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Friday, June 26, 2009

Micheal Jackson's Death..

Hey all. I dont know who likes what music out there but one of my all time favorites has passed on as of Thursday. Micheal Jackson has passed on finally at the age of
50. I cant believe it. I knew he was sick for sometime. But this was a bomb shell basically to read the news reports on what kind of trouble he was in financially. I know I have said about Jeff and I but come on you have that kind of money and you are in that kind of debt.. Yikes..

Anyway some of my favorite songs. I only know two of them personally. I have a whole Vinyl record downstairs. Well I should say Jeff and I do with his Thriller on it and Beat it. those are my all time favorites. He was a good singer and dancer.

I hope he rests in peace now. Well I am off. I get to go see one of the people I have wanted to see for a long long time now on Sunday. I am so excited. I am going to go see Richie Haven in Egg Harbor WI on Sunday. They are having it at a park there and he is putting on the music for free. They paid him to come to Egg Harbor but he is putting the music up for free.

He was at Woodstock. We have the movie so we enjoy some of this music. I love the early 70's stuff. Just somethign about it. I will take photo's I promise. Well I suppose. I need to go find something to feed my family when Jeff comes home here shortly.

I still have a load of clothes to do before I leave also. I need a work shirt for tonight. Then tomorrow and I have Sunday off. LOL. Talk to you all soon.

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Hammer said...

Enjoy the concert! Can't wait to hear about it.