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Monday, June 29, 2009

Wow.. Seeing Richie Havens Live...

It was an awsome show but lets start at the beginning.. I slept till 3:3o yesterday afternoon. We got me up and ate something and left right away to find our way to the park where the concert was. It looked like rain. They had a fifty fifty chance and guess what it did half way through the concert. It rained you guessed it.. LOL.. You know if we wouldnt have went it it wouldnt have rained a drop..

Anyway we were sitting there and then told I couldnt take any photo's while he was performing and right before we left to get away from traffic I thought he was done so I walked over and took this awsome photo of him. The manager or what ever she was got pissed off at me. Well we were leaving and I wanted something to show for my trip from Green Bay to Egg Harbor that I actually saw the man in person. Didnt get to talk to him like I wanted to.

He played his songs and at the end he played one of my favorites from the Woostock moive. He played Freedom. You should have heard everyone when he did that one. They were on there feet stomping along with the man. I just cant explain it enough. My explanation doesnt do it justice. Here is the photo I took as we were leaving and hope its clear enough because its the only one I have.

You know I like the late 60's music, early 70 and 80's music better than I like the crap they are coming out with today. I like most of the singers they had on Woodstock. You know what there is one woman that sang on Woodstock I wish I could have asked Mr Havens about last night. I cant find any of her music anywhere. I dont even know what her name is. But she gives me the goosebumps evertime I watch the movie.

Here is a photo of the girls before the concert. You thought you might get away from not seeing my babies.. Ok right... I love showing them off. They are always chipper esp when we are out and about.

You should have seen them. Sure there were other children but mine were the only two that knew who he was from what era.. LOL. We let them watch Woodstock. Sure there is nudity to it but you know what a little isnt going to kill a child. LOL.. Trust me on that one. A little swearing here and there but we also talk to the girls about swearing and how we prefer if they dont use that language right now. I think talking to your child about a movie is the best way for them to learn.

Anyway not related to the show at all is the last but not least famous Miss S. I havent shown her for a while. This was taken a week or so ago. She was cold and curled up next to me and when I got up I through the blanket over her and that is how she stayed until after I got the photo of her. My four legged baby.

She loves sleeping with us girls after Jeff leaves in the morning. I have found her favorite spot when I wake up though. She has found my head is her favorite spot to sleep when she is in the bedroom with us girls. Esp if the girls are trying to pick her up and carry her around. She figures she will scratch me if they try anything with her on my head.. The little shit.. But she is adorable. I took her in for her yearly exam and shots and she is only 9.9 lbs. Not very big at all. But healthy.

Bri goes in for her five year check up today and shots. I am not looking forward to this by myself today. I wish Jeff had today off. Well he has to work for like 7 hours and then comes home. Otherwise they wouldnt get there Holiday pay this year for the 4th..

I am working the 4th of July. Just great. I dont think I would have had to work if I wouldnt have signed my name to this damned paper they had up but the manager wanted someone she could rely on so I did my duty. I have been applying at other places. I need to get my ass in gear and write up a resume.

Well I suppose. I need to go get Jeff's lunch made and then I am off to do other things. I have been up for half and hour and want to stay up for a couple more hours. Then going to try and get some more sleep and then work tonight. Not looking forward to it with Bri having her shots today.

Talk to you all soon. Enjoy the walk through the pix and the concert. We also have a poster of him and a cd.


This is what we saw in person last night.. Sorry one more thing. We also saw a Henry Manx that opened for Richie. I am not sure who the other dude was but know Richie.. Enjoy my friends.


Gardenia said...

Oh, how I wish I could have seen him, thank you so much for the video! Woodstock was from my "days" - was the female singer you were wondering about possibly Janis Joplin? I can't remember if she was there or not. She was incredibly, incredibly talented, but another one of those tortured souls and died way too early.

haha, cats, for some reason, really prefer to sleep on your head - - when I get to heaven and can have a conversation with animals I'm going to ask them WHY?

PS - You have good taste in music.

Hammer said...

Dang! sounds like an awesome concert. These guys from the 60's won't be around forever so we have to catch them while we can.

Abby said...
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Grizzly Mama said...

Oops - that was me...

Wow - cool concert! My kids also like our music - that's what they listened to since they were babies. My 8 y/old's fave was 'Ball of Confusion' by the Temptations for the longest time. They also like the rock n roll of the 60's and 70's. This while her friends are singing Sesame Street songs - lol. Our kids are most definitely marching to the beat of a different drum and I think that's a good thing, Tweetey.

CA said...

Two of the women were Janis Joplin and Joan Baez.

Here is the link for Janis:

and here is a link for Joan:

Too bad we weren't there, too, eh?

Candy Minx said...

Wow, what a wonderful event sounds like you all had a great time. The girls are as cute as ever.

Havens is awesome, thanks for posting the video, really enjoyed it. Hey, I want to guess who the singer in Woodstock is...

I think the female performers include...Grace Slick (with Jefferson Airplane), Janis Joplin, Melanie, and Joan Baez.

Anyone of these women has been known to have a haunting voice...but I suspect it may have been joan Baez you are thining of because almost always the way she sings is haunting.

I LOVE the kitty cat sleeping picture. I laughed out loud at the computer here by myself this morning. Oh she is cute and I miss having a cat around the place.

tweetey30 said...

Thanks guys and gals. It was Joan Baez. Jeff checked for me. I appreciate all the feed back on that one. Just something about how she sings about her husband being in the county jail and starting a hunger strike.. LOL..

Vancouver Voyeur said...

So glad you got to go to his concert. It looks like it was a good time.

maeve said...

I have seen Richie Havens MANY times and spoken to him. I saw him last year at a little cafe, and sat at the table in front og him. Amazing man. I also back in the lates sixtys saw him as a non-performer, he sat right at the table with us ... the man person performing was Papa John Creach. The main females from Woodstock were Joplin, Baez, and Melanie. Do you know what song they sang???