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Friday, June 05, 2009

A Wonder Where We all Go in Life..

Hi there. I know I have been out of the loop again. I dont have any photo's to share today. Well actually I do but I need to get them on the computer.. LOL.. To lazy right now. Anyway got an e-mail from a family friend this morning when I came home from work.

Lets start here. This family friend is a real jack ass or can be. Him and his wife are always teasing and such. Well when his four year old nephew almost drowned they saved him. He was near a pool I guess and he almost drowned. But when they revived him he was paralyzed from his neck down. I dont know any of the specifics but that. Tshsmom can add more if she knows more. she knows the couple I am talking about.

Well anyway this friend e-mailed a few of us that either knew him or knew about him. He was 18 and just graduated from High School and he passed away just a few days ago. What a tragedy. I mean not being very successful being paralyzed from neck down and always having to be taken care of. But its sad you know.

You know I stop and wonder where his parents were at the time of the accident. I mean when we have our pool up outside I am always outside with the girls. You just never know what is going to happen. Anything could happen and it only takes a split second for it to happen. Its scary really.

I am not saying I am a better parent but jesus crimadies.. Come on people use some common sense. This friends sister has one daughter and another son. They turned out just fine from what I understand. But this one was the baby and got away with murder basically speaking. Spoiled rotten. Yikes..

Those are my words not anyone else on the spoiled part. I mean sure so are mine to an extent but you know what arent all kids to a point. All kids need to get what they want from time to time.

How can some one adopt a child and then turn there backs on that child. I know some one like that also. A child I know was adopted by her stepfather and now he treats her like crap because he has three of his biological children. He is really mean to the oldest because she is the oldest and she isnt his by blood. That irks me to the no nonsense of my being. Why doesnt the mother speak up and say something or is she afraid of being left with four children or beaten. That is something I cant imagine but you never know.

Jeff and I arent perfect parents but at least ours wont be running with Gangs or getting into trouble like some kids do because we have control over there actions until they admit they are wrong.

I am sorry for this post. Its not easy being me sometimes. I get things in my head and have to get them out. I am not depressed just talking here. I am quite happy.I got my new book yesterday and studied for four hours yesterday. I get into my studies saying only two hours and I end up doing more than expected. Not taking any tests until I can get the material down this time. I zipped through the first book because i figued the rest was going to be hell.

Well need to go do something. Talk to you all tomorrow. Will make rounds then. I have been working from 9PM to 5 AM and not getting up till about 1:30.. Talk to you all soon..


Jeannie said...

Try to be a little more understanding - some kids get away from you very quickly. It's hard to keep your eyes on them every second. I went inside the house once - just maybe 10 feet from the door to stir something on the stove. My daughter chose that moment to run across the street in front of a car and narrowly escaped being run over. I dove into a pool at the shallow end with swimming instructors and classmates watching - I'd never swam in a pool - I was lucky - my chin bumped the bottom of the pool but luckily I didn't break my neck.
It's easy to look at something in a store and have a child run away. (The twins used to escape their stroller they were buckled into and run in opposite directions! I know a lady who ran to answer the phone and in the couple minutes she was gone, her 3 year old daughter hung herself on the blinds cord. Things happen. Please don't blame the parents - I'm sure they feel very guilty on their own. Accidents happen. Every single day.

Gardenia said...

Well, the thought of that poor child is enough to depress a person for a while. I was thinking of tragedies today and how people's lives are so irrevocably changed and sometimes grief will never end - or guilt.

Sometimes I think of some of the things I did as a kid, its a wonder I survived. After my two oldest grew up, they told me a tale of my oldest daughter climbing a water tower at age of 3 and her brother getting her down. Where was I? I can beat myself to a pulp over that and only by God's grace nothing happened.

It just only takes a second. Some parents scare me - but then I am constantly being accused of being over-protective, so I don't know.

I pray a lot.

The Griper said...

shuckens girl, you're just saying out loud what a lot of people are thinking but not talking about. though i will have to agree to a degree with both jeannie and gardenia. kids do have a way to get into trouble the second you turn your back on them.

tshsmom said...

Erik's death was a blessing. He's been strapped into that damned wheelchair since he was 2 or 3. He could wave his arms and turn his head...that was IT. Some of his brain capacity was left, but not much.

His accident was a case of pure negligence! Nobody knows how long he was at the bottom of that pool, but the doctors figure at least 15 minutes.

Another tragedy is that Erik's father's family blamed his older half-sister for the accident. She had a really hard time with this. I hope she has overcome it now.

Erik's younger brother, who is 16, is a little asshole. He's been running wild in the streets since he was 3 and has been in trouble several times.

Nobody in M's family has EVER watched their kids close enough. M's daughter got the keys out of his wife's purse and drove their car in a ditch when she was 3 or 4. Fortunately, she wasn't hurt, but they thought it was FUNNY!

Hammer said...

Men who marry a woman with kids then have kids with her often treat the step kids like crap. This happens in nature with other primates. Something about passing on genes.

To me humans should be above such behavior.

All my kids are adopted and I would not treat them any different than I would a biological child. I can't even fathom it.

Candy Minx said...

What a very sad story.

sometimes I think a sad story like this might remind us all to value the time we have together and alive.

Gayle said...

After reading tshhmom's comment I can only agree that it was neglegence on the part of the parents. If the child laid at the bottom of a pool for 15 minutes it's nothing less than a miracle that he lived at all, but it sure proves no one was around and the child was very young at the time of the near drowning. How awful!

Don't apologize for writing your feelings, hon. That's the therapeutic part of writing a post. I know 'cause I just finished doing the same thing! :)

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Tweets, I know, I get frustrated with people too. A little common sense could go a long way if people bothered to use it. That said, I also agree with Jeannie, take a deep breath and practice patience with people. Kids do get away from you and accidents do happen. I nearly died from drowning when I was 15. Fifteen! For Pete's sake and I was right in front of my mother and grandmother. I got caught in a rip tide at the ocean. My (now former) brother-in-law pulled me out just as I was blacking out from lack of oxygen. Also, when my daughter was 3, she nearly died of suffocation, right in front of me and all the kids in the daycare I was running. It only took me a few seconds to figure out what was happening, but it seemed like forever. She had put cotton balls in her mouth, they got wet and got stuck in the back of her throat. Accidents happen, sometimes right in front of you. Luckily I was able to pull them out of the back of her throat fairly quickly.

CA said...

You know what? Some days are just tragedies, no matter what we think about them. I've felt that way about people and things at times,-the way you feel about what happened to the child. But, you know what? No matter how we feel about things, they happen anyhow. 90 percent of the time, what we think and how we feel about things don't mean a hill of beans.

When we make someone elses problems our problems, too, it just makes us feel bad and it doesn't change a thing.

Too bad about the child.