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Thursday, September 11, 2008

What I have been up Too

Hey all you know I am making a dear blog friend a baby afghan. Well the blanket is done but I am making a suprise to go in with the baby afghan since I have left over yarn for the suprise. My first attempt at making one so I am hoping it turns out.. LOL.. Silly me. I am not tired. I just got home about 15 minutes ago. Give me an hour and I will be awake. I dont have to work tonight so its ok.

I have to work all weekend though. If I have one complaint about this job its working every weekend. They should be switching us around every weekend since there are enough of us to do so. One weekend a month we should have off. LOL... But hey I am enjoying my hours.

The girls are doing great. Kora finally got her curriculum book I wanted to get her and she is grasping what a noun is pretty fast. We worked on Proper Nouns today. then she gets into the harder math later on. I am still working on her flash cards math being wrote down in a special notebook for her and then we write down her spelling words she is learning in her spelling area. She writes them down three times for me and then next week I will do a small spelling test with her for fun. Just to see what she remembers. I know I used to enjoy spelling tests. It just gives her some idea what she knows exactly.

Brianna is writing her name but we have to write it down with a highlighter first and have her copy it. but she enjoys doing it. She feels like a big girl with Kora when we let her do it. She can do it on her own but just for practice I make her copy my letters. She is growing up so fast. She was singing her ABC's to me tonight before I left. Sweet. I miss them both so much.

But hey its worth haveing the extra paycheck coming in. Boy is it getting chilly here. I have to take the pool down tomorrow. No more water for us this year. I told the girls if it warms back up we will just play with the hose but otherwise I am taking the pool down. Well I suppose. I need to go get ready for bed and then tomorrow do some cleaning. The litter box needs changing and the girls need baths, and then I need to sweep and mop and laundry.. Well catch you all later. N...


The Griper said...

sounds like this new job is very theraputic for the family, tweety. a time that you can look back on in years to come with fondness.

The Griper said...

found something you might be interested in for your home schooling help.

here may be a page of it that might be very helpful.

Kitem said...

Phew.. looks like a lot of work!
Ok I know, almost every working mums are doind as much job as you do, I did that too, but now my time is over and I truly admire all the hard work you are happily doing with not complaints. you're great.
I am looking foerward the surprise, i'm going there in 2 weeks times, both (meaning 3) of us only, I can't believe in my luck.

tweetey30 said...

Griper thanks. The job is very therapeutic for all of us. I get to talk to other adults and the kids get to spend time with daddy. And again thanks for the links. I need to get a new printer first but they will come in handy.

Kitem I dont complain one bit. they need this home schooling more than they need to be put in public schools now a days. They still get to play with there friends in the neighborhood just after school though.

Jeannie said...

You sound so much happier now with the job. It must have been wearing you down not having one. I'm amazed you are keeping all your ducks in a row with home schooling etc. And still managing to find time to crochet!