your girls' age - - which really wasn't that long ago, but they have changed so much over the last few years. I am so glad that you are taking this time to enjoy them - what a blessing for all of you.

Happy birthday to your little one - and I would have been THRILLED with a Ronald McDonald cake at the age of five!

Gayle said...

LOL! You aren't boring, hon. Cut yourself some slack!

I enjoyed the pictures, as I always enjoy your pics. I'm short of time but I scrolled down to your last post and also love the afghan you crocheted. Good work!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I did enjoy your pictures...Sorry to hear that the Irish Fest was not to great...Maybe they will do better next year.