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Thursday, September 25, 2008

What the Girls did Yesterday...

Hi all Here are some photo's of the Home Schooling group did yesterday. They want to keep private so I never took photo's of the kids. But these are the animals they learned about yesterday. I broke my sleep time up where we could go. I have worked nine days straight and have a day off today now. I will go to bed after doing this post and making Jeff's lunch. But here are the photo's.

This first photo I was expecting Kora to freak out but she did rather well. I was the one that squeamish. I dont care for snakes all that much.. LOL...

Esp with her letting him sit on the floor like this photo here. Yikes..

This photo here is of a flying squirl but they really dont fly and he is in the Sanctuary because he ran into a window and doesnt have his balance to be out in the wild with his relatives.

This Owl was put in the Wild Life Sanctuary because his mother and father quit feeding him and he was found almost dead. So he was just a baby so he actually doesnt know how to live out in the wild. He has no physical problems as she put it but his mentally wouldnt make it. He doesnt know how to hunt for himself since he has been handled by people since he was a baby Owl..

My favorite part was when she got him to spread his wings. That was awsome. Just a quick tilt of her wrist and he thought he was going to fall so he put out his wings. Beautiful animal.

I am taking today off to spend with the girls and Jeff when he comes home tonight. I am just getting ready for bed. Need to make his lunch and then off to bed myself. I am exhausted. I was asked to work tonight but then when I got in tonight the manager that hired me told me to take my night off. She said I was going to get myself sick working so hard. But she appreciated my offer. Then I go back on Friday. But life is good here now.

School is going good with Kora. She is learning facts about what she is reading and doing well with it. She takes and runs with it and her spelling tests. She has been doing great. She got one wrong on her first one and a 100% on her second so we think we have finally found her strong point. Todays assignment is writing down facts adn then a story to go with her own facts she writes down. I will help her do this. I think she will have fun doing it. Anyway Bri's learning her name slowly. She likes when we take high lighters and let her trace over her name. She still doesnt want to do it on her own yet. But that is ok. she is just learning. Well I am off to bed. Catch up with you all later today sometime. N....


Jean said...

Outings like that are so great for everyone - they are enjoyable so you don't realize you are learning. Too bad all schooling couldn't be arranged like that. - just one discovery after another.

You have earned your day off - enjoy.

Bridget Jones said...

I love owls..they're among my fave animals. Glad that you're getting the family out to things like that.

We had a pet garter snake when we lived in Denver. It would come right up to you (looking for hamburger).

What kind of snake is/was that one?

Grizzly Mama said...

Beautiful animals!

Glad to hear the schooling is going well. Highlighters. My kids LOVE highlighters. lol.

I'm also glad that you're getting a day off and that your manager recognizes your dedication to the job.

The Zombieslayer said...

There's a place not too far from my house that has wounded animals, including wounded birds. Those predator birds, it's amazing how big their wingspans are. Don't really notice it until you get up close to them.

We had someone demonstrate with live birds. It was really cool.

Gardenia said...

I am glad you were forced to take the day off! Enjoy it to the hilt! The owl was magnificent - what a treat to see it and what a great outing. You've inspired me - I'm calling the zoo as soon as I get through with the post to find out what is going on and then I'll take grandson on an outing - he's been working hard and his grades are great.

I just don't know - some schools can leave a bad taste - then we found one where he is really successful and happy.

His best friend is homeschooled because they are in the Navy and his mom says the continuity is much better. They too have a group and he is such a nice little boy - there is some peer pressures they are better off without!

tweetey30 said...

Jeannie the day was nice and we went back to feed the ducks yesterday. The girls always enjoy that part since I didnt have to work yesterday.

Um if I remember right its a Fox River Snake only found here in WI.

Grizzly Mama yes me too. She was amazed I worked that many days in a row. I work tonight and tomorrow and hopefully have sunday off.

Zombie its amazing isnt it.. I love looking at them. My favorite though and I wish I could get a photo of them out of the cage for you all is the Snowy Owl they have.

Gardenia glad I could inspire you. Kids love the Zoo or where ever there are animals. Esp my two.

Gayle said...

Nope, the flying squirrels don't really "fly", but they do glide from tree to tree so skillfully they look like they're flying. It's really amazing!

Kora was very brave. I don't care for snakes either, and would never want one for a pet.

I'm very surprised that you are able to keep up your blog as busy as you are. Actually, I'm amazed! You must be about dead on your feet!

tweetey30 said...

Gayle I enjoyed my day off yesterday. I dont visit as often as I did before I started working but I do leave my posts up for a couple of days before putting up a new one.. I visit my friends about twice a week I have noticed since I started working. But then it gives me catch up time though..

Helene said...

This is great. Sounds like a fantastic show for the kids! It's so different and a great way to educate the kids. Your girls must have loved it.

tweetey30 said...

They loved it but when she let the snake slither on the floor I was the freaking and hoping it wouldnt come to near me. I dont care for snakes but the other two animals were neat. the flying Squirl kept trying to burrow back into the blanket she had for him. Since they are night animals the day light was to bright for him.

Candy Minx said...

What a wonderful experience. I love the litle flying squrrel. And the owl, very powerful. Fantastic for the kids!