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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just Some Photo's.

Here are some photo's that both of us have taken over the last couple of weeks. A sunset that I just had to have Jeff take a photo of but wish I would have brought the camera with me to get a better shot around the corner when I went to work a few weeks ago.

Here is a sunrise as i was walking in the door the other morning. Just beautiful. Well it wasnt as pink as the day before but its still beautiful.

Here are some photo's of the girls I was goofing off with yesterday while waiting for Jeff at his appointment..

I dont know why but while waiting for Jeff I am just fascinated with this court house and the church top of these two photo's.. I think they are just neat looking. Esp the court house.

Enjoy and I made rounds last night before bed. I layed down with him last night but couldnt sleep so I got up and cleaned my house. Boy was it dirty.. LOL. I want to blame it being this time of year but I was just being lazy.. Its to dang nice out to be in the house cleaning. I have learned over the years it easier to clean at night anyway its not as hot out..

Well I am off to check mail and see what junk mail we got in the snail mail. Talk to you all soon.


Jeannie said...

Nice photos. I agree that it's way too nice to waste by cleaning. It'll rain again.

Gardenia said...

Love the photos - is that a cute dimple I see on your right cheek? The colors are beautiful in the top photos - the closeups really nice.

I hate cleaning in the summer - but love a clean house. Catch 22.
Do you have A/C?

maeve said...

nice photo's ... nothing like a great sunrise!!!! The day is "all new" and quiet. love them!

Squirl said...

Fun photos. I like the church tops, too.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Nice pix. Yeah, my house is dirty too. I've been working on painting the outside and being social, so the inside is suffering.

The Zombieslayer said...

Nice pictures. I especially like the 1st one. It looks very "artsy," which is a good thing when it comes to photography.