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Monday, September 08, 2008

Tired but Doing Great..

Hi there. You all know the job is going well. I have worked my Ass off lately. I have been called into work two days when I was suppose to and of course I took the hours.. But now a girl that just started late last month got herself fired last night. She is pregnant and has a bad back and cant do much.

She said she had all this experience when they hired her and then when doing the job had none.. Yikes... I even admitted to the guy that hired me I dont care for the headsets but he wanted to hire me anyway and they have found my favorite spots. I can do fries rather quickly now and the back line making the burgers.

Saturday night I was presenting the food to the customers and this one car came through. I think it was the same kids that I mentioned before about the one saying I was sleeping with his father I had no idea who the damned kid was.. p

Well anyway I think this same car came through on Saturday and they ordered and the drive asked for some BBQ sauce and when I opened up the window to had out the sauce the kid in the back seat threw a rock at my glasses. He was aiming at my lenses. Thankfully I moved out of instinct. Well the manager saw it and so did the car behind him but no one was fast enough to get there liscense plate number. Damned kids... I was so mad I was ready to jump through the window and strangle each and everyone of them.

Then I worked last night when I was suppose to have last night off. I am seeing I am the only reliable one there except for the the people that have been there for a year or more.. I have been doing this job for almost two months and I havent called in once.

Anyway I have been up for half an hour and need to go get something to eat. I will catch you all later. Have a great day and I am going to enjoy my day off unless they call me in tonight. I can always tell them no but right now we could use the money and I might as well work if they are willing to let me. N...


Jeannie said...

It really sounds like you are one of the keepers. It's amazing how lazy and unreliable some people are. I just hope your management are capable of showing you in some way that they appreciate you - even if it just means telling you as much.

I'm shocked that there are kids who would throw rocks at a server. How mental is that? Can you keep a ketchup or mustard bottle nearby so that if they come again you can give them a squirt? I'm sure that would get you fired but you can always have your fantasy.

Hammer said...

Sounds like you have a much better work ethic than they are used to. I hope they keep treating you right.

As for those "kids" they need to be beat.

Did you see where that drive through cashier woman threw the boiling water on the guy who drove up and exposed himself to her?

I love stories like that.

Ortho said...

Wow, Tweetey, you're becoming a real worker! I'm proud of you.

I'm slightly concerned that children are picking on you. The next time they come through the drive thru, you should throw frozen nuggets at their car. That will teach them to mess with you!

Space_Gopher said...

BBQ sauce is offensive to Muslims.

Jay said...

That's horrible that someone would throw rocks at you. Shocking, really.

Gardenia said...

See, now they know how valuable you are! You picked up really really quick! Next time, call the police - license plate or no, these kids sound dangerous - if you had been hit in the head with a rock, it could have been very serious - not too mention maybe having to spend a couple of weeks salary and new glasses. LOL, I'm with Hammer - a pan of boiling water sounds great.........

Gayle said...

Actually, Tweety, if that rock had broken your lens it could have put your eye out.

I'd keep a bag of pepper ready. The next time something like this happens throw the contents at the driver's face. That way he can't drive and you - or someone - will have time to get the license number. I doubt you will get fired for that. It's self-defense!

Candy Minx said...

Oh sheesh, you know very few people outside of the service industry know how crazy awful so many customers can be. Serving food is one of the more thankless jobs. I got a few horror stories too.

Courtney said...

My gosh! The brat threw a rock at you? Was he twelve? Good thing your reflexes are fast.

You said you were presenting their food, did you at least get a little green out of them first? ;)

tweetey30 said...

Jeannie it is awful at how lazy people are isnt it?? I mean with you being a shop owner you know all about that much.

Hammer there isnt enough room to keep hot water near but nice idea.

Ortho again nice idea but no good. they keep track of how many nuggets we go through in a night..

Jay is it is horrible but they did it. I wasnt happy. I usually dont swear at work either but I was the other night.

Gardenia I should have picked up the rock in a plastic glove we use for when we are doing the burgers and took it in for finger prints..

Gayle pepper is a good idea. We have plenty of that.

Candy serving people is the most thankless job out there. Its hard work also. Esp with drive thru's because people think you have stretching arms like that Go Go Gadget guy from the cartoon when I was a kid..

Courtney I was just presenting food. The other person on the other end got there money first. The person at the first window took the money. I was just handing out the food.

Squirl said...

What a nut job! I'm glad you're okay. Hope they catch effing jerk.